why are scorpios so hot

The woman you admire is bold and decisive. She might not be loud, but you can tell she is powerful. Is it this strong personality or her colorful looks that you are drawn to?

Her Zodiac sign is Scorpio, but why are Scorpios so hot?

Scorpio has a reputation as the sexiest Zodiac sign. Its charming qualities, however, extend far beyond what is typically considered sexual. Here are ten reasons you feel a powerful attraction to a Scorpio woman.

1. She may not know how attractive she is

Why are Scorpios so cute? A big part is that they don’t realize they are cute. Surprisingly, anything could get past the penetrating intellect of a Scorpio. Still, the Scorpio woman’s pride tends to be so focused on her smarts and her cunning that she can be a little oblivious to her beauty.

The Scorpio woman is nothing like a Libra or a Leo woman who is aware enough of their beauty to exploit it intentionally. It’s usually apparent when someone knows they are cute. This doesn’t necessarily make them unattractive, but it does take the fun out of revealing it to them. With the Scorpio woman, you can enjoy the process of showering her with compliments that she will genuinely appreciate.

While the Scorpio woman is busy plotting and scheming, her natural beauty sneakily runs on autopilot. She is proud that she has all the goings-on of the whole world locked down on her radar. If you can tell her something she doesn’t already know — that she’s gorgeous! — then you get the thrill of outsmarting the smartest person in the room. She might not admit it, but she didn’t mind being outsmarted just that once.

2. She is decisive

The Scorpio woman is not wishy-washy. She knows what she wants and doesn’t and acts on that with surgical precision.

If a Scorpio woman is in a relationship with you, she is there because she wants to be there. She may stay in a situationship that doesn’t make sense to others looking in from the outside, but rest assured that she is there because she is getting something out of it.

She won’t drag out a situation that isn’t going to work, and she can generally identify that early on. Even if her decision is not what you want it to be, you might at least respect her clarity in making it.

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The Scorpio woman knows what she wants and what she doesn't, and she acts on that with surgical precision. Click To Tweet

3. You know when she wants you

Are Scorpios good in bed? They are when they want to be, but they are not the indiscriminate horndogs that some people imagine.

For Scorpio, sex is an intense experience, and the Scorpio woman will give her all for the right partner. Scorpio sex drive, however, is not set to the top of the dial for just anyone. If a Scorpio woman’s love life is not satisfying, she is not excited about sex.

If you have a Scorpio woman in bed with you, you know she’s there because she wants to be there. What makes Scorpio charming, therefore, is in part that she makes you feel attractive.

You feel desired when the Scorpio lover lets you into her world — and who doesn’t want to feel this way?

4. She is well-rounded

Scorpio is secure in her femininity, but she balances it with qualities seen as more masculine, like aggression and decisiveness.

Loving a Scorpio woman is never dull. She can seem mysterious at first, but she will continually reveal more and more sides of herself throughout your relationship with her.

When the Scorpio woman boldly lives as her whole self, you feel more comfortable being your real self. Again, what makes a Scorpio woman attractive has a lot to do with how you feel about yourself when you are around her. Opening up to the Scorpio woman can be intimidating at first. Still, once you realize she is a safe place for all your quirks, you can relax in a way you thought was impossible.

Scorpio is secure in her femininity, but she balances it with qualities seen as more masculine, like aggression and decisiveness. Click To Tweet

5. She is colorful

Scorpios often take a hint from nature in their appearance. In the Northern Hemisphere, Scorpios are born in the most colorful part of fall with bright leaves. Scorpios enter the most colorful part of spring with vibrant flowers in the Southern Hemisphere.

Either way, Scorpios are cool with wild Halloween orange — and all the other colors at that level of brightness. So giving her colorful gifts is a fail-proof strategy to please her.

Scorpio often has a more controlling side that can be difficult to deal with. Still, sometimes she needs a break from the fierce side of herself. Escaping into the creative realm gives Scorpio an outlet for all of that passionate intensity. Scorpio tendencies, therefore, include vibrant colors in clothing and home decorations.

Some say that how you experience romantic attraction as an adult is influenced by how you experienced nurturing when you were a baby. Babies don’t see very well when they are firstborn.

