young couple about to kiss in a cafe

You naturally want to know how your guy feels about you and want him to see you as a big deal in his life. Kissing is the best way to determine if your guy sees you the same way you see him. Here are important signs that the kiss meant something to him and that […]

stressed man and a woman in the background

Some women make it their goal to stand by their partner, while others unintentionally do things that drive a man away. Other women view relationships as a power play whose ultimate goal is to create conflict and drama for fun. Women who play mind games might keep and attract the devotion of a vulnerable and

couple feeling unexplainable connection to each other

That flutter in your heart when you think about someone you are strongly attracted to is not part of your imagination. There are many signs that what you feel for each other is accurate and that a deep spiritual connection is developing between you. A genuine, intense relationship sometimes forms when we least expect it,

woman addicted to relationships

Sometimes relationships feel so darn good that you cannot imagine your life without your partner. But, unfortunately, human beings are creatures of habit. We do not always make the best decisions when we get so comfortable in our routines. Sometimes, it can get as far as getting addicted to relationships. When this happens, you forget

man and woman in an open relationship

If you have ever thought about being in an open relationship, you are not alone. Those types of relationships are becoming more accepted as a way of spicing up a monogamous relationship. But what does an open relationship really mean? Is it just a contemporary form of cheating? What is an open relationship? Open relationships

high value woman

Women who know their worth are equipped with the skills to help them get what they want. A high-value woman tends to have the very best options that life can offer because she will not accept anything less than that. You can be her, too, as long as you know what traits of a high-value

hobbies for couples

Being in a couple does not mean that you have to abandon your hobbies. In fact, sharing leisure time activities with your partner can be a lot of fun and benefit your relationship. Couples who actively engage in hobbies will find that the time they spend together helps to maintain their connection. Here is a

will my ex ever come back

People do change their mind. I have had more than one ex-boyfriend reach out to me in efforts to rekindle the relationships that we had shared. The reasons for reaching out were pretty similar; my exes missed me; they wondered what I was up to; they still liked me and wanted to see if I

are my dating standards too high

If you are like me, you are tired of hearing that your dating standards are too high. Too high for whom anyway? What your great-grandmother wanted from a significant other is most likely completely different from what you want in your life partner today. And that is okay. You have probably seen and experienced different

polyamorous relationships

Are you considering getting romantically involved with more than one person? Maybe you have already discussed this option with your partner? The idea of polyamorous relationships tickles your imagination and curiosity, and having multiple partners may seem fun. It feels almost as appealing as a wide variety of food at a buffet table: different choices

signs your ex is over you

Not every relationship is meant to last, but even if you broke up a while ago, you might still be thinking about your ex and wondering if you have a place in his heart. You feel confused because you want to know how he feels, but he is not with you anymore, and you can’t

ideal date

An ideal date should be filled with laughter, good times, and the desire for more. If you want to keep that special woman in your life interested in you, you will need to make it a regular priority to impress her. Taking someone for granted is the number one death knell in a relationship falling apart.

The end of a relationship is rarely easy for either partner. After a period of sadness, you gradually adjust to your new normal. You may notice thoughts of finding a new partner crossing your mind every now and again, and this seems appealing. On the other hand, you may wish that the two of you

disadvantages of living apart together

Having some alone time can feel so good, but there is only so much alone time that a relationship can endure before it breaks and falls apart. I have always been a fan of Living Apart Together (LAT) relationships because such arrangements allow both people to have their own independence while still being part of

worst relationship advice

Relationships are part of life, and it is silly to try to convince ourselves that relationships do not matter. Of course, they matter! When you feel anxiety or confusion about your relationship, it is natural to seek advice. Many of the people who you are seeking relationship advice from are probably well-intentioned individuals who do not want to

what to expect in a relationship

Time is the most precious commodity that you have and the last thing that you want is to waste your time building a relationship with the wrong person. One year is a perfectly respectable amount of time to figure out if you are compatible with your partner. After dating for one year, you should have

how to be a better boyfriend

Becoming a better boyfriend is something that you need to work at, just like you work in other areas of your life that need your full attention. No one is born knowing what to do in relationships. It is our life experiences that mold and shape us into the family members, friends, professionals, and partners

lonely and single

There is a difference between being alone and being lonely. A person who is alone might be perfectly happy enjoying their own company. Are you feeling lonely and single? Does feeling of loneliness haunt you? Are you getting depressed about being single for so long? There is a reason why you are feeling alone, and

fill in boyfriend

Meeting Mister Right would be awesome, but if you do not meet him immediately, settling for ‘Mister Right Now’ might seem like a better alternative than being single. But it is really okay to settle? This is a question that you should ask yourself. Is it really acceptable to date someone when you know that

best places to meet local singles

One of the hardest things about yearning to be in a new relationship is the anxiety about how to meet someone new to build your life with. Finding someone who shares your values can be tough. However, one of the benefits of living in a progressive society is that there are more venues than ever

love vs infatuation

Making relationship decisions based on an infatuation is a mistake that can be difficult to recover from. If you center your choices on whims and infatuations, you might miss out on the opportunity to find the love of your life. How do you know for sure that what you are feeling is true love instead

give up on dating

Have you ever thought “to hell with dating”? Do you feel that you’ve had one bad date too many? Believe me, I share your feelings. Dating is like a sport; there are unwritten rules that you need to know if you want to win the game and if after the tenth (or twentieth) attempt you

how to start dating

Just like how the journey of a thousand miles starts with one step, the journey of dating starts with one action at a time. Are you feeling frustrated about how to start dating? Does the thought of dating scare you? There are many things that can go wrong when you date, but there are plenty

the wrong boyfriend

It is truly surprising the lengths that many women will go to hold on to the wrong boyfriend – someone who does not share their goals, values, and vision. The wrong boyfriend is someone who you feel insecure about being with because he has not done much of anything to make you feel as if you

why am I still single

No matter how many dating sites you join and how many friends you ask to hook you up with someone new, it seems like nothing is working out for you. There are many reasons why relationships work out and why they don’t. You know that old saying: you can lead a horse to the water,