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The Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. You can think of them as the fiery appetizer because that is precisely what they are. Aries man in love is bubbly, dynamic, and sweet but with a spicy kick.

Mars rules over this sign, the planet named after the God of War. Mars is quite a powerful planet, packed with high energy and intensity. However, how can an untamed soul like Aries get cuffed? Is there a way?

Let’s explore who the Aries man is and all the things that come with attracting and loving the Aries. And most importantly – how to get him to fall for you?

Understanding an Aries man

First, let me tell you about Aries’s inner and outer works. This spirited zodiac sign tends to have distinct physical characteristics. More often than not, Aries has some facial scars.

Their physical appearance may vary depending on their dominant zodiac and planetary placements. However, Aries’s personality is something that never changes. This is to be expected since Aries is a cardinal sign.

He likes to take the lead since he is a natural instigator. This goes for love and romance too.

Typical Aries man traits are risk-taking, impulsivity, and vitality. This zodiac sign dreams big and works hard. Aries likes to make money and wants to live “the good life.” He is a loyal chaotic friend that may cause a mess sometimes, but he means well.

He likes to do things in his way, which may come off as carelessness towards others. Even though he does carry certain ram-like personality traits, such as being stubborn and hotheaded at times, Aries, as a person, has a heart of gold.

He does not delay when making decisions, and he loves a challenge. Aries man’s characteristics make him so loveable and desirable, even though he might drive you a little crazy. Usually, the Aries man’s personality might remind you of a curious, restless child.

Typical Aries man traits are risk-taking, impulsivity, and vitality. This zodiac sign dreams big and works hard. Click To Tweet

What an Aries man finds attractive

Seducing this boisterous zodiac sign may not be as easy as it sounds. You may do everything to make an Aries man miss you. Still, if you are not what he wants, all your efforts might be for nothing. Before hunting him down, you might want to check if you are compatible with Aries man.

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Aries loves genuine beauty, adventurous spirits, and people who know what they want from life. If you are going to flirt with an Aries man, you almost need to “put up a fight” or play a game. His game, otherwise known as the chase.

You are the subject being chased, not the other way around. Someone chasing after an Aries man is extremely unattractive to him.

He finds honesty very sexy, so you should not be shy about taboo topics around him. Touch him innocently occasionally because he will eat that type of affection.

Your chances are higher when attracting an Aries man if you live a (somewhat) active lifestyle. He is the type of guy who will ask you to go on a hiking date or maybe even invite you to bungee jumping.

Let me share the secret I tell my friends once they start liking an Aries man. Put yourself in a situation that makes it seem like you need help. It must be a situation where the Aries man can come to the rescue and save the day. Or at least, that is what you let him believe. If he keeps texting you after this, know that you have his interest.

Aries man’s behavior when in love

Is there anything easier to spot than an Aries man falling for you? Signs of this happening are textbook examples of how a guy acts in love.

Aries man in love will likely act slightly clumsy around you, open doors for you, and randomly surprise you with your favorite snack or flowers. The over-the-top romantic movie behavior is the action you can expect from an Aries man.

He wants to be your hero and your lover all in one. This sign is intense by nature, and when Aries is in love, the intensity reaches its maximum. It might even be too much for some people, especially if you are not used to these displays of affection.

When an Aries man is in love, you will simply know. He tends to hide things badly, but Aries is a proud lover. He will not hide how in love he is.

Are you getting constant text messages from him? Does he randomly tell you about things that remind him of you? Not that it was a mystery to decipher, but if he does any of these things, he is undoubtedly falling for you.

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Dating Aries is almost like playing a sport. You need to be able to keep up with him. Otherwise, he will likely lose interest in you.

Signs an Aries man is serious about you

Dating an Aries is an experience that is not for everyone. Picking up on the signs of whether or not an Aries man likes you is easy peasy. However, Aries men are hard to pin down.

His inner need for freedom is tremendously strong. He loves being in love, but he dislikes commitment and feeling restricted. For example, he may chase you and be foolishly smitten. Yet, he would not want to start a serious relationship with you.

Aries loves all that comes before a relationship more than being in it, making dating him confusing. You might sometimes find yourself overthinking because you are not utterly sure where the two of you stand as a couple.

The only way to know is to ask him directly. He will respect you more for having the courage to be so open with him, which might make the idea of a relationship with you more appealing. Or it might push him the other way. You can never be sure what the reaction of an Aries will be.

One of the signs that an Aries man is serious about you is how affectionate he is. Touch is exceedingly important to him, so if he wants to hold your hand when you are out and about, he is serious about you. Kissing, feeling your skin, and making out are huge turn-ons in his books.

An Aries man is falling for you if he is genuinely interested in your life and learning about who you are. Another obvious indicator that the Aries man is serious about his intentions is whether he is trying to integrate you into his life.

What do Aries men want from a relationship?

As you might have noticed, there is a slight paradox regarding love and relationships with Aries men. He loves the giddy feelings that come with falling in love. He adores all things that are connected to being in love.

Aries man likes being needed, so he tends to fall for women who make him feel that way.

In relationships, Aries needs an utterly independent woman: both emotionally and financially. Aries men are also known to have issues with emotional availability. You might captivate them, but they may not be ready for a commitment emotionally or mentally.

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A relationship with an Aries man can get quite turbulent because he rarely needs to settle down. What he wants, what he needs, and what he means may not always align.

Don’t even try to make sense of it. Accept that things in your relationship with an Aries man will not always make sense and roll with it. Do not waste time and energy overthinking and analyzing.

In an ideal world, an Aries man wants someone matching his energy. Someone as passionate and romantic as he does not restrict his freedom.

Aries in relationships may occasionally stray, but this zodiac sign would not cheat you. He takes loyalty very seriously – both in friendship and in romance.

A relationship with an Aries man can get quite turbulent because he rarely feels the need to settle down. Click To Tweet

Aries man in bed

Aries man’s sexuality is quite an interesting subject. There are a few facts that you should know before you consider an Aries lover.

With Mars being their ruler, a planet charged with intense sexual energy, Aries men tend to radiate that same energy in bed. They have a high libido, so don’t be surprised if Aries wants to sleep with you on the first date. In his head, he signals that he likes you or finds you attractive.

Aries loves physicality. He will most likely show appreciation for your body through affection and touching. The Aries male will flaunt his body in bed and will (most likely) have no problem being naked, no matter what his body type is.

Aries, as a lover, likes to take on a more dominant role. He admires women who know what they want and don’t want in bed and is not afraid to experiment.

Aries adores sex that is spontaneous, unexpected, and unplanned. Some may say that Aries men are selfish lovers who prioritize their needs in bed over their partner’s.

Just know that you should be vocal and very direct about your own sexual needs and desires. Saying “make me…” (insert the desired outcome) will drive him crazy.

Dating an Aries man can be tricky, as you have likely concluded, but it is a rewarding challenge. Now that you know everything you need to know, you can lead the game, and he will not even realize it.

Remember, if you show patience, kindness, and adventurous spirit to the Aries man, he may never want to leave you.

Cathy is a dreamer, a writer, and a big believer in finding beauty in every day. She has a keen interest in astrology, and synastry is her favorite topic to explore. Her dream is to study Vedic astrology in India.

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