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It is not surprising that you found yourself drawn to Pisces man and his creative, empathetic soul. Once you have felt that spark of attraction to him, you probably started wondering what you can expect from a Pisces man in bed. Some people’s sexual nature doesn’t match up with the personality that intrigued you, while others can satisfy your every need. Read on to find out if Pisces man is good in bed and how to attract this zodiac sign!

The sexual traits of a Pisces man

Do you want a man on the same emotional wavelength as you, who understands your moods and the feelings that you have trouble explaining to yourself? Then Pisces is the right kind of guy for you! But what does a Pisces man want in a woman?

Some of the characteristics of a Pisces male are being sensual, erotic, passionate, and kinky. Many Pisces in bed will try anything at least once. He is not a foreigner to fetishes. One particular fetish that is common in Pisces men is a foot fetish.

I’ll tell you a dirty secret. Pisces man also loves giving oral pleasure. He can be very free and expressive, and he aims to satisfy his partner. If you are worried that he’ll forget all about you and your pleasure in bed, don’t be! He is not a selfish lover (as an Aries man can be), so before reaching his own climax, he’ll make sure that you have an orgasm, and he will take good care of you. This is definitely one of the best Pisces man characteristics!

Want to go deeper into Pisces man’s psyche and discover what else makes him tick? Then I suggest that you study his entire natal chart. It can be a great way to start a more in-depth conversation and show that you’re really interested in him.

Once you have his info, you can see where his Mars, Venus, and Moon are. Then you can check out what kind of aspects they make between each other. To go even deeper, you can do a synastry chart and see how his Mars aspects your Venus. That’s where the real party starts.

Don’t forget to take a look at his Lilith, too. She’ll take you more in-depth about his taboos and hidden fetishes. Who knows, you might even discover that you have similar bedroom kinks. It could be an excellent backstory for the two of you when you look back on your beginnings one day.

Do you want your Pisces man to desire you? Then make sure you spice things up in bed every now and then. While you don’t have to worry too much about sleeping with a Pisces man too soon, make sure he hasn’t seen everything straight away. Keep an ace up your sleeve and continue on surprising him along the way.

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Are Pisces good in bed?

If you are wondering, “What is a Pisces man like in bed?” I can tell you that since he is a very generous and thoughtful partner, he’s indeed good in bed. He’s even better when he gets emotionally involved with his partner. Then, along with his physical pleasures, he invests his heart into the sexual encounter, too.

Is there anything better than getting two-for-one? Probably not. Due to his free spirit and sensual nature, an emotional connection can happen on the first encounter.

You’ll recognize this if he acts free and interested when he’s naked with you. You can also tell this by looking into his eyes because he’ll make sure to gaze deeply into your eyes to express his inner thoughts through gentle words.

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He will give you gentle caresses and passionate touches that leave marks on your skin. Pisces man is great in bed because he combines emotions with sensuality.

He can sense your inner desires and unspoken dreams. He is also very good at bringing your fantasies to life and fulfilling your erotic wishes to the fullest extent. After all, Pisces is a water sign, and a Pisces sex life includes emotional connection and gentle lovemaking. While Pisces men in bed tend to put effort and passion into casual encounters, a Pisces man in love takes it to another level.

Pisces sexual compatibility with other zodiac signs

In terms of sexual compatibility, Pisces men can go well with most signs. Pisces man sextrology is one of the most versatile.

Due to a Pisces man’s fickle and dreamy nature, he gets along very well in bed with imaginative Virgos. Virgo women are down to play dirty, but they can be pent up sometimes. Pisces man is here to fix that.

Passionate Leos won’t experience any dominance struggles in bed with Pisces. However, they will still get all the kisses and heated touches. Pisces guys know how to boost that lion ego. Leo girls will love his compliments and the soft side that he shows only to them. Leo woman with Pisces man is a classic combination.

Pisces men chase after Libra women due to their sensuality and moderate nature that borders on indifference. He also appreciates the fierce bravery and direct approach of the Aries women, as well as the wild and goofy nature of Sagittarius girls. Aquarius girls are also an excellent match for a Pisces man because they are free spirits that have great empathy for all creatures.

In the long run, nurturing Cancers are highly compatible with a Pisces man. Their imagination will flow and intertwine together like a beautiful web. As a couple, they are most prone to losing themselves in each other and staying in a long partnership. Their touchy-feely love knows no bounds.

Scorpio women can be rough around the edges, but the love of a Pisces man will get them to settle and feel secure. Scorpios are tough players, and they don’t let everyone in. Pisces man knows a secret way under their spiky armor and straight to the heart. He will learn their language and talk his way into their inner world, against all odds.

Taurus women are an excellent fit for sensual Pisces lover, as he will know how to spoil them. And to return the favor, Taurus women will give a Pisces man the best sex of his life. If anyone knows how to let go in bed and be kinky all the way, it’s Taurus girls.

Capricorns can be strict for a gentle Pisces, but if he learns how to play by their rules, they can reach new erotic heights together. But in Pisces hefty hands, Capricorns turn into a marshmallow. Similar to Scorpios, Capricorns will let themselves be spoiled rotten by a Pisces man.

Put Gemini and Pisces together, and you’ll get a ceaseless cat and mouse game. The two of them can be very creative and kinky in bed. Although the neighbors won’t thank them, they won’t care. They’re making sure to enjoy it to the max, with the volume up, of course.

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Best ways to seduce a Pisces man

Pisces man in bed is likely to be creative and experimental. Although he is emotional and often expresses this through his sexuality, he can also avoid commitment. Pisces men can often be like bees, constantly going from one flower to the next in search of “the one.”

