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The Capricorn man seems serious and ambitious. He even looks a little cold. How did he end up with the warm and cuddly Cancer woman?

The Capricorn man Cancer woman pair fits together like a couple from earlier, less complicated times. They might even hurry to settle down right away like people in the old days.

Maybe opposites attract, or they’re just two sides of the same coin?

Emotional connection

Emotional connection is a jarring word when talking about a Capricorn man, who is often viewed as cold-hearted. He is not as harsh as he looks from the outside, though.

The Capricorn man shows that stern exterior to the world because he doesn’t want to get hurt. He only wants to open up to someone committed to staying together long-term. When Capricorn kisses a woman, he has already weighed the options and is serious about her.

When the Capricorn man gets into a long-term relationship, he won’t be the most effusive person in the world either. He will always be serious, though he does laugh in private.

The Capricorn man may be better at listening than talking, which is good because the Cancer woman is way more talkative. She wants the people around her to feel nurtured.

How can a Cancer woman attract a Capricorn man? She should be direct about her interest in a long-term commitment rather than trying to hold that back as she sometimes does.

The Cancer woman is worried about coming on too strong. She wants the same serious commitment that the Capricorn man wants, but she knows not everyone else in the world is up for that. The Cancer woman is more willing than the Capricorn man to settle for a relationship, even if it is not a perfect fit, because she hates to be alone.

Can Capricorn and Cancer be together? Well, that would be the obvious solution to a lot of problems.

The Cancer woman settles for relationships with others who don’t share her sense of commitment, but she gets a reputation for being clingy in those relationships. When she knows the Capricorn man isn’t going anywhere, she doesn’t have to cling so hard and can be a better version of herself.

Cancer woman is more willing than the Capricorn man to settle for a relationship, even if it is not a perfect fit because she hates to be alone. Click To Tweet
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Communication and intellect

The Cancer woman Capricorn man couple would likely experience a classic communication problem: the woman is pouring her heart out, full of emotions about something. The man then tries to advise the woman to solve her problem, which only upsets her.

Capricorn men are ambitious and take the same problem-solving skills honed in the boardroom home with them. They do not like the idea of an unsolvable problem.

Sometimes the Cancer woman just needs to get her feelings out, though. The Capricorn man attempts to help her strategize and drive her crazy when she is in venting mode.

The Capricorn man may not be able to articulate this out loud, but he is operating from the assumption that if he doesn’t succeed in solving her problem, he has somehow failed as a partner. The Cancer woman may help by addressing this directly and explicitly telling the Capricorn man that it’s not his job to fix the problem at the beginning of a rant.

The Capricorn and Cancer marriage will generally be stable, but this communication problem will be an ongoing frustration for them. Since they cannot meet all of each other’s needs, they need separate friends outside the relationship.

Common values

Cancers and Capricorns have a shared interest in maintaining society’s traditions. They might be very interested in going to church, but not for the same reasons as the Sagittarius, who wants the answers to life’s big questions, or the Pisces, who want transcendental experiences.

For Cancer and Capricorn, the attraction would have more to do with following in the footsteps of their ancestors. If their parents preferred Star Trek marathons over the church, these guys could also love Star Trek marathons.

However, any tradition has to balance doing the same thing every year with the changing needs of the people involved. The Cancer woman finds herself caught in the middle of this. She loves traditions, especially if cooking and food are concerned. However, if she can tell the practices are no longer serving the people, she will do her own thing, even if that’s something new.

The Capricorn man would be more likely to come down on the side of maintaining the structure regardless of who got hurt. It could be a source of conflict in the Capricorn man and Cancer woman couple, although he may quietly submit to her.

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The Cancer woman tends to be persuaded by emotional arguments, especially the ones used by her family and friends dear to her heart. Whatever her surrounding culture is, for better or worse, she can be influenced.

The Cancer cares deeply about the people closest to her, which is great, but it can sometimes hinder her ability to see the bigger picture. The Capricorn man can seem cold-hearted, but he sorts through the issues in a more levelheaded way.

The Capricorn man can seem cold-hearted, but he sorts through the issues in a more levelheaded way. Click To Tweet


Trust is one of the high points in Capricorn and Cancer compatibility. Both of them are very interested in structure and stability, and they are very loyal.

The Capricorn man and Cancer woman can both seem uptight in other contexts. When they finally come together, though, they can see the same longing for a serious commitment to one another. This lets them relax.

The potential for trouble in a Cancer Capricorn relationship is that they both can get so caught up in the ideals of trust and stability that they lose sight of the actual other humans they are committing to.

Cancer and Capricorn might both love the idea of putting people in understandable boxes based on their Zodiac signs, but take it from an astrologer — it’s not that simple, and you need to focus on the individual, no matter what their sign is.


Cancer and Capricorn’s physical compatibility is substantial because they both are very traditional. They are exceptionally comfortable with clearly defined gender roles. Some would say this type of thing has gone out of style, but when you come together with another consenting adult to have a relationship, you don’t have to get the whole world to agree to whatever your quirk is — you have to get one other person to agree to it.

Fortunately, the Capricorn male Cancer female couple has compatible quirks. The Capricorn man wants to pursue the woman, and the Cancer woman wants to be pursued.

Is Capricorn and Cancer couple vanilla in bed? If that’s how it happens, they probably are both okay with it because of neither intimate views activities as an essential part of the relationship.

Cancer and Capricorn would try something new under pressure from a Libra or Sagittarius partner who always wanted to try the latest and greatest bedroom tips from the latest issue of Cosmopolitan.

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When the Capricorn man and Cancer woman come together, they don’t have anyone pushing them to become more adventurous. In that case, they might become more adventurous at a comfortable pace over time.

Relationship challenges

The Cancer and Capricorn relationship is a pretty good because, like all pairs of opposite signs, they are here on Earth to focus on the same issues. Their relationship challenges are summed up as the two sides of the same coin.

What does Capricorn like about Cancer? Capricorn is drawn to her ease of navigating the emotional realm, which is hard for Capricorn. However, once the Capricorn and Cancer relationship is established, Capricorn can get frustrated with Cancer for being too sensitive.

What does Cancer like about Capricorn? She might have trouble admitting this out loud, but she admires Capricorn’s ability to stay calm. Once the Capricorn and Cancer relationship is established, though, the Cancer woman wishes that the Capricorn man would respond with more sympathy when she is upset.

Cancer and Capricorn’s relationship is ultimately dealing with some version of this conflict: how can life have enough structure to provide stability and security while still meeting the emotional needs of the people involved?

Cancer woman wishes Capricorn man would respond with more sympathy when she is upset. Click To Tweet

Are Capricorn and Cancer a good match?

Capricorn man Cancer woman compatibility is overall high. Cancer and Capricorn are a good match because they are both conservative in how they conduct their personal lives, regardless of whatever political party or religion they might be affiliated with.

However, the Capricorn man and Cancer woman stand as opposites on the extremes of ambition and emotion. While they might both get away with being domineering in relationships with people of other signs, they challenge one another enough that eventually, both will moderate their more difficult qualities.

Do Capricorn and Cancer get along despite this? They get along very well because they can agree on the importance of a secure bond, even though they perceive it differently. This foundation gives them room to develop enough love to get through their difficulties together.

Valerie trained in journalism and spent a decade as an administrative assistant in an accounting firm. Astrology has always been her passion, and her career goal is to work in financial astrology.

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