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Cancer man can be an excellent relationship material, especially if you are looking for a long-term commitment. Individuals born under this sign are highly intuitive, caring, and affectionate. They are traditional when it comes to love and are serious monogamists.

Cancers are typically hopeless romantics, so don’t get surprised if he shows up at your door with a huge bouquet in the middle of the night or makes an improvised sunset picnic on the roof.

A Cancerian man will prioritize a relationship and emotional security over his reserved and self-contained persona. For him, home and family are above all. A Cancer man in love will do everything he can to protect and care for his partner. He will also want to make you a part of his family.

Although Cancer may be guarded at first, if you persevere through gaining his hard-earned trust, it will be rewarded with his loyalty, kindness, and hospitality.

Understanding a Cancer man

The easiest way to understand a Cancer man is by imagining the creature that symbolizes his sign—the crab. Think about it, crabs have a tough exterior, but beyond that, are a ball of mush. At first, a Cancer man might come off as cold and detached. Like his fellow water sign Scorpio, he typically puts up walls to protect his real sensitive and emotional core.

Don’t get discouraged or take it personally if he seems a little aloof or even uninterested. You may feel like he’s playing you when, in reality, a Cancer man simply isn’t the easiest to get to know. It may take a little while to build his trust with you and allow his proverbial walls to come down.

Cancer is a water sign, and all water signs are ruled by their emotions. Because of this, he can feel a strong need to hide behind his shell and may not at first express himself freely around you.

His guardedness is often a defense mechanism to protect his need for physical and emotional security. However, once he feels safe enough with you, you’ll see the soft and vulnerable side of him that’s kind, understanding, and loyal. All that Cancer man wants is someone he can be deeply intimate with.

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How to attract a Cancer man

To make a Cancer man madly in love with you, you’re going to have to prove that you’re empathetic and understanding of his emotions. Cancerians are ultra-feelers who perceive the world first and foremost through their emotions. The only way to steal his heart is by showing them that you embrace their sensitivity and have a high capacity for empathy.

As an emotionally intelligent creature deeply connected to his intangible world of feelings, a Cancer man needs to be in a relationship with someone who is just as fluent in the language of emotions as him, so he feels truly fulfilled. Because of this, many Cancerians are drawn to their fellow water signs Scorpio and Pisces.

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Because of his emotional nature that might err on being on the turbulent side, Cancer man will appreciate having a grounding force in his life. It explains why so many of them settle with an earth sign, such as Taurus. Like other water signs, Cancer can get easily caught up in his inner worlds, and sometimes he needs a partner who can pull his feet back down to earth. A Taurus would balance out the emotional floods in a Cancer and lay a stable foundation for a harmonious and long-lasting relationship.

As an emotional creature, Cancer usually doesn’t mind romantic and cheesy acts of love, so if you’ve caught feelings for him, show your interest through gentle words of affirmation or through nurturing ways such as cooking him dinner. Keep in mind that Cancer can easily get overwhelmed, and typically he tries to avoid confrontation. Make sure you’re confident that he feels comfortable with you before initiating any of that “What are we?” conversation. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Getting a Cancer man to open up is no easy feat, and it may feel like trying to pry open a crabby creature from their hard shell. There’s no telling when you’ll finally get to coax them out of it, primarily because they rely so much on their gut instincts and intuition when it comes to who they are attracted to and who they choose as their special someone.

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Signs a Cancer man is serious about you

Usually, it’s not hard to tell when a Cancer man is serious about you. He often makes it visible, even if unintentionally, with his generosity and devotion. Although guarded, Cancers are idealistic lovers who see the world through rose-tinted glasses. They are bound to fall into bouts of romantic infatuation and are always searching for “the one.”

It may not seem like it, but Cancers are usually eager to establish a deep intimacy, whether as friends or romantically. If there’s one sign that believes in love at first sight, it’s probably the Cancer.

A Cancer man who likes you will be generous with his time and affection. He’ll also start to open up to you emotionally. Never forget that it takes a lot of courage on their part to do this. Cancers don’t share their thoughts or emotions easily, so don’t dismiss it as a meaningless gesture if he finally chooses to get vulnerable with you. Make sure that he has your full presence and attention.

Because of his sensitivity, the Cancerian man can be immature, and he may resort to emotional tactics that will give him the emotional security he seeks. He may breadcrumb you and be dishonest about his intentions.

