Gemini male traits: laughing man

You met this Gemini guy at a party, and you just couldn’t stop laughing at his jokes. If you’ve been curious to know more about him, I am here to satisfy your curiosity! I will share how to attract a Gemini man and what you can expect from dating, relationships, and in the bedroom. Find out what Gemini male traits are the most compelling and what you should pay attention to before falling in love with this quick-witted adrenaline junkie!

Best Gemini male traits

Gemini’s primary motivation in life is freedom of action and to come and go as he pleases. He is communicative, talkative, and understands things quickly. He has a naturally curious personality and enjoys exchanging ideas and knowledge.

He makes you laugh

Humor is a bridge between people, and your Gemini man builds this bridge effortlessly. He always knows how to draw out what’s funny at any moment and toss it into the conversation. Expect him to always tell an awkward joke (at his own expense or someone else’s), so maybe you should skip a party with him if you are easily offended. Gemini man loves to remind you and everyone else about that time you were expelled from school choir due to your terrible vocals, or to ridicule your favorite song.

However, this trait of a Gemini man may be much more comforting when you have a tough day, as he can make you laugh and talk you through it. This can be much more helpful than just being a shoulder to cry on.

He is always there to talk to

Girl, can he talk for hours?! Gemini guy is a natural-born PR machine. He can turn a dull business meeting into sweet chitchat. Gemini man will try to win you over with witty conversation, displaying just how much he “knows,” and his diverse interests. He is also naturally persuasive because he has mastered the art of rationalization. If he wants to leave you, be careful as he may convince you that a breakup is actually in your best interest and that he is doing it for your good. However, whenever you want to relieve your soul and talk to someone, he is your go-to guy.

He is open without prejudice to hear your life story and to tell you his. But don’t bother him with your opinions and attitudes, because he can’t stand ideals. The world is a circus, an eternal festival, where we are all winners and losers—so why so serious?

He is fun to explore the world with

Gemini guy is curious to know it all, from gossip to scientific facts. He is that child that no one has seen with a book ever, yet he knows all the answers. Due to his playful nature, Gemini man is continually juggling various hobbies, careers, and emotions. Sometimes, he gets involved in relationships just out of curiosity and does it merely for the thrill. His interest isn’t always a real love for academic research. His mind simply dissipates, so what should be a thirst for knowledge becomes only a need for various excitements. He wants to experience and explore the world, and you are most welcome to embark on that journey.

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Gemini's primary motivation in life is freedom of action and to come and go as he pleases. Click To Tweet

Worst Gemini male traits

Gemini men are one of the most complex and misunderstood zodiac signs. Gemini is a mutable, double-bodied air sign, and his significant weak personality traits are closely connected to that duality. While Geminis can often deserve their mischievous reputation, they’re not the sociopathic two-faced demons they are often regarded.

It takes him forever to make up his mind

Gemini always has at least two contradicting thoughts in his mind at the same time. He only juggles from one to the other because they all seem perfectly reasonable to him. See him sweating when deciding where you could go out tomorrow night, as taking the initiative isn’t his strong point. It is you who should take care of such details. Gemini men are easygoing and will never say no to new things, but you may have difficulty finding something he hasn’t tried yet!

Can’t always tell right from wrong

The mind of a Gemini man is like a mechanism. He can apply the same amount of ingenuity in fighting a disease or planning murder. He often needs the right direction because if his mind is not busy with something useful, it will be occupied with useless or even destructive things. Moral education is, therefore, essential to men born under this zodiac sign. Gemini’s mind is certainly not “evil” but prone to impulse and temptation. There are some principles in him to deter him from doing wrong.

One of a kind puppeteer

Gemini frequently uses his innate skill of rationalization to stretch the truth or even lie. His lack of empathy and a tendency to intellectualize emotions leaves him bereft of guilt or remorse. He is highly perceptive and can notice any and all quirks in your behavior and use them. He is sure to figure out why you are carrying that green bag or what your gestures say about you. He will notice the slightest change in you. This allows him to mimic emotions and sweet talk you into believing almost everything he wants you to.

How to attract a Gemini man

Gemini man is drawn to intellectual people that have lots of curious things to say. He doesn’t hang around the rigid or dogmatic crowds for too long before feeling trapped. His interest will be ignited by romantics tapped into the world of ideas, to dreamers that he can take rambling journeys of the mind with. The key to attracting him is to try to defeat him at his home ground. Outwit him with insightful references about the book you are both reading, but don’t try winning the argument—just toss him some food for thought every once in a while.

Once you get his attention in a lively conversation, draw back a little, and act like a puzzle that needs to be solved. Give him only a few scattered pieces of information that aren’t particularly revealing (it’s even better if they are contradictory!). And, by all means, don’t forget to flirt! However, it is best not to flirt with him too openly, as again the catch is in those small tell-tale signs that he adores discovering. For example, if you expect to meet him at a party or other type of gathering, wear a yellow dress. This color will immediately make you stand out, especially when coupled with a mysterious smile and a gentle, accidental caress. When you entangle his mind like this, he is all yours as he simply can’t rest until he solves the riddle of your personality. Keep in mind that he is easily bored and surprise him with new things he wasn’t expecting.

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How to date a Gemini man

Dating a Gemini man means that you have to cater to his needs for fun and variety, show interest in his intelligence, provide enough mental stimulation, and let him buzz between happy hours, dinner parties, and dancefloors with friends. He should always be aware that you enjoy the time spent with him. Try not to get overly miffed by his changeable, fickle ways. Keep in mind that the moments you share with your lover will be exciting and stimulating; he will always make you laugh. Gemini men are playful lovers—some might even call them a tease. They are hard to pin down and appreciate lightheartedness in love.

