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Let me guess. You are interested in someone sexually. You are curious to know what that person enjoys in the bedroom, what makes them feel good, and what excites them.

Learning the Zodiac signs and their kinks can help you find the most welcome way to express love to your sweetheart. Different types of people are motivated by different passions, so finding out the Sun sign your partner was born under can help you get insight into his or her Zodiac sign kinks.

Every Zodiac sign is unique — the same goes for their sexual lust. Let’s enter the world of zodiac kinks!


Ruled by passionate Mars, the god of war, Aries is a Zodiac sign that can get riled up and explode quickly. Aries naturally possess animalistic energy and passion, and you know what that means? Lots of sex and kinks!

Aries people tend to have a masculine presence in sex, even if their presentation is not too masculine. They have athletic bodies and love to play hard! They love the opportunity to experiment with different positions.

Do not be surprised if your Aries partner is drawn to voyeurism or doing risqué sexy things in public. Aries kinks also include sadomasochism, the enjoyment of inflicting or receiving pain.

Even if your Aries partner is controlling and dominant during sex, as one would expect for the Ram, they may secretly wish for an intimate session where the roles are switched. Not all Aries lovers will feel comfortable doing this, but they dream about it. This sign is also a fan of quick and intense sex.

With Aries, nothing is taboo in the bedroom as long as the action is involved. You might want to delay sex a bit by spicing up the foreplay. Restrict your sweetie’s hands with handcuffs, play some sensual music, and strip dance for them.

aries kinks woman holding handcuffs


Known as the hedonist of the Zodiac, Taurus may not have the dirty, wild mind that a seductive Scorpio does — its earth sign style of pleasure is simpler and instinctive, focused on satisfying the five senses.

However, Taurus people are pretty passionate. They’re curious about kinks, although they often end up with partners who fear exploring them. Your Taurus partner may secretly want to try something new with you in the bedroom, but they are scared that they are kinkier than they would like to admit.

Taurus kinks can include a fascination with ball gags and bondage. They probably like the idea of you submitting and leaving all the control in their hands. For this sign, which can be found at either extreme of domination or submission, the domination and submission act equals the highest level of intimacy.

Sexy gifts for Taurus men or women include anything that allows you to incorporate food into your sexual games. After all, the Bull is always hungry!

young couple teasing each other with food in the kitchen


To romance a chatty Gemini, stimulating their imagination is key. Are you even sleeping with them if you haven’t had a little dirty talk?

Gemini is ruled by the communication planet Mercury, so the dirty talk is usually an incredible turn-on. Talking about sex can easily lead to real-life action!

Secretly, Gemini may want to change the game and be fully submissive, led by words that express how much you want them. You can surprise your partner with a spicy and descriptive text message. One of the best sexy gifts for Gemini women or men is a dirty Mad Libs book!

This Zodiac sign rules birds, so feathers might be something to try if you’re up for exploration. Also, orgies may be a major Gemini kink — for these social butterflies, the more crowded the room, the merrier!

They also might get a kick out of being told wild rumors about the sex lives of others. Whether or not the stories are true, inspiration has to come from somewhere!

Geminis love having fun with their sexual partners. In astrology, air signs tend to have a happy-go-lucky attitude. As long as everyone is having fun, it’s all good.

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woman in bed with fur tickler


Cancer is the most sensitive Zodiac sign, and that sensitivity manifests in their sexual life too. This shy Moon-ruled Zodiac sign prefers intimate activities with a dose of romance and emotional connection. These are the people who genuinely love a cheesy rom-com!

Cancer Zodiac kinks include anything that enhances their senses, such as blindfolds. However, things that they frequently fantasize about (especially male Cancers) are sexual acts in public. Since they are naturally so tied to their house, having sex in any place that is not their living space will be exciting for Cancer.

Having sex in any place that is not their living space will be exciting for Cancers. While domesticity is one of the most well-known Cancer traits, sometimes that cozy energy doesn’t combine well with sexual arousal. They can’t always shift roles from nurturer to lover very well.

Cancers adore anything that has to do with the face. The lips are especially significant erogenous zones! They often touch your lips, want you to look at them, and be close to you. Based on the mouth being emphasized, oral sex might be especially hot for them!

Cancer woman kinks are often simple —you can get them aroused by doing routine tasks around the house in a skimpy outfit. Try just walking around, fresh out of the shower, with (or without) a towel wrapped around you.

man touching womans lips


Leos are very open and honest with their sexuality and with what they want in bed. No wonder the King of the Jungle likes to be the king in the bedroom! They tend to have a high libido and will not hesitate to tell you what feels good and what does not. Ruled by the blazing Sun, they have few secrets.

