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Have you met a Virgo man that you fancy? Is there a spark between you, but you are unsure of his feelings toward you? Virgo’s quirky love language can be hard to figure out, but there is a method to decipher it. Understanding his signals can help determine if your attraction can grow into a lasting relationship. So how does a Virgo man test you?

Virgo man compatibility: best matches

While knowing how a Virgo man tests you can be important no matter what your Zodiac sign is, women of some signs have an innate edge over others in connecting with Virgo men.

As a general rule, the Virgo, a committed Earth sign, wants a stable relationship. A Virgo man and a Virgo woman might deserve each other but could also drive each other crazy with their perfectionism. Fellow earth signs Taurus and Capricorn may be a mellower match for the Virgo man, as they can take his practical concerns seriously without getting caught up in the drama.

A water sign woman — Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces — can be a good match for a Virgo guy, as they share an interest in loyalty and security. Women of these signs may be more openly emotional than Virgos, but it can also give a more earthy type of permission to become expressive in a way they perhaps wouldn’t on their own.

Finally, Geminis can go well with Virgos, as they are both ruled by the planet Mercury. Mercury is the planet of communication, so this couple could excel in texting and witty banter. The Gemini woman might also encourage her Virgo mate to think a little bigger than the practical concerns that are more obvious to him.

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How does a Virgo man test you: 18 ways

Has the Virgo guy been sending you mixed signals? Does it seem he sometimes seriously like you, and other times he’s trying to test your limits? You are not going mad. This might be how he tries to determine if you are a good match for him. It’s time to look at some common ways Virgo guys test women they are considering for a serious relationship.

1. He constructively criticizes you

A Virgo is not afraid to point out what he finds wrong. While this can be annoying, it is a part of his test.

For example, Virgo may tell you your dress doesn’t suit you. He will make that comment to see how you react. He is hoping you won’t freak out and get upset. Instead, he is looking for a woman who can search for objective truth without making it all about her feelings.

Virgos love knowing that their partner can take constructive criticism and aim to improve in the future. For example, if he tells you that your dress isn’t that good, you should ask him, “What type of dress do you think suits me?”

This point is one of the greater challenges to Virgo man’s compatibility with other signs. If constructive criticism over every little thing drives you crazy, no matter how well-intentioned, the Virgo guy may not be a good match for you.

2. He asks you many questions

A Virgo man test includes engaging conversations. He will want to know everything about you to see if you are compatible, so he will ask you personal questions.

How does a Virgo man test you by asking questions? He will be interested in talking about your friends, the other guys you dated, and even the little things about your daily life. He might wear you out or seem to be badgering you for no reason, but he’s genuinely willing to listen to your responses and gain a deeper understanding of you from them.

Virgo is a zodiac sign that loves hearing honest answers. Lies are a huge red flag for a Virgo man. Don’t try to hide anything from him.

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Also, don’t be surprised if he inquires about your past lovers or even intimate experiences. As strange as it may sound, this is his way of assessing whether you’d be compatible on the intimate level. And if things progress that way, you may be amazed at Virgo’s performance in bed

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3. He engages in intellectual conversations

A Virgo is testing you when he engages in intellectual debates with you. This zodiac sign loves talking about facts. A Virgo man in love sends text messages and poses controversial questions to keep things interesting.

A Virgo man likes to push you out of your comfort zone with his questions. Women who give passive-aggressive answers and don’t like debating are huge turn-offs for a Virgo male. A Virgo may even ignore women who can’t debate well.

While he may view his words as witty banter, other Zodiac signs, particularly the sensitive water signs, can take things more personally. This can be a test for both of you in your growing relationship. You might need to remind him that, if you are playing, it had better be a fun game for everyone involved.

4. He checks if you are consistent

A Virgo man gets frustrated with people who make empty promises. For a Virgo, inconsistent behavior is a deal breaker. He expects his partner’s actions to be reasonable and predictable. The relationship will fall apart if a woman tries to impress him by hiding her true nature.

A Virgo man will test whether you keep your promises. If you promise him that you are loyal from your first date, it’s a big deal for him that you stick to your words. He will monitor your behavior and test your loyalty.

A Virgo man tests you to make sure you are not playing around. Remember that honesty is the best policy, and show him the real you.

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5. He probes your emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence must be tested in every relationship, and a Virgo man knows it well. He’ll want to see how empathic you are.

