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One of the best Capricorn man traits is their reliability. Capricorn men are mature and serious even when they are young, and you can tell early on that they are going places.

But how do you find the human side of this achievement machine of a man and get him to have a relationship with you? It is possible, but you need to know where his personality traits are coming from.

What is the personality of a Capricorn male?

Understanding a Capricorn man’s personality requires thinking of the classic hairstyle, the mullet: business in the front, party in the back.

Typically Capricorns are born between December 22 and January 19, though the cutoffs can vary slightly from year to year. This Zodiac sign ruled by Saturn covers the time of year when people are cleaning up after the holidays and making New Year’s resolutions.

A Capricorn guy, therefore, keeps up that level of seriousness all year round. He is hardworking and wants to be a good provider for whoever he settles down with — and he is willing to settle down sooner than others might be.

Once the Capricorn man knows he is in a stable relationship, he can relax and have fun. He cares deeply about those close to him, so he takes a new relationship slowly at first to make sure he is putting his heart in the right place.

The Capricorn man keeps the party in the back, hidden from whoever he is trying to impress with his quest for professional status. In private with trusted friends and family, he really likes to crack jokes and have fun. The tendency to seek status is still there, but now he wants to be recognized as the most fun instead of the most serious man in the office.

This split in the Capricorn man’s character between business in front and party in the back can be challenging for others to get used to. Geminis regularly get caught being two-faced, but somehow Capricorns manage to get away with it.

The Capricorn man’s side of the story is that he is not being two-faced — he just believes in the old saying that there is a place for everything and everything in its place.

Once the Capricorn man knows he is in a stable relationship, he can relax and have fun. Click To Tweet

Best Capricorn man traits

The best traits of a Capricorn man are his stability and practicality. When you are dating a Capricorn man, you know you can count on him to be reliable.

Capricorn men are very loyal in their relationships with their loved ones. Family is essential to him, both his family of origin and the family he will one day create with his partner.

The Capricorn man also has a great sense of humor once you get to know him, though it can take a long time for him to open up and reveal this to you. He can be darkly funny. Yes, he values society’s institutions and traditions more than most people do. Still, he is also deep enough to see their absurd sides.

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Worst Capricorn man traits

Capricorn man’s negative traits include a tendency toward rigidity, whether enforcing some institution’s traditions or just his personal preferences. Sometimes he treats his personal preferences like they are the requirements of some institution.

The Capricorn man can get so status-conscious that he could be mistaken for a Leo. What differentiates the Capricorn man from the Leo man is that the Leo is so flamboyant that he couldn’t hide it even if he wanted to. Leo is honest about being self-centered, and he owns it.

Meanwhile, the Capricorn man thinks of himself as a selfless servant of whatever structure he is part of. Of course, the more selfless you have to say you are, the less true it is.

Capricorn is not the world’s most emotionally articulate person, so he sometimes tries to get his emotional needs met in weird, roundabout ways.

Capricorn is not the world's most emotionally articulate person, so he sometimes tries to get his emotional needs met in weird, roundabout ways. Click To Tweet

How to attract a Capricorn man

To attract a Capricorn man, be honest and straightforward about your intentions. The Capricorn man does not like weird mind games. However, he sometimes winds up unwittingly initiating them due to his own emotional cluelessness. If you can head that off by being direct yourself, he will find that a relief. He will then feel that he has permission to be direct in return.

When you are direct, though, try to be tasteful and limit drama. The Capricorn man is intimidated by emotional displays. He prefers to keep his dating life discreet, at least until a relationship is stable, because he doesn’t want anything that could interfere with his professional reputation.

Many Capricorn men fall on the traditional end of the spectrum and hope to marry early. Whether the Capricorn guy is looking for a wife or a playmate, he appreciates it when you have figured out what you are looking for and share that with him. He may or may not be able to give you what you need, but Capricorn man love traits can, at times, bear a suspicious resemblance to talking business. He won’t have hard feelings if the business agreement is not reached because he doesn’t put his heart out there until the deal is signed.

Whatever the boundaries of your relationship with him might be, he likes them to be clear. He feels more secure when he knows what you expect from him and how he can make it happen.

What is it like to date a Capricorn man?

The Capricorn man wants to show you he is a good provider but not a big spender like a Taurus man might be. He will therefore take you to a nice restaurant but not anything really over the top.

He may seem distant or hot and cold at first, and he may not even kiss you on the first few dates. This is because Capricorn has trouble with the ambiguity that tends to be inherent in the dating process. The Capricorn male likes to know what is expected of him. His duties are clear in the context of a school syllabus or corporate hierarchy. The early days of a relationship, when you are not quite sure whether or not the two of you are a couple, are agonizing for him.

