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He may not have to say a lot to get your attention. Scorpio guys often manage to attract women just by looking cool and mysterious. You will probably have plenty of competition if you are interested in dating a Scorpio man. However, you can place yourself first if you make an effort to understand the unique qualities of his zodiac sign.

1. There’s more to him than meets the eye

A Scorpio man might appear quiet and reserved. For him, though, waters run deep. He has a powerful intellectual and emotional nature, but he tends to hold it back until you know him better.

Scorpio guys are drawn to the tough mysteries in life, and they are challenged to decide what they will do when facing something they fear. Some Scorpios never move beyond fear. They usually make this evident by regularly talking about whatever they think is terrible and just seeming overly neurotic in general.

The kind of Scorpio guy you want to be with is the one who has faced whatever it is he was scared of and survived. You can recognize him by his unspoken confidence.

2. You will have to earn his trust

The Scorpio man does not open up his intense heart to just anyone. When you date a Scorpio man, you will probably find that he takes his time before deepening or defining the relationship as exclusive. This is because he wants to make sure you are suitable for him.

Don’t rush him to make a decision before he is ready. Instead, convince him you are the person he is looking for by showing yourself to be trustworthy. Keep personal things he tells you in confidence, and don’t be a flake. If you have a date planned with him, show up when you said you would.

You might as well go through the same process of making sure he is right for you while you have the chance. His tendency to take this process slowly is designed to find out this information.

3. He may fear abandonment

A Scorpio guy might take a long time to open up because he does not want to get hurt. He knows that he has strong and intense emotions, and they can be a bit much even for him. Therefore, he tries to protect himself by avoiding situations that could cause him pain.

A Scorpio man’s good side is that he loves deeply and powerfully in a relationship that is right for him. It’s just that his sadness can be as intense when things don’t work out.

If you are dating a Scorpio man, try to be honest with him about whether you see yourself being able to make the type of commitment he is looking for. Don’t drag things out if you can tell it’s not a match. He will take a breakup better before he gets emotionally involved.

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A Scorpio guy might take a long time to open up because he does not want to get hurt. Click To Tweet

4. Sex is important to him

Most Scorpio men find that sex takes a prominent role in their lives, but there is variation in how they express this. Some of them have a very strong sex drive and are eager to be physically intimate early in the dating process. Even if they are not very open emotionally yet, connecting on intimate level is a top priority.

However, some Scorpio men go in a different direction and wait a long time to bring sex into a relationship if they get as far as having a relationship at all. This type of Scorpio man tends to be afraid of getting hurt because his emotional nature feels intense.

All Scorpio men have one thing in common. Whatever they are or are not doing sexually, it is a huge obsession. Just make sure you are with a Scorpio guy whose libido is compatible with yours.

5. When he commits, he means it

When a Scorpio man wants to be in a committed relationship, he will first try to get an idea if you are on the same page before making the next step. He doesn’t like being rejected, and he wants to protect his pride. If you know for sure that you want to be with him, it may help if you say so directly.

One thing that Scorpios have in common is clarity. They know what they want. If a Scorpio man has made up his mind that he wants to be with you, he could even stick with you for life.

Scorpios are intensely loyal to the people they love. Still, it is important to be aware that they expect the same in return. Make sure that whatever commitment you make to him is a commitment you can honestly keep.

Scorpios can be really sensitive to anything they perceive as dishonesty. Even things that most people would accept as the usual hassles of social life can feel off to the Scorpio sensor. If you have to decide between telling him a truth that isn’t what he wants to hear and fudging a little to keep the peace, you should let him have the whole truth.

If the truth turns out to be something your Scorpio man can’t live with, you may be better off parting ways. He is often more willing than one might think to work out a unique arrangement with someone willing to honestly put everything out on the table. He can live with a secret as long as he knows it.

When a Scorpio man wants to be in a committed relationship, he will first try to get an idea if you are on the same page. Click To Tweet

6. He may struggle with anger

Scorpios, like any water sign, tend to be emotional. What separates Scorpio from fellow water signs Cancer and Pisces is that Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto. These two planets make him determined and wanting to get things done. When Scorpio is emotional, however, he tends to be angry.

A Scorpio man does have the potential for a greater emotional range than just anger. He has tremendous potential, however, what he does with it depends a lot on his own maturity level.

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Wherever your Scorpio man is on the spectrum of maturity, you have to be clear with yourself about what you can and can’t live with. If you have the stamina for things getting dramatic, dating a Scorpio can lead you to profound insights about yourself. However, if he tends to handle his anger destructively, he might need to spend some time growing up before anyone dates him.