Virgos sometimes run into trouble by rationalizing their emotions. They may believe they can reason themselves into feeling a particular way that they think they should feel. You should watch out for this difficult tendency when considering a relationship with a Virgo man.

There’s no room for self-doubt when you are dating a Virgo man. Virgo will test how well you express your emotions and respond to other people’s emotional needs. If you expect him to teach you lessons about your feelings, it will not happen.

The Virgo man is hoping that you are emotionally mature. He wants you to be confident and stay calm when you express yourself and your feelings.

6. He tests your boundaries

A Virgo man will show you affection when you have bad days. However, he also wants you to know when he has bad days in his busy life.

How does a Virgo man test your boundaries? He’ll ask you to give him some space. If you can handle the challenge and successfully entertain yourself while he takes the time to refresh, this will raise his confidence that your relationship has a future.

A Virgo guy will feel pressured if his partner is negative and always complains. However, that doesn’t mean he’ll stop being concerned with your problems.

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7. He performs acts of service

A Virgo man interested in you will test your compatibility by helping you out. As a practical earth sign, a Virgo believes in taking action, so he will do small favors for you or your friends. He may know your routine enough to notice gaps he can thoughtfully fill.

A Virgo man will test you by reminding you how helpful he can be. Sometimes he goes too far in thinking he can earn love and loyalty with acts of service. Virgo often wants to see if you are appreciative of his efforts.

A relationship with a Virgo guy at its best includes respect and appreciation that goes both ways. He may be curious to see how you also look after him with practical tasks.

8. He considers your commitment

How does a Virgo man test if you are committed? He’ll ask you about your life goals and how you imagine your future. Plus, he will ask you how long did your longest relationship last. This is a sign that he wants to take your relationship to the next level.

Use your words carefully. If you are not ready to commit, let him know. He is aware there is no right or wrong answer to his question. Don’t be afraid to make your feelings known. Virgo men will give you as much time as you need to make up your mind.

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9. He observes your body language

When meeting a new person, a Virgo guy will work to quickly gain a basic understanding of what is going on with them. How does a Virgo man test you in this regard? He knows better than anyone that body language never lies and has a keen eye for details that others might not notice.

Don’t be surprised if Virgo asks you hypothetical questions. He doesn’t only want to hear your thoughts. Mostly, he wants to observe your body language.

He may be looking for clues if you are anxious or comfortable and whether you could hide the truth about something important. Sometimes his smarts are more physical than cerebral, and he can pick up things that go without saying.

Make sure you keep it real with him and don’t give him fake answers. Even if he disagrees, he will respect your opinion.

10. He wants to know your relationship vision

Virgos take relationships seriously. They like to plan and visualize the future. As an earth sign, they want stability. A Virgo man won’t tolerate it if you are short-sighted.

Expect Virgo to throw questions to see if you are on the same page. He may ask you directly how you view the future of this relationship.

If his inquiries are a little harder to follow, ask clarifying questions to determine exactly what he wants to know and why. Even for an inquisitive Virgo man, being vulnerable enough to initiate big conversations can occasionally be challenging.

Make sure you want to be in a long-term relationship with him before you lead him to believe that you do. The best thing is being honest about your relationship vision, even if your view of the future is more ambiguous.

If you are not compatible, it is better to find out before going further. That said, being forthright about your doubts can encourage your guy to acknowledge his own more complex thoughts. Sometimes he’s not as certain about things as he tries to portray that he is.

Virgos like everything to be known for sure, but this sometimes gets them into trouble because that’s not how reality always works. Being in a relationship is a great way to have someone challenge you when you are being unreasonable, and your guy might need a bit of this pushback from you on occasion.

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11. He is interested in your career

Earth signs are career-driven. Like Taurus and Capricorn, a Virgo man is ambitious and tends to be a perfectionist in his professional life. He wants an equally ambitious woman to be his partner.

He won’t hesitate to ask you about your career goals. If you tell him that you prefer watching TV and sleeping all day, expect him to get bored of you quickly. He doesn’t want to be your sole focus!

The most important thing for a Virgo guy is to have a partner committed to her career. While he may be open to having a future spouse who’s a stay-at-home parent, the Virgo guy is ultimately looking for a practical attitude toward life and a willingness to make things happen.

12. He is straightforward with you

Virgos don’t like mind games. A man born under the sign of Virgo tells everything like it is and expects his partner to do the same. He loathes women who underestimate his intelligence.