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So, what attracts a Pisces man? The tried and proved method of seducing a Pisces man is simply being yourself. Be in love with yourself, show off your humor and good taste, and offer coziness.

Paint him a picture of intimacy, a haven for the two of you, and he’s yours! This is important for the Pisces man so he can fall in love with you. He’s Neptune’s child, so make sure to give him many artistic pleasures and gentleness.

A combination of mystery and emotional connection usually works if you want to keep a Pisces man wanting you. Get his imagination running wild, turn his sensual engines on, and make yourself desirable. Be fickle like smoke so that he can be intrigued by you. Go after your own interests, pursue your hobbies, and nurture your dreams. There’s nothing sexier than a woman who knows what she wants and how she likes it.

If you want a practical guide on how to seduce Pisces man, then I suggest perfumes. Flowery notes with spicy sub-tones. Toe rings, navel piercing, satin lingerie in pastel-blue hues, and blue nail polish are often what Pisces men like.

How to turn on a Pisces man in bed

How to turn a Pisces guy on and keep him turned on is a fine art and well worth it. If you want to turn him on, make sure to start off by gazing straight into his eyes without flinching. Then move on to kissing. Go soft at first, and then make it more heated by including your tongue and gentle biting.

Be vocal. If you’re not used to speaking during sex, make sure you let Pisces man know just how hot and wet he makes you by letting out moans of pleasure. If you’re into sweet-talking, then make sure to let him know just what goes on in your mind and how he makes you feel when you’re so close and intimate with each other.

What does a Pisces man find attractive? You, in your raw form. He loves it when you communicate with him through your body language. He loves it when you’re real and dirty with him. On the other hand, that can’t stop you from being gentle. If you love to make love, the Pisces man is an excellent match for you.

Feet and tongue are two of the most prominent Pisces turn-ons. Ensure your feet are soft and pedicured and don’t shy away from using them a lot in encounters with your Pisces man. If you have a tongue piercing—all the better!

Erogenous zones of a Pisces man

The most sensitive erogenous zone of a Pisces man (apart from his groin, of course) is his imagination. He also has a soft spot for his fingers (putting them in places), his temples, soft kisses on his eyelids, and his skin in general.

If you are a “screamer,” great. If not, get used to talking in bed. Pisces man likes ticklish whispers in his left ear, neck nibbling, lower lip biting, and passionate French kissing. If you combine erotic sweet talk with licking and biting, you will probably bring him to his knees.

Pisces man is very aware of how good-looking he is and how talented he is in bed. He is often very well endowed, so don’t let yourself be intimidated. He is down with most kinks, and he will take good care of you. Sex with a Pisces man is as thrilling and adventurous as it is emotionally intimate.

If you decide to sail away into the emotional waters with him, be sure to communicate your needs clearly. He is very understanding and open to compromise, and he won’t fail you on the emotional front. He will turn out to be a good sport, generous support, and even greater sex partner.

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How to talk dirty to a Pisces man

Are you into dirty talk? Why not create a dreamy scenario with the two of you as the main characters? Make the setting as cozy and romantic as possible, then tell him a story of the two of you wild and free to do as you please.

If you haven’t talked dirty before, get ready because your Pisces man needs to hear how much he turns you on. Be vocal, get into your own fantasy that you’re sharing with him.

Don’t shy away from combining your soft words with sensual touches and kisses that you plaster all across his skin. Pisces symbol is two fish, so don’t be afraid to make it all as wet as possible. He is sure to know how to “swim” in the waters of your passion.

What about if you really want to sneak up on him and get inside his heart? Take advantage of his romantic side and emotional openness—give him the gift of honesty and enjoy the outcome. Since he is a hopeless romantic, he will enjoy the union of the two of you immensely. After all, he belongs to the water signs’ triumvirate, so he is in love with love and verbal seduction. He dreams of belonging to someone and someone being his, so make that dream come true.

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How to make it work with Pisces man

Whether you want a sexual or romantic relationship with a Pisces man, you’ll end up winning. Pisces man is an experienced lover that will not leave you high and dry. He will take care of your physical needs, as well as emotional.

Are you after his heart? Make sure you’re ready to share your feelings, vocalize your desires, and tell him just how much he means to you and how much you need him.

Are you after his body? Then you need to remain mysterious, adaptive, and ready to run because he will chase after you. Give him some of that born-to-be-wild attitude and make sure he knows you’re an independent woman.

It’s up to you to decide what you want from him and how you want it. Once you search your heart and choose, you simply have to tell him your desires. He will make sure to turn your fantasies into reality, and he will take good care of you.

In the end, what is the best advice if you are in love with a Pisces man? Be yourself at all times, especially near him. Let him see the real you and what is important to you. Whatever you want with him, first make sure that you know what you want from yourself. Self-confidence is vital, and Pisces men aren’t usually turned off by a woman making the first move.

The next step is to be bold. Dare to dream with Pisces man, dare to speak with him, and don’t break eye contact once you attract his attention. Open up your heart to his dreamy landscapes, and let your imagination run wild.

Once you’ve decided what you want from him, let him in on it. It will turn out great, go and see for yourself! I’m sure he will fulfill your needs. He might even change your beliefs.

Let this Pisces guy into your world and let him indulge in his displays of affection. Dating a Pisces man can lead to thrilling love life, but so can a brief encounter. Become his girlfriend even if it’s just for a night, express your kink, break the chains, and let him take you to heaven and back.

Cathy is a dreamer, a writer, and a big believer in finding beauty in every day. She has a keen interest in astrology, and synastry is her favorite topic to explore. Her dream is to study Vedic astrology in India.

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