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Are you dating someone and want to confess your love without spelling it out? Or, perhaps, you’re already hitched and just want to reinforce your romantic feelings for that significant other? Here are seventeen ways to express love and affection without saying, “I love you.”

1. Be attentive

Be generous with your attention whenever your partner wants to talk to you about something, whether it’s fashion or politics. Turn off the TV or put down your mobile phone, draw up a chair next to your partner, and listen to them. So many relationships fail because one or both partners either don’t put in the time to communicate or are not willing to listen.

2. Show affection

Before one of you leaves for work or goes out elsewhere, and after returning home, give your partner a hug and a kiss. You can even exchange a smooch in between while doing chores together. It surely makes a mundane task less tedious.

Acts of affection, whether sexual or non-sexual, reinforce your relationship and increase the production of the feel-good hormone oxytocin. When you’re out together, why not do discreet footsie? Or you can simply hold hands or ruffle your partner’s hair – small gestures, but they say a lot!

3. Cook something nice

Even if you don’t feel like a master chef, you can surely google some uncomplicated recipes and impress your partner with home-cooked food. Maybe you can start off by surprising them with breakfast in bed! If you are more serious about it, you can always prepare a three or even five-course dinner or greet your loved one with their favorite dish after a long hard day at work. Even a simple meal delivered with a personal touch can work wonders.

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4. Sing a song

How about expressing your feelings by singing a song? It doesn’t matter if you’re not a good singer. Your love will surely appreciate the effort that you took. Choose your partner’s favorite song and either personalize the lyrics to match your relationship and feelings or sing the original karaoke version. Next step – send the recorded song to your partner when he or she’s at work to surprise them!

5. Treat them to a massage

It doesn’t take much effort to give a foot rub to your partner, but it can be very relaxing after a long day at work. It’s a great way to show that you care about them.

If you want to really please your loved one, consider treating them to a back massage with aromatic massage oil. While at it, you might want to have some romantic music playing in the background. You never know. That simple body rub could lead to other things.

6.  Offer your help

There are days when your dearly beloved doesn’t feel well, has too much on her plate, or just feels exhausted. Show your love by lending a helping hand – offer to do a chore or two that you wouldn’t usually do to make the load lighter. Do it with a smile, even if deep inside you feel like whining.

7. Give personal space

No matter how close you and your partner are, you both need some personal space. Even if you feel like spending 24 hours with your significant other, don’t judge them if they want to do their own thing and spend some time separately. Let them go out and chill with their friends over a drink, go shopping, or do whatever they enjoy doing on their own.

8. Be supportive and encouraging

Is your partner planning a new business venture? Motivate and encourage them and let them know that you believe in them. Give your whole-hearted support and motivation so your loved one feels confident and enthusiastic. Help them if they ask for it and be there during the moments when things are not going that well. Sometimes all that one needs to know is that somebody believes in them and loves them regardless of the ups and downs in their journey.

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9. Spice up your intimate life

Spice up your sex life by getting a little adventurous. Ever thought of trying sex outside of your bedroom? Maybe on the kitchen table? Or in the car? Let your imagination run wild!

Whether you have always wanted to try some positions from Kamasutra or have some bedroom kinks in mind, go for it. Just keep your partner’s preferences in mind. You can start by getting some sex toys or watching an uncensored movie together to get you aroused.

10. Say sincere compliments

Compliment the love of your life on how attractive he looks in that suit or how gorgeous she looks in her dress. It is important to let your significant other know that the romance is still there and you admire them irrespective of the years you are together. Even if you think that your partner knows you are attracted to them, hearing compliments makes a difference.

11. Make a scrapbook

Have you taken a lot of photos on your dates together? Make a scrapbook or collage of all those precious moments. Present it to your beau when they are feeling especially down to indicate that you are always there, whatever happens.

12. Plan a romantic date

Having a date night now and again will help to keep the spark alive. A great way to surprise your loved one is to take them for a picnic under the stars. When preparing your picnic basket, think about what your partner would enjoy the most. Wine and a selection of olives and cheeses? Or would you rather pop the champagne, pairing it with some strawberries and light desserts? Even if you decide to make the picnic in your backyard, a blanket, a few candles, and a nice playlist will set the mood and make it a night your partner won’t forget.

13. Compromise

Compromising is the key to any relationship’s success. It could be sitting down and watching a football match with your guy supporting his favorite team. If he tends to wear a T-shirt representing the team, you could too.

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Are you a man looking to make your lady happy? Help her choose the dress for her best friend’s wedding and encourage her to take her time while shopping.

14. Give a gift

Show your partner how special they are to you by sending flowers or a box of chocolates every once in a while. You can surprise them by getting something they like, whether it’s a book, a gadget, or a cool bracelet. Don’t wait for the special occasions, little surprise gifts make even better effects than those anticipated for birthdays and Christmas.

15. Write a love note

Express your feelings for that special someone in a handwritten note or in a poem. Whatever you pen down, even if it is not rhyming, it is guaranteed to melt your partner’s heart. It’s the thought that always matters, isn’t it?

Slip in a note under the pillow if you leave before your loved one awakes. Otherwise, you can put it in their purse or a coat pocket. Another option is to post a handwritten letter in a classic envelope.

16. Put your partner’s interests first

If you’ve been in a relationship for quite some time, you probably know that putting your interests first is not the way to go. Let your partner’s happiness be your happiness. When you’ve argued, express your love by being the first to say sorry, even if it’s not your fault. Try to overcome your ego and show your partner how important they are to you.

17. Be the rock when the times get tough

Your partner may be grieving after losing a loved one, stuck in a financial crisis, acting irrationally from stress, or maybe just abandoned by somebody dear to them.

Be the rock for your darling in these tough times. However tight your schedule is, take the time to show your partner you’re there and will always be there, whatever may come. Love withstands not only good times; the real test of a relationship comes when times are difficult.

There’s no need to wait for a better time or occasion to convey your feelings to your partner. You can come up with millions of ways to express your love, so go ahead and do it right now!

Sara is a working mom, lives with her husband and her adorable dog Casper. She is passionate about traveling and cooking and she is a regular contributor to various blogs.

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