Leo is usually on the assertive or dominant side. They enjoy partners who are open in bed and are not afraid to get down and dirty. Their pride is legendary, so don’t forget to comment admiringly on your partner’s genitals — fueling their ego will turn up the heat!

However, here is something that you may not know. Leo’s kinks include fantasizing about the opposite role of what they get in their sexual relationships. For example, a Leo, who is generally dominant in bed, often fantasizes about being dominated.

Leo woman kinks especially include anything that adds drama to sex, as they need to feel desired. Your sheets can be the stage for her grand performance. She might enjoy sexy lingerie that makes her look her best!

Try to be vocal about your wants and fantasies with Leo. Tell them how much you want them to drive you wild, and your pet Lion will take it as their mission.

young couple kissing on the couch


Virgos have a tainted reputation when it comes to sexuality. It happens because a Virgin represents this sign. However, do not let this innocent depiction fool you: Virgo is anything but vanilla. I have never met a Virgo who is not good in bed (and at least a little bit freaky), so don’t be shy if you want to attract a Virgo man.

Virgos can enjoy sex that is monotone; however, the missionary position most likely won’t do the trick for them. The ruling planet of this earth sign is intellectual Mercury, so you must satisfy both mind and body to engage your Virgo partner fully.

Virgo needs to get stimulated either verbally or visually, which is something not everyone can offer them how they want it. For instance, the sexual chemistry between Virgo and Leo can be a difficult match because Leo often doesn’t see the point in making things that complicated.

Discuss what you want to do to each other before meeting, and send naughty texts and hints. When it’s time to get dirty, show rather than tell. Your Virgo partner will likely be aroused if you hint at watching adult videos together and mutually masturbating.

Sexy, clean lingerie is a big turn-on for Virgos. However, suggesting having sex in dirty or public areas will not sound appealing to them. Earth signs Virgo and Taurus are similar in this regard.

passionate couple kissing in the dark


If something or someone looks good or feels good, you already know that a Libra is all over it. Venus, the goddess of love, romance, and money, rules this aesthetic air sign.

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Libras love luxury in daily life and the bedroom, and they want all or nothing in their pursuit of pleasures. Libra and Sagittarius can be similar in this regard. They tend to be into super kinky bedroom activities.

Libras receive ropes, bondage, whips, and gag balls very well. However, Libra is a sign that’s very concerned with fairness, so you may want to make sure you spend time taking turns!

Foreplay is also vitally important to them. Libra kinks include dressing up, and they may want you to buy them an outfit that will be used in the bedroom. They also tend to fantasize about latex, leather, and chains secretly.

Your Libra partner may want you to barge in and quickly move from kissing to being fully intimate (with consent, of course). They tend to love being grabbed by surprise or being adored and worshipped. The ultimate Libra fantasy is group sex.

man holding a leather whip


Is there anything a Scorpio hasn’t tried in bed or secretly dreams of trying? Scorpios have a reputation as the hottest Zodiac sign for a reason.

Name whatever fetish, kink, or sexual position, and a Scorpio will be the first to say: “Me! Me! Get me some of that!” Nothing is off the table, and most Scorpios have a strong sex drive.

If you’ve ever been attracted to or are dating a Scorpio man, you probably understand what I mean when I say they have a dark yet deep connection with their sexuality. Since it takes a while for a Scorpio to trust you, you may notice that your sexual relationship gets more intense as time goes by.

Do not be fooled by the sting of the Scorpio. Closeness is crucial to this sign, so you may want to try new positions that enhance intimacy. Making love in the shower under running water could be a refreshing experiment for this passionate water sign.

The most fulfilling Scorpio kinks are those that give sex a greater meaning and purpose. They want the act of making love to fill their soul, not just entertain them for a moment. Spiritual practices like tantric sex could be their jam! Scorpio’s number one wet dream is sex with someone who can handle their full intensity.

womans legs with hihh heels and handcuffs


Sagittarius is the wild card in astrology. With this impulsive sign, you never exactly know what to expect. As intellectuals, they are well-educated about kinks and all that is connected to sex and sexual pleasure. Toys are exciting to Sagittarius, but one of the biggest Sagittarius kinks requires no shopping — convince them you know how smart they are!

Sagittarius is the sign with the most secret erotic desires. They are very adventurous, but most likely, they will not mention what they fantasize about unless you start the conversation or say something first. They’re very focused on freedom, and they want you to choose to follow them freely.