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When you can see your neon-clad Scorpio woman coming from a mile away, maybe it takes you back to when you were a tiny baby looking for your mother. A Scorpio woman would love a weird idea like that, anyway.

6. She is creative where it counts

The Scorpio can be very creative in her colorful attire. However, she would not necessarily demonstrate her originality to everyone.

When she does have a partner worthy of her love and trust, Scorpio in bed can be wildly imaginative. Kinky might sometimes be an accurate term, but it doesn’t capture the full spectrum of what the Scorpio woman is capable of.

Do you know how some kinks seem scripted and unoriginal? That’s not the Scorpio woman. She’s also not into hopping on the bandwagon of whatever kink got written up in Cosmopolitan this month to keep current. Whatever she does in bed has to resonate with her.

The Scorpio woman is also open to creativity being a collaborative exercise. Whatever your favorite exotic fantasy is, feel free to share it with her. She will probably think of a few new twists to take it to another level.

7. She can keep secrets

An understandable reason you might be afraid to share your favorite exotic fantasy with a Scorpio woman is fear that word might get out. What if the whole world finds out how weird you are? Well, fear not with the Scorpio woman!

She has been aware of the more complex sides of life since she was a little girl, and she gets that you often can’t talk about that kind of stuff in public. By the time you come along, Scorpio knows when confidentiality is needed.

When you know your secrets are safe with the Scorpio woman, there is no limit to how exciting things can get between you. This makes the Scorpio woman truly irresistible.

When you know your secrets are safe with the Scorpio woman, there is no limit to how exciting things can get between you. Click To Tweet

8. She is loyal

It might initially be frustrating that it takes a while for the Scorpio woman to reveal all the different sides of herself. It might also be frustrating that she can play hard to get at first.

However, the best part of this is that when the Scorpio woman finally commits to you, she is loyal. She has an element of self-interest in this, as she strongly needs emotional security. She doesn’t cling as openly as a Cancer woman, but she doesn’t like to get her heartbroken. Therefore, she has figured out that taking good care of her partner is a hedge against that.

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It feels good to have someone this committed to you, though; that is just one more of the things about Scorpios that make them attractive. Just remember that the Scorpio woman expects you to be loyal to her too!

9. She is aggressive

There is a difference between being aggressive and being mean. The Scorpio woman generally comes down on the side of aggression unless she has been provoked into crossing the line. Aggression, like anything else, has its time and place.

The Scorpio woman can healthily use aggression to fight for her interests and those in her loyalty circle. You feel protected when you are in the Scorpio woman’s loyalty zone.

If the Scorpio woman has any athletic ability, that can be an excellent outlet for her aggression. She will enjoy competing with you and winning. Sexy time after a good workout or sports match can be especially rewarding.

The Scorpio woman can healthily use aggression to fight for her interests and those in her loyalty circle. Click To Tweet

10. She is brilliant

A Scorpio woman is the ultimate catch for someone who identifies as sapiosexual, which means finding intelligence attractive or arousing. Even if you hadn’t thought of intellect when seeking a partner, you would be stunned by what the Scorpio woman has to offer intellectually.

The Scorpio woman is highly motivated by her need for emotional security. While other Zodiac signs have this need to one degree or another, the way the Scorpio woman goes about meeting it is unique. She is continually scanning the world like a human surveillance camera, gathering information so that she can form a big picture of the world and her place in it.

After the Scorpio woman has enfolded you into her circle of loyalty, she will use her intellect to protect you in the same way she protects herself. Life is often confusing, but the Scorpio woman’s confident assessment of the world can cut through the muck enough to make it less so. Her confidence is attractive.

Are Scorpios seductive? They have so many things going for them that they don’t have to go out of their way to seduce anyone. Magnetic is more accurate as people tend to come to them.

Why are Scorpios so magnetic? They have a potent blend of characteristics from brilliance to aggression to decisiveness. All of this adds to a beauty that is not only skin deep.

A Scorpio woman would not be the right partner for someone who wants a boring life. If she deems you worthy of the challenge, though, feel honored and know that you have a relationship that will never stop being intriguing.

Valerie trained in journalism and spent a decade as an administrative assistant in an accounting firm. Astrology has always been her passion, and her career goal is to work in financial astrology.

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