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The Capricorn man wants to ensure you are The One before he gets too emotionally deep. Once he is sold on you, though, he may rush to commit just to relieve the ambiguity of not knowing what to expect. Capricorn men in relationships are generally comfortable with a boyfriend’s job description. However, they are hoping for a promotion to a husband to make their role even more predictable.

Maybe it is easier for the Capricorn man to commit to the idea of a relationship before he commits to you personally. In this way, he is similar to a Libra man liking the idea of things. Still, the Capricorn man is better at manifesting his ideas on planet Earth than the Libra man.

Signs a Capricorn man is falling in love include an uptick in the frequency of advice and helpful hints he gives you. This can be one of the more obnoxious Capricorn male traits if it gets out of hand. He falls back on this because giving advice is his comfort zone while expressing emotions is not. If you have to tell him to back off, try to reassure him that you are still committed to him.

Other traits of a Capricorn man in love include service acts like giving you a ride to work or helping you find coupons for shopping. Depending on what he was taught, he may or may not open the door for women as a chivalrous act. He is influenced by whoever happened to be the authority figure at a crucial time in his development. He cares about helping people in general, though. He wants to be a provider for his mate and his family and a good citizen of his community.

The Capricorn man wants to make sure you are The One before he gets in too emotionally deep. Click To Tweet

Sex with Capricorn man

The Capricorn man as a lover is very traditional. He wants to be the one who pursues the woman, not because he cares that much about the actual experience of pursuit, but because he feels that that’s his job. As with everything else that he feels is his career, he wants to deliver an excellent performance.

The Capricorn man in bed is comfortable with his physical body. He can come off vanilla, especially early on in a relationship, partly because of his traditional views and partly because he is proud of what he has to offer. He is also practical and doesn’t like to make things more complicated than they need to be.

With all the academic degrees he tends to accumulate, the Capricorn man is a believer in continuing education. Throughout a long-term relationship, he may be willing to learn new techniques and become more adventurous. The more you let him think it was all his idea, the better.

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Sex is not the most essential part of the Capricorn man’s relationship; the overall structure of stability you provide in his life is. But he is human, and he does love sex. He’s not the most verbally articulate person about the emotional realm, so maybe physical intimacy can fill some of the gaps there.

How compatible are you with a Capricorn man?

Some Zodiac signs have a better potential for thriving with a Capricorn man in a relationship than others.

Earth sign women — Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn — would match well with the Capricorn man. He sees the big picture while the Virgo woman frets about the details, so they could fill in each other’s missing pieces. A Taurus woman, meanwhile, could encourage the Capricorn man to relax and enjoy himself more. He might respect her work ethic enough to listen to her.

A Capricorn man could collaborate on ambitious plans to rule the world with a Scorpio or Capricorn woman. Of those two, the Scorpio woman’s emotional intensity could challenge the Capricorn man. A Capricorn woman would be more comfortable for the Capricorn man, but they would share all the same blind spots.

The Capricorn man’s opposite, the Cancer woman, is actually a generally good match for him because they focus on tradition and settling down. They feel comfortable together. The third of the water signs, Pisces, could also work with a Capricorn man. However, a Pisces woman might push him to see more important things in life than his own personal ambitions.

Some of the more problematic Sun sign matches for a Capricorn man would be Gemini and Leo. Capricorn would find Gemini too shallow and Leo overly dramatic. However, Capricorn and Leo actually have many common traits and characteristics related to the pursuit of status.

A Capricorn man could collaborate on ambitious plans to rule the world with a Scorpio or Capricorn woman. Click To Tweet

Famous Capricorn men

Capricorn men find themselves at the top of whatever profession they seek to master. Famous Capricorn actors include Denzel Washington, Eddie Redmayne, Liam Hemsworth, and Kevin Costner. The King of Rock and Roll himself, Elvis Presley, was a Capricorn too. More recently, some wonder if basketball player LeBron James, nicknamed King James, is the greatest basketball player ever. He, too, is a Capricorn.

Loving a Capricorn man can be challenging at first. Still, the best Capricorn man characteristics emerge throughout a long-term relationship. He is focused on achieving success in all areas of his life, including romance, so you might feel like just another item on his to-do list at times.

The Capricorn in love reveals a more human side of himself. In his mind, all he strives for is building a better life for both him and his future family. He will probably always struggle to balance work and home to some extent. Still, he does ultimately want to enjoy the people he’s doing all this for.

How to love a Capricorn man is, therefore, to give him time. He needs to make sure you are the one for him, and then he will go all in.

Valerie trained in journalism and spent a decade as an administrative assistant in an accounting firm. Astrology has always been her passion, and her career goal is to work in financial astrology.

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