7. He is good with money

Scorpio men are fascinated by power, so they will work hard to be the best in their field. They are not as fascinated with openly recognized status or titles as Leo or Capricorn men are, though. They would rather have money because that gives them the ultimate freedom to do what they want.

Though your Scorpio man may be very good at earning and investing money, his goal in a relationship is emotional security rather than financial security. If he feels insecure about your love for him, he may go overboard in showering you with material gifts.

If you enjoy presents, he will generally get you good ones, as he keeps a close eye on your preferences. You are better off, however, if you let him know you are committed to him. The more secure he feels, the more intelligently he can make his financial decisions.

8. He can be wise and intuitive

Sometimes a Scorpio man just knows things. While his mind is powerful in intellectual matters, his intuition gives him a boost beyond that. You can trust his sixth sense to guide you out of a perplexing situation.

If you wind up committed to your Scorpio man for life, you will get to watch his wisdom grow better as he gets older. While Scorpios can be mature for their age even when young, they also take time to grow into tremendous potential.

However, the other side of that intuitive wisdom is that you don’t ever want to get on the wrong side of it. Don’t even try to scheme behind his back because he will always know and react accordingly.

Who are Scorpios attracted to?

guy embracing girl

Some Zodiac signs have an advantage over others in dating a Scorpio man. Even these signs that have qualities in common with him have enough differences to keep things interesting.

Scorpios do best in relationships with people who are strong enough to keep up with them. This includes their fellow fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius.

Though Scorpios enjoy power, they prefer a partner who can be their collaborator in a “two of us against the world” situation rather than someone they can easily dominate. They have a competitive streak, but competition isn’t fun if they monotonously win every time.

Scorpios also need partners who are not afraid of their emotions. A partner belonging to another water sign, like Cancer or Pisces, could be a good match for a Scorpio, as long as they can find their way out of the depth when necessary.

Taurus woman dating a Scorpio man

While Taurus and Scorpio are opposite signs, a Taurus woman could be a great partner for a Scorpio man. Both are stubborn personalities, but he will respect her for being strong enough to stand up to him.

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A Taurus woman may also be very talented at pulling a Scorpio man out of a deep emotional rut. She has emotions too, but she is basically grounded in the sensual physical world. She could help him by bringing him there with her. Taurus woman and Scorpio man are both very sexual, and their connection could be electric.

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Leo woman dating a Scorpio man

A Leo woman could match the Scorpio man’s passion and intensity. They both tend to be dramatic, and they also both enjoy the drama just a little bit. The Leo woman is not afraid of the Scorpio man’s emotions; he’s more likely to be fearful of hers!

A significant difference between these two, however, is attitudes toward privacy. The Scorpio man is usually secretive, while the Leo woman tends to live her life flamboyantly out in the open.

Aquarius woman dating a Scorpio man

An Aquarius woman would find intellectual compatibility with a Scorpio man because they share a keen mind that helps them see the big picture of life. They both love talking philosophy and have some really sharp insights.

The challenge to Aquarius woman Scorpio man love compatibility is that she might not know what to do with his emotional side. She is not great at handling problems that she can’t fix with logic.

Cancer woman dating a Scorpio man

Cancer is another one of the water signs, so a Cancer woman would share comfort in the emotional world with the Scorpio man. People who are a lot alike can have a double dose of the same challenges, and that is definitely the case for Cancer woman Scorpio man love compatibility.

Cancer and Scorpio can both be clingy and possessive toward their partners, so these people perhaps deserve each other. This would help them see how high the standards they hold others to are. They may get the idea that it makes sense to trust just a little more easily.

Cancer and Scorpio can both be clingy and possessive toward their partners, so these people perhaps deserve each other. Click To Tweet

Pisces woman dating a Scorpio man

A Pisces woman would give a Scorpio man a safe place to open up and explore his softer emotions. She is great for him in that regard if he can bring himself to fully appreciate what she has to offer, though it would challenge him to open up that much.

The Scorpio man’s honest confrontation of the darker side of life would also be brutal for the idealistic Pisces woman to take. She might know on some level that some problems can’t be solved by just a bit more kindness and understanding. Even if she couldn’t bring herself to say so out loud, she would appreciate the Scorpio man’s resolution in those situations.

Whatever your own zodiac sign is, you should only date a Scorpio man if you are ready for a relationship that will grow in passion and intensity over time. Love is no small thing for him, so he will take his time to open up and let you into his life. Once you reach that point, you are in for an exceptional treat.

Valerie trained in journalism and spent a decade as an administrative assistant in an accounting firm. Astrology has always been her passion, and her career goal is to work in financial astrology.

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