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Virgo might be a catch, given his hardworking personality and intelligent observations about life. However, when selecting gifts for a Virgo man, you could be stuck as his interests can be very particular. Fortunately, understanding some essential Virgo man traits can put you on the right track to finding the best gifts for your Virgo boyfriend, fiancé, or husband.

What gifts do Virgo men like?

Virgo is the sixth sign of the Zodiac, and its symbolism is associated with bringing in the harvest. In the Northern Hemisphere, the time that the Sun is in Virgo coincides with the end of summer.

The Virgo man’s personality tends to be serious and frugal, focused on saving money and other resources. However, in relationships, the Virgo male can be admired for his quiet devotion. The best gifts for a Virgo man would be practical and not too frivolous.

The Virgo might be reluctant to spend money on himself, as he prefers to save for a rainy day. If you are in a relationship with him, you are probably annoyed that he wears his underwear until they fall apart.

A gifting occasion like Christmas or birthday can be an excellent opportunity to help him upgrade his worn-out stuff. Whether looking for surprise romantic gifts or the best birthday gift for a Virgo man, you don’t have to worry about offending him by being too practical. He often shows affection to loved ones through acts of service, so you can’t go wrong showing that you also notice the little details of life.

Being a Virgo can be hard sometimes because he’s so aware of the small details of life and can stress himself out in pursuing perfection. So some Virgo gifts for him include relaxation aids to help him de-stress.

Other good gifts for Virgos keep them busy because they tend to get restless when they don’t have enough to do. Mercury rules their Zodiac sign, so they have a lot of nervous energy. The other Zodiac sign Mercury rules is Gemini, and Gemini men tend to have the same issue.

Mercury is associated with communication and technology. Interestingly enough, Virgos can have an extreme attitude toward technology: they are either very eager to embrace new things or not interested in the tech novelties. If your Virgo guy is one of those who loves technology, your biggest challenge may be finding the gadget he hasn’t discovered yet. However, this guide to gift ideas for Virgo men should help you with that.

Health-related gifts can also be ideal for a Virgo, with the caveat that you must know your Virgo’s ideas about health. They are intelligent and often do their research and may come from a unique viewpoint. Don’t pick a gift that’s likely to start a debate with him because you probably won’t win!

Many Virgo men often love spending time on crafty hobbies. While buying tools or supplies for his hobby can be a great way to show appreciation of his skills, he might be picky about using the right gadgets. You are better off asking him for specific suggestions than trying to guess what’s the best tool for the task.

Now that you know a little bit of what astrology has to say about the Virgo man traits, you are ready to choose the best gift for him!

1. Cheese board set

Handy gadgets are irresistible to the Virgo man. This tricked-out cheese board made of durable and washable bamboo has extra trays. It also contains a drawer with accessories, including cheese knives and a corkscrew. This will be perfect for a potluck or the next time he wants to enjoy gourmet snacks in style!

2. Classic watch

Punctuality is often a priority for the Virgo man. So a stylish classic watch is a practical device he’d enjoy using! It charges by the movement of the wearer’s wrist and combines the automatic movement with the accuracy of a quartz battery.

3. Sculpting tools

Many Virgos have a creative side and can be especially good at working with their hands. So, depending on his interests, a sculpting set for working with clay could be useful. However, consult him before you spring for this one because Virgos can be picky about their tools.

4. Polarized sunglasses

Sunglasses is a thoughtful gift for the health-conscious Virgo man. Taking care of every part of the body matters, including the eyes! So polarized sunglasses with fashionable and sustainable bamboo wooden frames will be ideal for a Virgo.

5. Air fryer

An air fryer is one of the best gift ideas, as it can cook food quickly and easily. In addition, it uses less power than an oven, which may appeal to your eco-conscious Virgo man.

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On the health front, cooking with an air fryer requires less oil than deep frying, and the food tastes just as good (if not better). So even if your Virgo guy isn’t particularly passionate about cooking, he will enjoy the air fryer’s ability to prepare anything from fresh meat and fish to frozen French fries within minutes.

6. Massage oil

Massage oil with relaxing lavender is probably a gift your Virgo guy needs, even if he doesn’t realize it. A Virgo man’s keen intellect can take in a lot of information from the world around him, sometimes stressing him out. So giving him a massage yourself might be the perfect gift to improve your relationship!

7. Fun t-shirt

Does your Virgo guy have a sense of humor? A clever T-shirt referencing the quirks of his star sign could be a fun gift. Of course, he will be happy to have his good qualities listed for everyone to see.