Sagittariuses can be competitive. Some are focused on their bodies’ athletic potential to excel in different positions. Meanwhile, others live in their head and are convinced they have the most intellectually awesome fetishes. Either way, they want to win whatever contest is raging in their fantasies.

My advice would be to randomly tell your Sagittarius partner how much you want them or how badly you want to do X, Y, and Z with them. You will see their eyes light up.

Sagittarius is known to love adventure, and travel situations can be turned into sexy encounters they’ll get the tingles over. Try spontaneous, sensual touching in a public place, especially in a different country or on holiday. Their butt and hips are their erogenous zones. Take the opportunity and make it as exciting as never before!

couple in the pool having cocktails


Capricorns may have odd sexual energy at first and can even come across as cold, but they rarely hide their sexual desires. Capricorns are usually very upfront with what they want in bed. After a day of working hard, they like to play hard in the bedroom!

Even if they don’t spell it out, Capricorns will find a way to indicate their wishes in non-verbal ways. It feels like they have a magical talent to do that. If a Capricorn is up for a hookup, they will immediately tell you what they want or show it to you without saying a single word.

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Capricorn kinks include a secret desire for bondage, pain (sometimes emotional pain, too, watch out for that!), and sex in risky, public places. Saturn, the planet of restrictions and limitations, rules Capricorn, so they tend to push their boundaries related to sex.

Capricorns typically have love-hate relationships with their own rigidity. Helping them act out this internal tension by tying them up can release their emotions, which helps them be completely present while making love.

This Zodiac sign appreciates quality and consistency. Due to their stable personality, Capricorn can equally enjoy predictable sex. Here is a little tip to spice up your sex life with your Capricorn: buy a sexy costume or dark-colored lingerie, change up the scenery, rent an Airbnb, and don’t forget to bring toys!

womans hand holds leather whip


The blunt air sign of Aquarius does not have much to hide regarding sex: what you see is what you get. They usually have an “I’ll try anything once” mindset and are not afraid to say what they want.

Aquarius loves everything creative and out of the norm, so nothing will be weird or repulsive to them. There probably is not a kink that Aquarius has not tried with one of their partners already.

One of the benefits of dating an Aquarius is that they won’t judge you if you do not have any experience in bedroom kinks. Instead, you can expect Aquarius to teach you a thing or two, so bedroom activities will never be boring with this creative type.

Aquarians tend to live in their head rather than their body. They may like the idea of certain fetishes more than they truly enjoy acting them out in reality, so remember this if your favorite Water Bearer expresses a whim that you don’t want to indulge. You can turn down one of their ideas with confidence that another brainstorm will be coming soon enough.

One thing that will make or break your experience with an Aquarius partner is trust. If Aquarius trusts you, you will experience the best they can offer in bed. Without that solid foundation, they likely won’t be as giving.

If you want to spice up your sex life with Aquarius, some anal play can be a good move. The most fulfilling Aquarius kinks involve stimulating their imagination, so don’t forget to try that!

woman with a blindfold in bed


Have you ever seen a movie where a couple pretends to meet for the first time in a hotel lobby? Fake identities and, at times, whimsical backstories are usually involved. That scene must have been a Pisces idea since they are the most creative Zodiac sign regarding sexual encounters. They’ll do anything to develop the right mood!

Pisces people love fantasy much more than reality, which often lacks the romantic beauty they crave. One of the biggest Pisces kinks is that there must be a fantasy element to enjoy sex or a sensual connection with someone fully.

If you want to enjoy intimate moments with the sensitive water sign Pisces, play with their proposed fantasy and embrace their character. Pisces adore sexual experiences with partners that have a storyline. Roleplay, costumes, wigs, and switched dynamics are the things Pisces like in the bedroom — and that bedroom had better be a boudoir with plenty of candles in every corner!

Kinks in astrology are not limited to the Sun sign under which a person was born. If you want to chase this interest further, you might look at your whole chart and that of your partner. Pay special attention to Venus and Mars signs — the kinkiest Mars signs are Capricorn and Scorpio!

Now that you know the kinks of each Zodiac sign, do you feel ready to get a little dirty with your partner? Astrology says go for it! Try to get in touch with your inner kinkster and dive into the world of pleasure. You might discover some new things about yourself too!

Cathy is a dreamer, a writer, and a big believer in finding beauty in every day. She has a keen interest in astrology, and synastry is her favorite topic to explore. Her dream is to study Vedic astrology in India.

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