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Hardworking, structured, and meticulous are words that describe the typical Virgo man. However, the Virgo star sign is notoriously hard to read regarding emotions. To know how to attract a Virgo man, you must learn about his traits. You can get to his heart once you understand this man’s mind. So let’s get started!

1. Showcase your intelligence

Highlighting your intelligence is the easiest way to get a Virgo man interested in you. These men do not like cookie-cutter women. Virgo needs a partner who is unafraid to use her head and think outside the box.

Virgos love it when a person can teach them one thing or two. A knowledgeable woman with an imaginative or sharp mind is the type of girl a Virgo guy wants to get to know and ultimately partner with.

2. Don’t come in too strong

Dating a Virgo man can be tricky, I know. On the one hand, you want to ensure he knows you like him. But on the other hand, if you come in too strong, his interest in you or his desire to pursue a relationship with you will drastically decrease.

It’s okay to show the Virgo man you have a crush on him. However, becoming clingy or demonstrating that he is your whole world is not okay. In his mind, this indicates that you might be “too intense,” meaning his interest will drop.

3. Take care of yourself

If you have been snooping around the Internet, trying to learn more about the Virgo man traits, you have likely come across the sentence: “Virgos have high standards.” I don’t like the phrasing of it because it makes Virgo men seem slightly conceited and unattainable.

Yes, a Virgo man appreciates a well-put-together look, but you must show something more to attract a Virgo. Take care of your physical and mental hygiene. Ensure your skin is cared for, and wear an alluring perfume on a dinner date.

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4. Be honest

A Virgo man needs a partner who is honest with him. A person who lies cannot become a Virgo’s love interest. You might do everything right regarding how to seduce a Virgo man, but if you lie, he will not look at you with respect, let alone want a relationship.

Honesty is what will attract a Virgo man towards you. Speak from your heart, and don’t pretend to be someone you are not. Virgo men love truthful women who do not play games with them.

5. Be independent

One thing that I have always admired about the Virgo zodiac sign men is how self-sufficient they are. A Virgo boyfriend is the type of guy who will fix things in your home without needing much help or guidance. He loves helping people, but in a relationship (or even when dating), he does not want to be the type of guy who does everything.

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Show him that you are an independent woman who does not need a man to save you. He will appreciate seeing you enjoy having him in your life.

6. Demonstrate your loyalty

If you have a history of cheating in your relationships, it would be best if your Virgo crush never finds out about it. I have already mentioned how important being truthful is to a Virgo man. Now it’s time to talk about loyalty and its importance to your Virgo guy.

I have seen Virgos ruthlessly cut people off who have betrayed or hurt them. My advice would be to think more like a Scorpio woman regarding loyalty. You must be on the same page, or your relationship with the Virgo will never last.

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7. Don’t judge him

If you have spent enough time with Virgos, you know they have a chaotic side. They often have a lot of interests, and they obsess over these interests as they come and go. Your potential Virgo boyfriend might have a collection of trinkets or odd souvenirs; he will expect you to show excitement and interest in them.

Nothing makes Virgo retract more than feeling judged or ridiculed. If he has shown you his special interests or obsessions, know you have gained his trust. Use moments like that to pick up on what your Virgo man likes and get to know him better.

8. Engage in a conversation

Like their Mercurial pair Gemini (also ruled by Mercury), Virgo men love talking, communicating, and connecting through conversation. Mercury is the astounding planet that governs how we communicate, rationalize, and think.

If he asks you something, smiling and nodding will not do. Engage in a conversation with him and share your opinions. Show him why you are the woman he should take on a date.

Gifts don’t make a Virgo fall in love; showcasing your intellect will allure and enchant him. Engaging in an intellectual conversation is one way a Virgo man would test you to determine if you can keep up with him.

9. Have a structure

Having a structure keeps Virgo men from being all over the place. When dating a Virgo man, planning and scheduling is unavoidable. For him, it is how he keeps his personal life in order.

To attract a Virgo man, you must master structuring your time (or life). Ultimately, don’t forget that you are human, and don’t be hard on yourself if things don’t go as planned.

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10. Show off your passions

We all know a Virgo who proudly says they don’t have time for dating or relationship because they are “married to their work.” Using their work as a coping skill is in their nature. Work is something that they are good at, and that brings them joy.

You don’t have to be a workaholic yourself to attract a Virgo man, but you have to have some passion. Be articulate about what you like, and show passion about your interests. Share your dreams and aspirations so that Virgo man can admire you.

11. Let him chase you

A Virgo man in love will chase the woman he is enthralled with. It may take some time and perhaps some encouragement from his friends, but you must allow him to be the one chasing you. A typical Virgo enjoys being in control of the situation.

A Virgo man likes being told that a woman feels attraction or interest in him, but he dislikes feeling chased. However, he won’t chase you if you don’t show him you are interested in a romance. 

Send him a message to make him want to chase you, and let him do the rest. 

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12. Be practical

People who can’t do anything without asking for help or who don’t ask for advice regarding subjects they don’t know much about are some of the top things that can enrage a Virgo guy.

Show him that your mind can come up with quick solutions and that you approach problems to solve them, not complicate them. A Virgo man likes helping people. Nevertheless, if you want to be his partner, you must show that you can be practical, too!