8. Bonsai growing kit

Being an earth sign, Virgo often enjoys gardening and caring for plants. However, if your Virgo man lives in an apartment where a garden is impossible, a bonsai growing kit can allow him to tend a plant on a manageable scale. This kit contains four varieties of bonsai tree seeds and the pots, soil, and other supplies necessary to help them grow.

9. VR headset

Sometimes even a hardworking Virgo man needs to do something unproductive. If you are with the Virgo man who loves technology, a VR gaming headset can be the ticket to help him relax. That said, some of the games this headset is compatible with are guided fitness workouts, which can also be a practical way to stay in shape!

10. Phone docking station

A phone docking station is not quite adequate to describe this gadget. It’s a stylish wooden holder for all the Virgo’s important stuff. As you probably know by now, he can be a bit of a neat freak who likes everything in its place.

This docking station can organize two smartphones, a watch, a smartwatch, and glasses. As a bonus, it comes with an RFID-blocking leather wallet!

11. Camping cookware set

Virgo men enjoy spending time in the great outdoors. A camping cookware set can help your Virgo guy be prepared for his next great adventure! A kit that includes knives, a cutting board, and serving utensils and comes in a water-resistant case is the present your man will enjoy for years to come when camping outdoors.

12. Personalized leather journal

Putting thoughts on paper can relieve the anxiety that tends to build up in a Virgo man’s constantly churning mind. A monogrammed leather journal with a classic look could be one of his favorite things! While the monogram is optional, it could be an important reminder that the book is indeed his if he feels intimidated to write in such an impressive volume.

13. Workout equipment

For the health-conscious Virgo man, regular exercise is a high priority. This Spinning Burn machine strengthens the arms and shoulders. This device is for exercising in the comfort of home without the hassle of going to a gym.

14. Cocktail smoker mixology kit

Virgos enjoy having a skill they can master. So if your Virgo man likes cocktails, why not gift him a cocktail smoking kit so he takes his craft to the next level? With this device, he can enjoy making whiskey cocktails, like Old Fashioned. The smoker can also add a smoky flavor to meats and cheeses.

15. Star sign pendant

For a Virgo man proud of his astrological sign, a subtle pendant, done in masculine tag style, can help him represent it. This stainless steel necklace featuring the Virgo symbol is a small gift built to last!

16. Gourmet hot sauce

Virgos are known as foodies of the Zodiac. Even though they may not seem very adventurous about their daily food choices, they appreciate quality.

Gourmet hot sauce will delight Virgo’s taste buds and may inspire him to whip up something tasty. One thing for sure: this sauce will live up to your man’s high standards!

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17. Chess set

If you’ve known your Virgo man for a while, you probably noticed that he likes mental challenges. A well-made chess set can allow him to exercise his intellect. And if you are into playing chess yourself, it will be a perfect couple’s activity for those evenings at home.

18. Bluetooth beanie

There is no need to search for headphones when a Bluetooth beanie has headphones built in! Virgo man always got a lot on his mind. This clever gadget will simplify getting out of the house in the morning for a jog or commute to work.

19. Insulated tumbler

A good reusable coffee mug can reduce waste from disposable paper cups. For an environmentally conscious Virgo guy, this is important! Carrying the insulated tumbler with him, he can stay healthy, hydrated, and productive throughout the day.

20. Date night box

A Virgo male works hard at his job and takes his responsibilities seriously. However, sometimes he might need to be reminded to prioritize building relationships with the remarkable woman in his life. With this date night in a box kit, you can turn any evening at home into an exciting date night.

21. Gym bag

Going to the gym to work out is healthy but also costs money. With that consideration in mind, a thrifty Virgo male will likely use his gym bag until it ultimately falls apart. So if you noticed it needs an upgrade, it is a perfect opportunity to give him a shiny new gym bag as a birthday or Christmas present.

22. Futuristic pen

A classy futuristic pen that uses the power of magnetism to stand at an angle in its holder is guaranteed to impress your Virgo man. Fidgeting with this can be just what he needs to occasionally clear his head while working hard.

23. Luxury spa set

A spa set of soaps and scrubs designed just for men could help your Virgo relax. He probably wouldn’t purchase something like this for himself, but he’ll happily embrace the pleasure if the special woman in his life buys it for him. The scents of this set, which comes in a handy travel case, are focused on sandalwood, a natural and masculine fragrance.

