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People born under the Cancer zodiac sign are famous for their astonishing emotional intelligence. They are often very empathetic, and they tend to carry some kind of pain deep in their heart. In relationships, Cancers tend to be sensual sweethearts that have a somewhat darker side, just like their ruling planet Moon.

Are you wondering what zodiac signs get along best with Cancer? Here you will find all signs ranked from the least compatible with Cancer to the best. Find out what are Cancer’s best matches!

12. Cancer and Aries

There is something tricky about Cancer and Aries compatibility. The attraction between Aries and Cancer happens quite often due to their instant magnetic pull. Do you know how they say that opposites attract? This is definitely the case. However, they may be too different to form a lasting connection. Infatuation and excitement usually fades away and there’s not much more that keeps them together. That is why a marriage between Aries and Cancer rarely works out. Unless the Aries partner is water dominant, their relationship will be challenging. The chances of compatibility between Cancer and Aries are quite low. Even if they make their relationship work, the marriage is where this connection may come to its demise. Aries scores low on the Cancer compatibility scale because they need different stimulation, which Cancer often can not provide.

11. Cancer and Aquarius

Aquarius and Cancer are both altruists, but they have earned this title for entirely different reasons. Cancers are associated with nurturing, and Aquarians are known for their love of humanity and desire to help others. While one’s empathy runs deep, the other one’s runs wide. This is the reason the problems arise. Aquarius is too aloof for their own good. At the same time, Cancer needs far more emotional stability than Aquarius can give with their casually detached approach to romance. It is quite difficult for a partner of Aquarius to feel truly special, as their compassion equally extends to a neighbor’s dog. With one partner up in the sky and the other never feeling important and appreciated, the relationship is likely to fail without the sense of intimacy that transcends their communication barrier. Sadly, this match rarely lasts in marriage. At some point, Cancer and Aquarius may realize that they are too different to even understand each other, let alone have a lasting union.

Cancer needs far more emotional stability than Aquarius can give with their casually detached approach to romance. Click To Tweet

10. Cancer and Sagittarius

Ah, the good old fire and water clash of Cancer and Sagittarius. The hot steam is released, what has burned has burned, and in the end, the ashes rarely hide a phoenix. This dynamic is hugely evident in Cancer and Sagittarius couple. One thing they have got going for themselves is that they are too damn fun! They bond over their emotional rollercoaster of wild tastes. They share experiences, but they may be too different to make it work in the end. The Sagittarius tends to unintentionally neglect Cancer’s need for intimacy, which often causes tension and relationship problems. This couple often does not even get to the point of discussing their visions of the future. It is probably for the best since Sagittarius despises the idea of being tied down. “Forever,” which is a dream for Cancer, is a forbidden word for Sagittarius. This is the main reason why Cancer and Sagittarius compatibility is low.

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9. Cancer and Libra

There is no way of getting around this: Cancers can be quite prejudiced against Libras. They may find that Libra is too superficial for their needs. A Libra is content with a beautiful surface, while the Cancer craves emotional and intimate depth. Cancer is looking for somebody who meets their emotional needs, above all else. Meanwhile, Libra has a way of intellectualizing emotions, and they adore the idea of love more than actual feelings. Venus-ruled Libra put aesthetic value in the center. At the same time, intimacy is vital for Cancers. Even though the relationship between Libra and Cancer might seem cozy from the side, the gentle nature that they have in common is often not enough to make their marriage fulfilling.

8. Cancer and Gemini

Is Gemini compatible with Cancer? The answer may vary depending on what stage of their life they are in. When it comes to Air signs, Gemini takes the crown as the most compatible with Cancer, but the story ends there. This couple often lacks the necessary passion, which can make it short-lasting in both relationships and marriage. When young and reasonably careless, these two can have a lot of fun. At their essence, the Gemini might feel an odd sense of familiarity when getting to know the Cancer. Eventually, their vastly different interests will keep them in their own separate worlds. While Gemini is continuously looking for change and excitement, Cancer is satisfied with household and family activities. Gemini tends to shy away from the commitment that being with a Cancer sign entails. Cancer’s daily mood swings can put a lot of pressure on the relationship, ultimately driving the Gemini away towards a more easy-going and less intense partner. The Cancer and Gemini relationship may be filled with verbal altercations, frustration, and misunderstandings.

7. Cancer and Cancer

On paper, Cancer’s relationship with another Cancer might seem ideal. There is only one catch, though. The magic with this match often lasts for about a year or so. Then, it just all starts going wrong. The compatibility between two Cancers is high, but it usually does not end up in a happy marriage. Their relationship starts off being fun and exhilarating. You may think to yourself: “Of course, who is Cancer compatible with the most? Another Cancer, duh!”. Out of all of the water signs, two Cancerians are the least compatible as romantic partners. A marriage between these two might feel like a never-ending cycle of emotional manipulation. It can end up being a competition of who has it worse or who is the biggest victim. People might think that there is a special connection between two Cancers. There is indeed, but it’s often not enough to sustain a lasting relationship.