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13. Don’t criticize him

As an astrologer, I have noticed that Virgo men tend to have a particular way of doing things. Some women may find this quirky or adorable, while others might see it as odd. This sign is susceptible to criticism and will possibly take your remarks in the wrong way. This has been proven to be a relationship killer for Virgos.

If you are dating a Virgo man and feel like he did something you are not so fond of, or if you want to tell him something about his life, take it easy. He is just a human being with both flaws and virtues. Show care, and don’t be too harsh.

14. Spend time apart

Relationships are not easy for a Virgo man. Even if he is head over heels in love, this zodiac sign needs a place to unwind and clear his mind. Don’t take this personally—many women do. This is one of the reasons why dating a Virgo man can be tricky.

Someone once told me that she is never sure whether her Virgo boyfriend needs alone time or if something is going on. However, most of the time, he needs his space. So have your own life and friends, and spend some time apart. Don’t organize your schedule around him. Seeing each other should be a compromise and a mutual agreement.

15. Pay attention to details

This zodiac sign will pay attention to your make-up, accessories, hairstyle changes, and demeanor, amongst many other things. This is just a part of their nature. I have noticed that signs ruled by Mercury (like Gemini) tend to pick up on the most minor things.

How do you attract a Virgo man? Make some mental notes, girl. Remember the little things he tells you: his favorite meals, places, childhood memories, and you will quickly become the woman your Virgo man adores. Nothing is more romantic to this star sign than a woman who shows interest in him.

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16. Learn about his interests

Not all Virgos talk about their interests with ease. However, when they do, they don’t stop talking about them (blame it on Mercury). So take this as an opportunity to learn what the Virgo man likes, and I can’t stress this enough: pay attention to what he says.

The information you gather about him and his interests will work in your favor. Participate in the activities he likes so he sees what having you as his partner would be like.

17. Don’t make big gestures

Even though the Virgo star sign occasionally likes being romantic, he is not a fan of big gestures. He will not participate in a flash mob proposal or anything pompous. The Virgo man prefers to be low-key and show interest in someone.

Don’t expect lavish gifts or an over-the-top romantic gesture from this guy. Learn what romance is to your Virgo man. Find out his love language, but don’t shower him with too much romantic attention or fancy dates.

18. Give him time

In my years in astrology, I have never heard of (or met) a Virgo man falling in love at first sight. This structured earth sign takes more than a few cute dates to start developing emotions for a woman. Like most things, attracting a Virgo man takes time and patience.

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If you are not patient, the chances of making a Virgo man fall in love with you may be low. This is also why a Virgo man and a Taurus woman often match.

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19. Let him take the lead

Depending on how brave the Virgo man is, it might take him a few attempts to make a move. Your potential Virgo boyfriend might not be the first to make the move, but when he does, let him take the lead.

Virgo men love taking care of women. So, when dating a Virgo man, don’t be afraid to show your feminine side.

20. Communicate clearly

Mercury is a mighty planet. It rules how we think and behave. For the Virgo man to enter a relationship, he needs to know that you are on the same page, especially regarding communication and feelings.

Don’t beat around the bush too much when talking to your crush. He will likely not pick up on subtle hints, so I would advise speaking directly. If you are ever worried about coming across as boring, know that this guy is interested in almost everything.

21. Be elegant

With the Virgo zodiac sign, good looks can get you far! Appearance means a lot to this man. He might not be attracted to overly flashy women, but he does appreciate well-styled clothing.

Virgo men tend to have this elegant, almost glamorous vibe. It goes beyond appearance, clothing, and material things. Virgo would admire a woman who can match these standards.

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22. Reveal your soft side

Men, not just Virgos, often face difficulty showing their vulnerable side. You have probably noticed the Virgos are a bit different. A typical textbook Virgo man is seen as reserved, especially around people he doesn’t know. There is so much more to this zodiac sign than you can determine at first glance.

If you show your soft side, the Virgo man will feel more comfortable expressing his vulnerability. You are truly blessed if you can get the Virgo man to open up and show you his true self.

23. Show sensuality

In astrology, the Virgo sign is represented as a Virgin. I almost see this as astrological humor because the Virgo man is anything but the depiction of the Virgin. Don’t be fooled by his sweet and sometimes slightly awkward appearance. When a Virgo man likes someone, he will show his passion.

When the chemistry happens, this seemingly timid man wants nothing more than to get kinky with you. Virgo men are known for being good in bed. So when things get hot and steamy, I would advise acting a bit shy and letting his imagination run wild!

24. Talk about work

Even though this might not be my favorite advice, you can’t go wrong engaging in a discussion about work with Virgo men. Those highly passionate and dedicated to their career will love talking to a woman about their professional success. It gives them confidence since Virgo men often take great pride in their work.

Dating a Virgo man means you will often hear about their job and career. So, this is something that you might want to consider if you are not sure about your potential Virgo partner.

Congratulations, you have completed the Virgo crash course and can read Virgo’s mind! So start a conversation, pay attention to what he likes, display your affection, and enjoy his company.

Cathy is a dreamer, a writer, and a big believer in finding beauty in every day. She has a keen interest in astrology, and synastry is her favorite topic to explore. Her dream is to study Vedic astrology in India.

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