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When the Scorpio woman hears the Aquarius man spouting his grand theories about life, she is excited that, finally, someone can keep up with her penetrating intellect! He appreciates her insights, but he worries that she might lead him into a trap.

While the Aquarius man is a visionary, the Scorpio woman is a plotter. Can the Aquarius man-Scorpio woman couple last if he is scheming to be free and she is scheming to keep him bound?

Emotional connection

Emotional connection is an area of frustration for the Scorpio woman with an Aquarius man. She feels deeply. When she’s hurt, she can be loud and dramatic.

The Aquarius man does not know what to do when the Scorpio woman is upset and has an emotional breakdown. One of the most prominent Aquariu’s man traits is that he tends to try to explain her emotions from the perspective of logic and reason. Sometimes that’s not possible. When this happens, he retreats, which makes the Scorpio feel unheard on top of upset.

The Aquarius man is not very aware of his own emotions either. He would rather draw up a map of how the city’s streets should be rerouted than admit that he felt angry when the driver behind him cut him off. He’s too advanced to experience primitive emotions like anger or anxiety.

The Scorpio woman’s intuition is intense, so she might be able to feel the emotions the Aquarius man can’t articulate. This is uncomfortable for both of them.

Communication and intellect

Aquarius and Scorpio’s friendship is strong, based on their communication and intellect compatibility. Both are interested in solving the world’s problems and love to talk about big, controversial issues.

They do not shy away from politics and religion. The Aquarius man can discuss these things in his usual detached way. He is renowned for loving humanity while being less interested in individual people.

The Scorpio woman can be emotionally detached too, but for different reasons. She is afraid of getting hurt, so she keeps a step back. The Aquarius man can appreciate her keen eye for strategy when she stays on this level. While his airy mind sees the big picture, her water sign intuition catches undercurrents he might miss.

The Aquarius man and Scorpio woman might enjoy playing board games together if they need a break from talking about the abstract’s political strategy. They are less likely to be interested in outdoor activities and spend most of their time indoors in their leisure time.

When the time comes to talk about their problems rather than the world’s problems, Aquarius and Scorpio can struggle.

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The Scorpio woman's intuition is intense, so she might be able to feel the emotions the Aquarius man can't articulate. Click To Tweet

Common values

While Aquarius values freedom, Scorpio values security. Therefore, Aquarius and Scorpio in love have some fundamental challenges.

The Scorpio woman’s top goal in life is emotional security. If she is not getting the nurturing she needs, she may become interested in money and property as a substitute.

The Aquarius man is oblivious to this dynamic. He generally does not give the Scorpio woman the emotional comfort she needs, so she focuses on material substitutes instead. He then sees her as overly materialistic and serves her a lecture on the evils of capitalism.

The Aquarius and Scorpio relationship is excellent as comrades in whatever their shared ideology is. However, Aquarius and Scorpio’s love is more challenging because the Scorpio woman tends to look for things the Aquarius man is not well equipped to deliver.

Suppose the Scorpio woman can accept responsibility for her financial and emotional security in the relationship. In that case, the Aquarius man might be able to relax and open up more. A sure sign of an Aquarius man falling for a Scorpio woman is when he meets her halfway in this regard.

Aquarius men, in general, are afraid of losing their freedom, so they are reluctant to compromise with anyone about anything. This is one thing they have in common, regardless of their politics.

Aquarius man Scorpio woman compatibility is profoundly challenged by the Scorpio woman’s tendency to pursue power over people. She sees this as a way to guarantee herself the security she seeks. If she tries to drag the Aquarius into this power game, she might lose him altogether due to his lack of interest in it.


Trust, for the Aquarius man with Scorpio woman, revolves around issues of shared values. However, the Aquarius man fundamentally does not trust the Scorpio woman — or, for that matter, anyone else — to be able to love him without taking away his freedom. Any woman who wants to be with Aquarius must prove that she is not interested in being his jailer.

This is especially hard for the Scorpio woman because she is interested in being his jailer. However, she might not word it that way herself. In her view, she wants her partner to be bound to her somehow to provide her with the security she seeks.

Not all Scorpio women define security in the same way. Some are very focused on sexual monogamy, while others would tolerate their partner having affairs as long as they provide financial security. It’s always something, though.

The Aquarius man and Scorpio woman tend to bring out the worst in one another. The more she tries to tie him down, the less he trusts her not to take away his freedom. This might provoke him to rebel against her, which would make her all the more paranoid.