If Virgo feels you are unhappy with something, he will ask you about it. Whenever you avoid confrontation and attempt to sugarcoat things, he will ask you to talk openly about what is bothering you.

While his blunt honesty can be difficult to get used to, the positive side is that he genuinely wants to solve problems. The information he gets from you is crucial in helping him think of a solution to whatever is troubling you.

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13. He gives you a silent treatment

A Virgo man won’t hesitate to cut off communication. If he does that, he expects you to take the initiative and reach out to him. That may happen after a fight during the early stages of your relationship.

When he tests you by cutting communication off, ensure you understand his feelings. Sometimes he may feel insecure, and all he wants is some space to deal with his insecurity.

This can be one of the more annoying Virgo man traits. He communicates well about intellectual or practical matters, but tough emotions sometimes stop him.

You might need to ask yourself whether this quality of a man will work for you in a relationship. That said, if you explain to him that he can ask you for space if he needs it, he might be able to work with you on that.

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14. He gets quiet from time to time

Virgos aren’t the loudest and most extroverted sign, so if your guy is quiet for a while, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s got a hidden agenda or that anything crazy is going on.

This part of the examination involves being able to tell the difference between a man chewing on a problem and a man simply content. You’ll pass his test if you can tolerate healthy silence when needed.

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15. He farts in your presence

Virgo men can be a little tightly wound, and sometimes all that tension gets to their guts. Fortunately, they can let it go when they need to. Their earthy humor can get a rise out of breaking wind.

While some guys might be intimidated to fart in the presence of a woman, this can be one of the key parts of how a Virgo man tests you. He wants to be with the right person who can embrace the physical side of life, awkward parts, and all.

He probably feels fairly comfortable with you if you’ve made it this far. You’re getting close to the end of the test!

16. He is open about his preferences

A Virgo man can be slightly neurotic about wanting things a certain way. For instance, he might test you by being open about his pickiness with food. Health is a big obsession for many Virgos, so don’t be surprised if he has strong ideas about the healthiest way to eat or exercise.

While the Virgo man is testing how well you can make room for his needs, another part of the test for you might be figuring out good boundaries. If you can, find a way to let him do his own thing without pushing you around to do it too. He’ll eventually respect you for being your person, even if he sometimes gets frustrated that you do things differently.

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17. He lets you help with chores

Whether loading the dishwasher correctly or knowing how to recycle, the Virgo man has likely worked out a consistent protocol for routine activities. How does a Virgo man test you in this most significant arena? He might let you help clean up after dinner!

This type of test is more likely to come up after you, and your guy has already been hanging out together for a while, but it’s one of the more challenging parts of how a Virgo man tests you.

Is the ideal test result for you to agree that his way of doing things is the only true way? Maybe not. If you obey him unquestioningly, you’ll make your Virgo man miss having something to bicker about on an ongoing basis.

The best is to have a sense of humor about his pickiness. You may need to know how to determine the most important battles and let the ones where you don’t have a strong preference go.

18. He asks about your family

When Virgo men feel that their prospects with a woman are promising, they will likely pursue a major commitment. If you’ve got a Virgo interested in the lives of your family members, he might be curious about where he could fit into it.

Feel free to give him details about each person in your family. He’s likely to remember the little things when choosing gifts for them and the like if you become a serious couple.

Virgo man may be quiet at first if he gets to the point of actually meeting your parents, but that probably means he’s trying to read the dynamic and find out where he fits into it. He doesn’t want to be overly disruptive.

While some parts of being tested by Virgos are more frustrating than others, completing the chase to make the Virgo male your boyfriend can have a fulfilling result. His thoughtful and practical nature will be pleasant to have in your life, and hopefully, his quirkier side will grow on you over time if it isn’t already what you love most about him.

One of the most important things to remember as you try to answer the question, “How does a Virgo man test you?” is that the testing phase early in relationships goes in both directions. You can also test him to make sure he meets your needs.

If you pretend to be someone you are not to pass the Virgo man test, perhaps you are incompatible with this man you are considering. Love shouldn’t be a struggle, so keep in touch with your emotions to ensure the growing relationship is the right fit for you.

Cathy is a dreamer, a writer, and a big believer in finding beauty in every day. She has a keen interest in astrology, and synastry is her favorite topic to explore. Her dream is to study Vedic astrology in India.

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