will my ex ever come back

People do change their mind. I have had more than one ex-boyfriend reach out to me in efforts to rekindle the relationships that we had shared.

The reasons for reaching out were pretty similar; my exes missed me; they wondered what I was up to; they still liked me and wanted to see if I would fancy trying again.

If you’ve been wondering, “Will my ex ever come back?”, here are eleven reassuring signs about his intentions.

1. He keeps in touch

When a person moves on, there is no looking back. When I broke up with one of my exes, I gave away most of the gifts that he gave to me, I deleted his telephone number from my cell phone, and I blocked him from my social media accounts. This particular ex is not a terrible person, but we were not a great match because we had different life goals and plans.

Unless you and your ex share a child or a business, there is no reason for you to stay in touch. When your ex seems to find reasons to be near you, it is clear that he is still smitten with you. If your ex-boyfriend is calling you, texting you, tagging you in his posts on social media, and dropping by your workplace with no reason other than to find ways to strike up a conversation, then you know that your ex is not ready to move on.

2. He is still single

Some people start dating someone new immediately after they end a relationship. If your ex is still single weeks or months after you have broken up, there is a chance that he has not started dating again because he has not fully gotten over you. And if you have not started dating anyone new, there is a chance that you also could still be staying single because your feelings for your ex have a strong presence in your life.

Being single is perfectly fine, but at some point, most people want to find their soulmate. Your ex might have tried dating other people, but he realized that no one could take your place in his life. And, if your ex makes a point in letting you know that he is single, he likely wants you to see if there is a chance that the two of you could get back together.

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Being single is perfectly fine, but at some point, most people want to find their soulmate. Click To Tweet

3. He inquires about your current status

If your ex had truly moved on, he would not be asking you questions about your current relationship status, now would he? Even if your ex asks mutual friends that the two of you share instead of asking you directly if you are currently involved with anyone, he is still sending clear signals that he still for you and that he is considering getting back to your life.

In addition to hoping that you are potentially open to reuniting with him, your ex wants to know if you are dating because he wants reassurance that he is a good guy and that he is not easily replaceable.

4. His life has gone downhill

Ever since the two of you broke up, your ex has been living a life filled with chaos and uncertainly. You used to be one of the main constants in his life. Now that the relationship is over, your ex has had time to think, and he knows what he wants.

I can certainly relate to this. One of my exes contacted me out of the blue after we had gone years of not speaking to each other. He had gotten involved with someone else since we had parted, and he had realized that we had a special connection. The new relationship that my ex was in was filled with negativity and drama. It is a prime example of how a break up can change a person’s life and cause them to reflect and reevaluate their past.

5. He wants to be friends

I truly do not understand why people who break up make an effort to be friends with their ex. Building a platonic friendship with someone who you used to be romantically involved with can be awkward and a waste of time.

When your ex insists on maintaining a friendship with you, and he tries to involve you in his life, it is because he wants to build a bridge with you that could, at some point, lead back to a relationship. However, be careful not to get your hopes up as this sign alone does not guarantee you will get back together. If you think that platonic relationship is not enough for you and you want to get your ex back as your lover, it is probably the best to avoid the friendship route.

6. He seems to be everywhere

When your former man appears at nearly every place that you usually hang out at, it could be no accident that he is there. Your favorite bar to grab drinks at with the girls. The co-ed gym where you exercise. Even the neighborhood where you get your hair done; these are all places where your ex seems to be spending his time, and it is not a coincidence.

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Your ex does not want to come right out and say it, but he is keeping his eyes on you. He does not know how to reach out to you to let you know that he wants you to come back to him, so he haunts the places where you regularly go because he hopes that it will lead you to think about him and remind you of your past relationship. It is not that your ex means to scare you, but secretly stalking you is the only way that he knows how to passively aggressively get the message across that he is not over you.

Secretly stalking you is the only way that he knows how to passively aggressively get the message across that he is not over you. Click To Tweet

7. The breakup was amicable

It is a good sign if you were able to breathe a huge sigh of relief when you parted from your past relationship. There are so many contentious breakups, and it is almost a refreshing lesson when two people genuinely wish each other the best after mutually deciding to end their relationship. If your relationship brings joyful memories for you, then you probably are not the only one who smiles from time to time when thinking about your ex.

Your former boyfriend probably remembers all of the good times too, and he probably thinks that the good times can be had again. If your ex tells you how much he has changed and that he is truly grateful for the time that you shared, he is looking for signs that you would be open to getting back together.

8. He wants to talk about your relationship

When your ex begs you to talk about why the relationship you both shared did not work out, it is because he wants to clear his guilty conscience over his role in your former union. Maybe it was more his fault than yours with regards to why you two broke up. But even then, why would he want to talk things out?

Your ex-boyfriend wants to hash things out in large part because he has not fully moved on from the relationship. Also, it is a sign that he does not want you to move on either. He wants to talk things out because he wants to rekindle the connection that you two shared, even if that means risking an argument starting between the two of you about what did not work out.

9. He wants to do things together

Years ago, I was involved with someone who I met through a business opportunity. I had developed a working relationship with this man, and we soon started dating. After we had eventually ended our relationship, I ceased working on the business project with my ex.

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However, throughout the years, my ex continued to reach out to me by calling and emailing me. He tried to convince me to work with him again. I am pretty sure that my ex was trying to find a way to rekindle our relationship.

If your ex-boyfriend keeps on coming up with reasons to work or study together, even though those tasks are not urgent or they can be done independently, this means only one: he is trying to find excuses to meet with you and spend some time together. He may be missing your company, or he simply wants to prove to you indirectly that your duo has potential.

10. He shows his soft side

If your ex is showing his vulnerable side and seeking pats on the back from you, this is his way of trying to get you to focus on him. It is almost as if he wants you to wrap your arms around him and comfort him.

When a man has truly moved on from his past relationship, he would be working quietly on his own goals, and your sympathy towards him will not interest him in the least. Your ex wants you back, and that is why he is seeking a sign that you are concerned about his feelings and needs.

When a man has truly moved on from his past relationship, your sympathy towards him will not interest him in the least. Click To Tweet

11. Your intuition tells you he will come back

Sometimes you have this gut feeling how things are going to work out. I have often relied on my intuition to help me know which path I should take. There were times when I had a vivid dream, and within days, the person I had dreamt about appeared in my life again, and the situation unfolded the way I saw it in my dream. When you feel in your heart that things are not entirely over between you and your ex, your intuition may be right.

I can usually tell when my intuition is leading me the right way because I continue to feel that same insistent feeling. And even when I try to convince myself that what I am feeling cannot possibly be true, somehow and someway my intuition ends up being correct.

Rekindling a past romance requires a lot of thought. Take time to think about which direction you want your life to go in. Only time and your own choice will help you to know if connecting with your ex is a good idea.

Akua is a Canadian born and raised girl with Caribbean roots. She is a journalist, actress, music teacher, performer, owner and marketer of 3 worldwide dating websites, as well as an independent Pure Romance business owner selling passion products for singles and couples.

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