24. 3D wooden puzzle

Does your Virgo man enjoy crafty hobbies? Perhaps he was into building models when he was a child? With this laser-cut wooden puzzle to be assembled, he may be excited to discover what modern technology has brought to that scene!

25. Leather wallet

Practical gifts are usually welcome for a Virgo man, especially those that can stand the test of time. A genuine leather wallet will keep his hard-earned cash and cards in one place, and its minimalistic design will suit Virgo’s conservative taste.

26. Quirky flip-flops

The good side of a Virgo man noticing all the details of the world around him is that he can see the humor in daily life. For example, he might get a kick out of fish-shaped flip-flops. This gift can be a good reminder your Virgo man needs not to take himself too seriously.

27. Compact water purifier

Getting out in nature can be fun and relaxing. However, Virgo likes to do it as safely as possible. This compact water purifier is the perfect gift for a guy who likes to explore the wilderness. This handy little gadget will have him prepared for any potential disaster, even if he doesn’t camp or travel very often.

28. Tool belt

Virgo men are often known for their ability to work with their hands and fix things. A high-quality leather tool belt can help your Virgo man keep his essential tools organized. Whether he uses the tool belt for his career or a hobby he takes seriously, he’ll be happy to know everything has a place.

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29. Shiatsu massager

Who doesn’t love a good massage? A shiatsu neck massager would appeal to just about anyone, and a Virgo man will undoubtedly benefit from it. He might need a strong neck rub to reduce accumulated tension if he tends to worry about things. He can take it with him and use it in his car while traveling.

30. Inflatable sleeping mat

Getting a good night’s sleep is very important for a health-conscious Virgo. He’ll love this inflatable sleeping mat for travel. Its unique pattern of hexagon air cells provides comfort and ergonomically supports pressure points. It also packs neatly into a little bag for storage.

31. Zodiac bracelet

Struggling with finding a gift for a man who has everything? A black onyx bracelet designed for the Virgo Zodiac sign will protect him and help reduce stress. It is a classy fashion accessory that can be worn every day. It will remind him of you wherever he goes.

32. White noise machine

Does your Virgo man struggle to fall asleep? A white noise machine is a powerful tool for blocking unwanted background noises. It will help him to have a good night’s sleep and feel rested and productive every day.

33. Woodworking set

A woodworking tool set is a perfect gift for a Virgo man who enjoys this hobby. This set includes multiple carving chisels in different shapes and sizes. It will allow him to unleash his creativity and create some masterpieces for your home.

34. Masculine candle

What better sets the mood for a romantic evening than a nicely scented candle? A refined blend of cool cologne, geranium, sandalwood, and musk will create a cozy atmosphere in your Virgo’s home so he to relax and unwind after a hard day.

35. Breakfast sandwich maker

A breakfast sandwich maker could be an excellent gift for the Virgo man in your life. This gadget will make his life easier every morning. Virgos love efficiency, so the idea of making a tasty sandwich in minutes and saving some cash instead of buying breakfast outside will certainly appeal to him.

36. Nerdy coasters

Practical and quirky are two qualities you can’t go wrong with when choosing an ideal gift for a Virgo man. Nerdy coasters that look like old floppy disks tick off both boxes. This gift will amuse the Virgo and be a great conversation starter during friends’ gatherings.

37. Car vacuum

Virgo males can be pretty meticulous, especially regarding their wheels. A cordless vacuum will help him keep the car tidy. You will also enjoy the benefits of this gift if you get a ride in a clean vehicle. Win-win!

38. Sophisticated perfume

Perfume can be a polarizing topic in the world of Virgo men — they love sophisticated fragrances to complement their tidy appearance, but they might be sensitive to strong smells. 

The aromas Virgo would appreciate are related to the natural world. Citrusy, lightly floral, and woody fragrances will resonate with his nature.

39. Banana phone

Virgo guys are often a strange blend of super serious in some ways and young at heart in others. So why not entertain his inner child with a Bluetooth-equipped banana that serves as a phone handset? It can also be used as a speaker to play music from a smartphone.

Finding a perfect gift for a special someone is always challenging. However, some knowledge of underlying astrology behind a Zodiac sign certainly makes things easier. Hopefully, this list of Virgo man gifts will inspire you and help you pick the best gift for this special guy in your life!

Cathy is a dreamer, a writer, and a big believer in finding beauty in every day. She has a keen interest in astrology, and synastry is her favorite topic to explore. Her dream is to study Vedic astrology in India.

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