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After spending a fair bit of time pondering through the possibilities as to why I am alone, I believe I have found the the answer to the question ‘Should women approach men?’. It is not anything I had currently running through my mind, all of which were negatives. Maybe it could be that overall I’m a great gal but because I am sure of myself and what I have to offer, it may put some men off or make them feel some fear of possible rejection.


When a woman understands herself she unknowingly oozes this, she exuberates confidence and can openly explain what it is she is looking for and has no fear of giving examples of what she also can provide in a relationship.

Both men and women can come across as confident and some may seem it, although may not necessarily possess the elements of confidence within themselves. It could potentially be aesthetically giving them an exerted confidence, but only with a specific type of person that they feel they could easily capture, let’s say. Whereas for some it could be the opposite and a much more inverted confidence. It can put many men off women if they feel somewhat emasculated by them.

Dated traditions

If we are in an open world now to have relationships of many forms, then I feel that there is no specific guideline to suggest we need to follow these old traditions as actual fact but to use them more as guidelines if you wish. Although some traditions would be lovely to hold onto, many are so dated they have no relevance or application to society today.

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As women, do we expect to be treated courteously at all times by a man, do we also agree that we should also treat them with the same respect that we wish to be treated with? Does a Queen serve her king? We are beginning to speak out more and fight for the world we are building and we choose to express the freedom of choices. We can make equality at the forefront for many, and to be equal consists of a balance 50/50 and through life this comes into many aspects.

The answer is…

It’s a 50/50 chance that if you ask someone out the answer will be ‘Yes’. So If they were to say yes, was it worth it? “Absolutely I am elated; I can’t believe It, I feel so validated.”

If they were to say “No”, would it still be the same? It probably wouldn’t be the same feeling, with the “No” driving you back into that anxious, dark, depressing fear of dating hole you crawled out from in the first place.

But what if after that “No” a “Yes” followed, from another man that you are now married to because he was the man of your dreams in actual fact. How are we feeling about that “No” now? Life is amazing, isn’t it? And what would have happened if it had been that “Yes”, where would life have taken you? Who knows.

Take the chance

The universe works in different ways, though there is nothing you can predict. Just go with the flow and see what life brings you. Why not just take the chance? What if because you were as unsure about being turned down as them, you spend the rest of your life waiting for Mr right to come ask you out, and he was sat at that bar last night but… you didn’t go over because he absolutely wasn’t looking interested, because he thought you were so out of his league and in actual fact you were perfect for each other and compatible in so many ways.

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To conclude, in my opinion it should be a “Yes”, women should approach men. As women become more empowered, inspiring the next generations, the same as education we encourage anyone to go get what you want in life. I suggest it’s the same whoever you are in terms of gender, race or sexual orientation. If it’s something that your heart desires and believes is worth taking that risk, then go get it otherwise you may well be reeling through a lot of what-ifs for some part of your life.

Beulah is a lifestyle blogger. Alongside her passion for writing and fashion she is pursuing a career in media and acting. Recently she have entered back into the dating world. Previous to that she has been in a committed ten year relationship with the father of her two boys.

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