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A Cancer man is rarely lukewarm about his attraction to a woman. He usually has an all-or-nothing approach when it comes to love, so if you’re finding that he’s always making excuses, canceling on dates, or continuously flirting with other women, it’s a sign that you may need to let him go.

Another big telltale sign that a Cancer man is serious about you is that he’ll introduce you to his closest people. Relationships are a big focus in a Cancer man’s life, including the ones he shares with his family and friends. Once a Cancer man has his eyes fixed on you, he’ll want you to get to know his tribe and be genuinely involved in his life. Besides romantic candlelit dinners by the sea or cozy nights in watching his favorite reruns, you can expect to be invited to his family gatherings and night outs with his guy friends.

What do Cancer men want from a relationship?

As the ruling sign of the house of home and family, stability is one thing a Cancer man needs in life and relationships. His life often revolves around this deep need to build a secure base to come home to after each day. Even those Cancerians that can seem a little more adventurous and aren’t necessarily ready to start a family will always yearn for something fixed and constant.

A Cancer man likes to be with someone willing to commit and who is intensely loyal in a relationship. A Cancer man will only truly feel safe in a relationship if he knows he is with someone who is faithful and in it for the long haul.

Just like Scorpio, Cancer would not typically be one to search for short, meaningless flings. He tends to be traditional when it comes to love and will expect his partner to share the same vision for building a long-lasting life together. Sooner or later, a Cancer man in love will typically want to create a family with their significant other.

Don’t shy away from romantic gestures if you want to prove your love for a Cancer man. Surprise him with dates and gifts that scream “comfort,” since that’s what this sign is all about. Maybe snuggle up with him on the weekend with a wine glass or cook him his favorite childhood comfort meal.

You’ll also need to find a way to get the green light from a Cancer man family. Those who have experienced being with this sign would know that you’re not just dating him when you date a Cancer. You’re dating his entire family.

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Cancer man behavior when in love

When a Cancer man is in love with you, he might get a little clingy and obsessive. After all, it isn’t every day that he finds someone he feels truly comfortable with, so he tends to hold on to that person tightly when he does. His relationships matter a lot to him, and if you’re lucky enough to steal his heart, he’ll fight to the end to keep the connection alive.

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Cancer can also be quick to take on a caretaker’s role and protect you. Like Scorpio, he can get pretty possessive and territorial, and this could make the relationship difficult if you are a sign that embraces independence, like Aquarius or Sagittarius.

When a Cancer man is in love, he’ll rely a lot on you for emotional reassurance. His high capacity for empathy also makes him prone to moodiness, and he can sometimes be hypersensitive to the smallest nuances in his surroundings. On bad days, a Cancer man can be jealous or needy. But on the more positive side, this intensity also means wholehearted devotion, and who doesn’t love being intensely admired and wanted? If you’re the romantic type too, then you will probably enjoy this.

Cancer man in bed

Making love with a Cancer man will always feel deeply intimate and sensual. After all, Cancer is one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac. Roses in bed and chocolate gifts are almost synonymous with the Cancer sign. He also tends to stick to traditional courtship rules and is not usually the type to jump into bed for meaningless sex.

Building real emotional intimacy is more important to him than pure physical pleasure. For a Cancer to be truly satisfied, sex often has to be romantic. You’re going to have to think about his sensitive feelings before even thinking about sex.

Unlike his highly sexual fellow water sign Scorpio, Cancer can be shy and passive in bed. Cancer’s lunar rulership means that he has many aspects that are usually considered feminine. In the bedroom, this could translate to him lacking drive and initiative, especially if his Mars sits under a fallen sign. It may take a little while for him to feel sexually confident and taking charge.

Although Cancer men are not known to be very sexually adventurous, they are always eager to please. If being dominated is what turns you on, he will happily play the dominant role. Gently and slowly coax him to step out of his shell, and you might be surprised by how kinky in bed this seemingly shy man can be.

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A Cancer man is great to have as a partner in love, friendship, and business. This zodiac sign is one of the most charming, caring, and loving. This is the type of man who will fight to the end to protect his loved one.

Although he can be overly sensitive and moody, a Cancer man who’s in love with you will take care of you wholeheartedly, and he’ll be extremely generous in the way that he expresses his affections. If you want your life to turn into a fairytale, you’ve met somebody who will fulfill this dream.

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