man waving during facetime call

Has a man who ghosted you for weeks reappeared as if nothing had happened? You were beginning to heal and were attempting to move on, and here he is, texting you casually. “What does he want from me?” you might be wondering. Let’s find out why ghosters always come back and how to deal with […]

young guy flirting with girl

So you’ve been dating this guy, and you really like him. Every date ends in bed, but something does not feel right. He is passionate and seems attracted to you, but you don’t get the attention you want outside the bedroom. You start doubting if he is serious about you. Is he a player who

quotes on effort in relationship

A relationship doesn’t survive on love alone. It requires conscious effort from two willing partners. So, if you imagine a relationship based on fairytales and movies, you will be disappointed when reality sets in. For a relationship to work, it takes a tremendous amount of effort and acceptance. A relationship is an unwavering commitment to

how to be a better girlfriend

As much as we’d like to consider ourselves perfect, we all have room for improvement. Maybe you’ve been arguing with your boyfriend a bit too much lately. Or, perhaps, you want to please him for all the nice things he does for you? Whether you seek self-improvement for your own sake or for others, it

signs he is making love to you

When you’ve just started dating a guy, it is often tough to know if he is falling for you. If you wondered, “Is he with me just for the sex?” or “Is this more than just sex?” you are not alone. What are the signs he is making love to you? Is there a difference

insecurities in a relationship

Experiencing insecurities in a relationship is a natural part of sharing your life with someone. The real problem arises when the nature and extent of these insecurities start affecting your relationship to an unnatural degree. To maintain a healthy and happy relationship with your partner, you must know what these “extreme” insecurities are and what