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Out of all of the water signs, two Cancerians are the least compatible as romantic partners. Click To Tweet

6. Cancer and Taurus

Out of all the signs compatible with Cancer, the relationship between Cancer and Taurus can often last based on the vision of a stable home and cozy routines. They both crave security; Taurus needs material security while Cancer seeks emotional security. Their shared love for cooking and all things appealing to the senses can make them feel closer. Something about this bond speaks to their inner child. If their intentions are truly pure, the experience can be incredibly healing. The Taurus can talk to the Moon-ruled water sign. As a team, they can face their darkest fears courageously. Their sensible natures match well, and they are often great at parenting. However, when either Taurus or Cancer loses trust in their partner, things can quickly fall apart. Taurus likely understands this water sign better than other zodiac signs. When Cancer and Taurus couple has a healthy bond, their future can hold marriage based on true and utter love.

5. Cancer and Leo

Cancers generally expect a relationship to be emotionally fulfilling, and Leos usually prefer it to be exciting and intellectually stimulating. While Leo enjoys being the center of attention, Cancer values emotional attachment and passionate pastimes. At their core, Cancer and Leo are wildly different. Despite that, Leo ranks relatively high on the compatibility scale. This is because they are both prone to seeing the world with rose-tinted glasses. Together, they might feel like they’re living in a Hollywood romance. The beginning of Cancer and Leo’s relationship is usually packed with sensual moments and romantic dates; however, this magic can fade away over time. As long as Cancer and Leo are passionate enough to maintain this energy, they are a potentially unbreakable couple. Generally, water signs do not mix well with fire signs, yet this odd duo often tends to make it work.

4. Cancer and Capricorn

When Cancer and Capricorn meet, an instant bond is likely to be created, founded on endurance and sheer willpower. Capricorn is logical and grounded, but Cancer is intuitive and swimming in their own feelings. A Capricorn’s dedication is much needed in this couple. It is in the nature of their zodiac signs for their life together to be abundant and fruitful, which almost makes Capricorn the best match with Cancer. However, “almost” is the key phrase here. Whatever they start together—romantic relationship, business, or friendship—they are likely to succeed because they tend to form a strong alliance. A relationship between a Cancer and a Capricorn can help Cancer structure their feelings and plans, and Cancer can help typically restrained Capricorn reveal their hidden emotional strength. It is undeniable that Capricorn is one of the best Cancer’s matches. Cancer can tolerate well Capricorn’s need for control, which is usually a turn-off for most signs. This relationship dynamic is ideal for Cancer, making these two likely to last long in relationship and marriage.

3. Cancer and Virgo

Cancer and Virgo usually create a stable connection, which can grow even stronger over time. Both Virgo and Cancer signs know how to be disciplined and move towards common goals. They are honest and dedicated to each other, and they both often have a strong sense of purpose. Virgo respects Cancer’s devotion, while Cancer admires Virgo’s methodical approach to life. The issue with Cancer and Virgo compatibility can be that Virgo might seem emotionally negligent at times. Therefore, they need to talk about love languages and attachment styles to better prepare for their journey together. In terms of compatibility for marriage, this pair is likely to stay together through thick and thin. As an astrologer, I have personally seen many success stories between Cancer and Virgo. There is something extraordinary about the connection between water signs and earth signs.

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Cancer and Virgo usually create a stable connection, which can grow even stronger over time. Click To Tweet

2. Cancer and Pisces

The attraction between Cancer and Pisces is direct and immediate. You can say this match is made in heaven since they behave as if they were meant for each other. They both belong to the water signs, which explains their immediate spark and why they both feel comfortable in the world of intense emotions. They intuitively feel each other, to the point where their connection can seem almost psychic. This is one of those couples that genuinely stand out in terms of romantic compatibility. Cancer and Pisces match creates a strong basis for an ideal marriage. Although quarrels can arise at times, Cancer and Pisces can reconcile quickly, forgive each other, and move on. The secret to Pisces and Cancer compatibility lies in the fact that they see the emotional connection, love, and life in a similar, if not identical, way. Cancer loves the fact that Pisces needs them. Pisces loves the freedom that Cancer gives them. Therefore, the bond between Cancer and Pisces can often be unbreakable.

1. Cancer and Scorpio

Out of all the zodiac signs in terms of compatibility with Cancer, Scorpio definitely takes the cake. They are both governed by the water element; therefore, they have many things in common to build a loving relationship. Scorpio has that special something that can contain Cancer. They can go to great lengths for love, and there is no such thing as too much intimacy between those two. It feels like they speak the same language, in their own weird and mysterious way. People who know this couple may often say that they were born to be together. Cancer and Scorpio duo usually has a lot of fun together. They bring out the best in each other, and they tend to form long, exciting, and amorous marriages, like those you see in movies. If you found yourself in this union, congratulations! You definitely got a lucky ticket in the zodiac lottery.

Cancer and Scorpio duo usually have a lot of fun together. They tend to form long, exciting, and amorous marriages, like those you see in movies.
Now that you know a bit more about Cancer’s compatibility with other zodiac signs, take this juicy knowledge and let it guide you in your romantic journey!

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