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The Aquarius man is loyal in his way, but the Scorpio woman might be oblivious to it. Aquarius does not make a big, dramatic display of commitment as Scorpio does from day one of a relationship. She might alienate him before she gets a chance to discover the potential for quiet support under his quirky exterior.

Any woman who wants to be with Aquarius will have to prove that she is not interested in being his jailer. Click To Tweet

Sex and intimacy

While Scorpio is considered one of the hottest zodiac signs who knows what she wants, and she goes for it, Aquarius man is known for being hard to catch. The concept of intimacy is quite distant to him, given that his mind is always wandering elsewhere.

Aquarius can be drawn to the idea of sex, though. To the extent sex can help him achieve his ideals of universal brotherhood that he is fascinated about. However, it is not the same thing as intimacy with one person. Does his body play along with whatever idea his mind has dreamed up? Or does his mind find a way to justify what his generally ignored body would do anyway? It’s hard to know.

Aquarius people can be found in liberal and conservative political campaigns focused on sexual issues. This is because the two planets ruling Aquarius are Saturn, which upholds old structures, and Uranus, which tends to break old systems. Some Aquarius people live more Saturnian lives, and some live more Uranian lives. Whatever side a particular Aquarius lands on, they all have a strong opinion about the right way for everybody in the world to have sex!

However, if Aquarius and Scorpio ran competing utopian cults, Scorpio’s cult would last longer. Whether it was professing polyamory or celibacy, Aquarius’s cult would still have an optimistic view of human nature. Even the most Saturnian Aquarians who believe in original sin always somehow put a sunny cast on it.

The two planets ruling the sign of Scorpio are Mars and Pluto. These both have to do with aggression. Scorpio’s utopian cult would accept and work around human nature’s negative tendencies instead of forcing members to aspire to high ideals, and Scorpio’s low expectations would generally be met.

What type of sex does a Scorpio woman prefer? She prefers truthful sex. Whatever your truth is, no matter how embarrassing, it’s better out than in.

Aquarius and Scorpio’s sex life will depend on whether the Aquarius man can dig below his lofty ideals and enjoy the experience. When the Scorpio woman and Aquarius man start from that grounded foundation, they can soar in all directions from there. She does appreciate his creativity, and her sensual spirituality might give him new ideas.

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While Scorpio is considered one of the hottest zodiac signs who knows what she wants and she goes for it, Aquarius man is known for being hard to catch. Click To Tweet

Relationship challenges

Challenges in the Aquarius male Scorpio female couple arise because they are both stubborn and fixed in their views. One thing they are in absolute agreement on is that compromise is a sign of weakness, so it is possible for even a silly fight between the two of them to go on and on.

Their styles of fighting, however, are quite different. Water is emotional so the Scorpio woman can be emotionally extreme. When upset, she gets the full spectrum from rage to tears. She can be joyful too, but she has to be in a situation where it’s safe for the harder stuff to come out first.

This is the Aquarius man’s definition of torture. As an air sign, his extreme is the intellectual realm, and he can be a bully there at times. He’s not very aware of his own emotions, so when the Scorpio woman comes at him with her feelings, he has no idea what to do. He tends to shut down, which leaves the Scorpio woman feeling unheard.

Challenges in the Aquarius male Scorpio female couple arise because they are both stubborn and fixed in their views. Click To Tweet

Are Aquarius and Scorpio a good match?

Scorpio and Aquarius’s compatibility is not the greatest because both are extreme personalities who want everything their way. This is too bad because they both have great strengths as individuals. They recognize each other enough to be good friends, but living together as life partners would test them.

The biggest test would be the Aquarius man’s need for freedom conflicting with the Scorpio woman’s need for security. Neither is necessarily wrong. It’s just that the Aquarius man wants freedom more than most people do, and the Scorpio woman intensely wants her version of security.

Aquarius man could engage with the Scorpio woman’s emotions meaningfully and convince her that he is committed to her. However, the emotional world does not come easily to him. So the Scorpio woman feels that he does not understand her.

If Scorpio and Aquarius are determined to make it work, each needs to have a network of friends outside the relationship. When they try to be each other’s whole world, they will most likely be miserable. Provided they can find outlets for their excess energy in community groups, they may be more capable of relaxing and enjoying each other’s company.

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