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Are you planning on inviting that stunning woman on a date, but you don’t have any good ideas for what to do? There are many date activities that you can try to make things interesting. You don’t want your dating life to become stale, so I suggest mixing some things up to keep the sparks flying with her. You can explore everything from a typical date to discovering something new and exciting.

1. Meet up for coffee

Going out for coffee makes an ideal primer date. You will want to get your feet wet by getting to know her; the best example is a simple coffee date. What better way to have a conversation about interesting subjects and get to generally know her better? If she doesn’t drink coffee, consider something else (water, wine, or simple soda pop). Whatever you provide to her, a simple coffee date can jumpstart your dating life. This is also an easy way to weed out the women you don’t feel chemistry with or vibe with, or don’t want to see for a second date. After getting her number, this is the way to go since you don’t want to be spending a lot on a fancy dinner for a first date. Save your money for the second or third dates.

2. Go for dinner and a movie

You can do this after a couple of coffee dates or after you start getting to know her better with a lot of conversation. Open up your wallet, take her to a nice restaurant, and take her out for a cool movie you will enjoy. When you dine, you can always pick a location in the sunshine (if the weather is nice, warm, and sunny outside). Remember to bring your shades; I’m sure she would appreciate you ordering a glass of wine for her. Keep in mind that you both do most of the talking at the restaurant beforehand, and at the movie theatre, you will be passively watching the film with a couple of cokes or sharing a bucket of popcorn. It’s all good entertainment, and you can pick out a scary movie so that she clutches your arm when she gets scared, or you can also pick an independent artsy film that you both will enjoy. You can always discuss the director, actors, and plot after you enjoy the film with her.

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3. Work out together

After staying steady in your relationship for a while, I suggest hitting the gym together. This is a fun activity, and you will enjoy working up a sweat and feeling better after a good workout (the sex can come later). It’s always fun to see her in her tight and skimpy workout clothes, and you can also play racketball, go swimming, or simply hit the weights or exercise machines together. It also strengthens you as a couple because you are working out together and maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle. Flex your biceps for that!

4. Attend a comedy club

Going to a comedy club will often promise a fun and enjoyable time. You can laugh together, sit close, and enjoy some cold alcoholic beverages. It’s also a good way to break the ice with her and become closer as a couple. You will create a memorable dating experience that you will remember down the road. You usually can’t go wrong with a fun comedy club, which gets you laughing and enjoying the evening out on the town.

5. Gamble at a casino

A casino can be a fun place for a date if you don’t do this too often (because you may have a gambling problem). If one of you hits the jackpot, you can easily pay for the ride home or book a room for the night and enjoy the amenities. If you win that night, this can be a super fun time! You will feel good about yourself and can easily enjoy a steak dinner with your lovely date. Let her indulge herself. If you lose — oh well, there’s always next time.

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6. Go shopping together

This simple activity won’t cost you much unless you buy her many clothes. It’s always a good time to take her shopping, let her try on different outfits for you, and explore her being a fashionista. If she likes a certain dress, and her eyes light up because she can envision herself wearing it outside in the summertime, why not just buy it for her as a gift? Don’t be too cheap. I’m not saying you need to buy everything for her that she has her pretty eyes on, but shelling out some extra dough will likely pay dividends down the road. Walking around, exercising, talking, laughing, and discovering new bargains is always fun. You should also offer to carry her shopping bags because that’s what a true gentleman does for his pretty woman.

7. Dance the night away

You can enjoy the magical scenery, music, and good vibes at a nightclub. Pick one with cool music, and don’t be afraid to get out on that dance floor and have a good time with her. You can also dance to slow songs and clutch her tightly. When you’re at a nightclub, you tend to loosen up, and some cold drinks can also help with that. It’s often a fun time, and you will likely want to go back. You can also check out her moves on the dance floor as she’s “dropping it like it’s hot.”

8. Camp in nature

If you’re really brave, you can take a girl camping. Some women hate camping, so make sure she’s up for the adventure outdoors. You can pitch a tent (no pun intended), enjoy a bonfire together, have a romantic picnic and some drinks, and gaze at the bright stars above light-years away in the night sky. It’s not so bad. The only problem will be the mosquitos or waking up in a wet tent if it starts raining. If camping sounds too extreme for you, why not consider booking a cozy cabin or a nature lodge?

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9. Play bowling

Bowling can be fun, and you can show off to her how many strikes (or gutter balls) you get. Bowling is often better within a small group of people, so you can consider going on a double date with another couple to enjoy the game. Otherwise, you can try going bowling with her on a Saturday night and having fun. You can eat the yummy bowling alley pepperoni pizza too!

10. Go out for cocktails

You can always go the ‘take her out for cocktails’ route. Sometimes, it’s just fun to unwind and go to a nice bar for a good time on a weekend. Just make sure to be responsible, and don’t drink and drive. You can always let her drink and be there to listen to her drunken stories. It’s a fun time; if she likes sports, you can always watch a game together at the bar. Make sure to pick up the tab and take care of her if she has one drink too many.

These are some fun date activities. Try to be creative with your dating life, and create new experiences together. You can always just chill with her, but there’s nothing wrong with spicing up your love life with some new activities.

William is a graphic designer and creative writer. One of his favourite interests is reading books about relationships. He recommends ‘How to Succeed with Women’ and Doc Love’s ‘The System’. He has two adorable children that he enjoys spending time with. William is currently single and is preparing for his next relationship. You can follow him on Twitter.

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