Regardless of what the Gemini says, don’t take him too seriously. This guy doesn’t exactly know where he will be the next day, let alone how to make lifelong plans. Gemini man will sincerely plan babies with you one moment, but an hour later may realize that he just has to jump on a plane to see that Galapagos turtle!

No matter how elusive he appears, his greatest fear is being alone. Having someone to hold his hand and be by his side is the main thing he dreams of. Gemini man doesn’t want to fly solo forever, he wants to send all the poems and letters his brilliant brain comes up with to that special someone. In return, he just needs you to hold his hand and never let go. Why not suggest a romantic walk in the park or by the sea and talk with him, especially if you know something is troubling him? You can also call him in the middle of the night to share with him that you learned a new dance move. Let him know that he is important to you and you think about him at all times!

Gemini men are playful lovers—some might even call them a tease. Click To Tweet

How does a Gemini man express love?

Have I mentioned that communication is one of his essential personality traits? He has no problem expressing his love; he will remind you of it 24/7. Expect numerous text messages, memes, and emojis during the day. He will share all the details of how his parrot learned a new word, and he expects much of the same from you. He simply wants to know everything: how your day at work was, who your colleagues and friends are. The reason isn’t jealousy; it is only his desire to be included in every aspect of your life.

When a Gemini man is in love, he doesn’t shy away from showing affection in public. Regardless of the occasion, he enjoys holding hands, walking arm in arm. He does this unconsciously, so if he does this before you officially started dating, this is very promising!

When he invites you to play board games with his friends and acquaintances, don’t turn his invitation down just because you don’t know anyone. When in love, Gemini man is so happy and proud that he simply wants to introduce you to everyone.

Sex with Gemini man

Gemini man appreciates variety. A lover with many tricks and games in the bedroom keeps him interested. He likes to turn on his partners with dirty talk, provoking their erotic thoughts. Don’t be foolish to disregard this as your Gemini man has perfected it to the point where he can talk you to orgasm. Sexting is yet another feature of this exquisite skill.

Since one of the main Gemini male traits is exchanging ideas, in bed he enjoys exchanging pleasures. So, if you have some excellent 69 skills, you’ve hit the jackpot! Even if you don’t, Gemini man still loves to go down on you and give you some mind-blowing pleasure. Of course, he likes to be on the receiving end also!

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As adventurous as your Gemini man is, he will be thrilled if you take the lead, grab his hand, and have spontaneous sex in unusual places. Start it all with endless French kisses, followed by a quickie on a rooftop or elevator. He also gets turned on by soft, playful touches. Don’t forget to run through his hair with your fingers and caress him to sleep, especially after sex.

What is a good match for a Gemini man?

The other two signs of air triplicity, Libra and Aquarius, are great matches for a Gemini man because they can always walk with their heads in the clouds with him. As a cardinal sign, Libra would take the command, which is fine for the adaptable Gemini. Together they form a great intellectual team, as they can help widen each others’ worlds. This duo particularly enjoys pillow talks and love notes.

Unconventional Aquarius woman and a curious Gemini man? This is a perfect recipe for a wild romance full of thrills and action! However, these people aren’t necessarily made for long-life partnerships as they can both be sometimes flighty and always have an escape plan if things get ugly. However, if they can keep this fickleness in control, this could turn into quite a love story.

The signs of fire triplicity are a good match for Gemini, except for Sagittarius, because Gemini is a man of action. This is how he develops his philosophical concepts, and he doesn’t need any teacher or preacher. However, in sex, Sagittarius woman is a perfect partner, as they are both intrigued by the others’ perspective of intimacy and sex.

Earth and water signs don’t typically go well with Geminis, except for Virgo. Even though Gemini may regard Virgo as too petty, this can be a good match for him as a Virgo woman could help him put his ideas into practical use. The other earth and water signs are either too grounded or too emotional for a restless Gemini mind. This especially goes for Pisces, as Gemini would drown in their pool of emotions and moodiness.

Unconventional Aquarius woman and a curious Gemini man? This is a perfect recipe for a wild romance full of thrills and action! Click To Tweet

Famous Gemini men

The list of Gemini celebrities looks impressive! Just tell me you wouldn’t date Kanye West or Mark Wahlberg? The list gets hotter with the likes of entertaining Hollywood A-Listers like Wentworth Miller, Neil Patrick Harris, Johnny Depp, Liam Neeson, Colin Farrell, Morgan Freeman, comedians Russell Brand, and tennis virtuosos Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. Famous Gemini men in the music industry are Lenny Kravitz, Kendrick Lamar, Bob Dylan, and the late Prince.

Loving a Gemini man can be a real rollercoaster if you aren’t used to the frantic pace of his lifestyle. However, it can also be a lovely ride together if you can sync with his mind. You should be aware that commitment isn’t in his game plan, yet he is only complete when you hold hands and walk through life together. There must be some degree of distance in the relationship to bring you closer. In his life, a partner’s essential role is to reconcile these and many other opposing impulses that he struggles with every day. After all, he is a Zodiac child and needs a kind of “cool big sister” type of girl to both play and grow with.

Zach has been studying astrology both theoretically and practically for about twenty years, and he has a certificate of Astrological Proficiency from the International Society for Astrological Research. Zach specializes in natal and relationship astrology.

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