approach men

After spending a fair bit of time pondering through the possibilities as to why I am alone, I believe I have found the the answer to the question ‘Should women approach men?’. It is not anything I had currently running through my mind, all of which were negatives. Maybe it could be that overall I’m a […]

dating fashion tips

When you have to get ready for a date you immediately think that It is time to get well-groomed, hair and nails done, waxed, shaved, plucked and a lot more. And then the question pops up: ‘What should I wear on a date?’ Depending on what you are hoping to achieve from this date, it

Lonely girl

After a long time alone, it is time for a change. We go through stages of independence and choice whilst single, versus the loneliness and desperation to share life with another stage of being single. I suspect dependant on daily life challenges within all aspects work, home life and social. Due to separate events this can