love online

Online dating influences so much about how single people in our society approach relationships. Even though dating websites have existed since the year 1995, there are still skeptics who feel that dating doesn’t produce positive results. It really is possible to find love online, but you will only meet your online dating goals if you […]

age difference

Numbers mean different things to different people, and some people consider age to be more than just a number with regards to relationships. Although all people were created equal, not everyone is a right fit for each other. Your equal might be someone who hails from your generation; someone who you won’t need to explain

how to get married

The Internet has been a tool that many people have used in various ways with regards to relationships. Countless couples are currently together because they had formed their relationships through using online dating. There are also couples who have broken up due to discovering their partners were using the Internet to reconnect with their long

stay single

It’s obvious that human beings are wired to seek companionship from others. After all, without relationships, there would be no babies. Without babies, there wouldn’t be people to work and advance our society. With the abundance of singles events and dating websites, one would think that everyone on the planet feels desperate to be partnered.

move on

Ah, exes. Aren’t they wonderful? They promised you the moon and the stars at first. Then, towards the middle of the relationship, their true colours began to show, but you ignored some of those red flags because you wanted to give the relationship a chance. Finally, after many red flags had been waved, you surrendered

do long distance relationships work

Never say never, but a relationship usually never works out for most couples who are living within a more than two hours’ drive distance from one another. I should know because I was involved with someone who lived in another country and it took planning, money, and a three hour airplane ride each way for

partner compatibility

I recently had to explain to a friend what the meaning is for “can’t see the forest for the trees.” It happens so often, doesn’t it? We become so engrossed in a situation that we don’t stop to consider very key details that make it clear what the situation is actually about. Much like the

tips for men

If life is what you make it, then certainly, dating is what you make it to be. There are things that happen in our lives that are completely outside of our control, such as natural disasters. However, you can avoid disasters in your dating life if you are conscientious and proactive about recognizing what you

eating habits

Many first dates and special occasions revolve around food. Birthdays and anniversaries are typically celebrated with cakes. Dinner dates are common ways for a couple to get to know each other while taking the pressure off because eating helps to take the pressure off of any awkward pauses during conversations. Even though we are all

getting a pet together

When you are meeting someone for the first time and you immediately feel sparks of chemistry between you, the feeling of hope and happiness can last for a long time. I’ve experienced that feeling multiple times when I had met men who I thought I had connections with. For me, the fastest way for that

dating advice

First impressions make a huge impact in dating, especially first dates. Much like a first impression, you will never get a second chance to have a very first date with someone. A date is an opportunity to establish chemistry and build a connection. If you aren’t careful about how you interact with the person you’re

living apart

You are probably aware of the expression that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and two hearts that beat as one do not necessarily have to share the same postal code. While it is certainly unconventional for a couple in a long term relationship to choose to live apart, there are men and women who

couple in age gap relationship

You’ve seen them before; those couples are holding hands, laughing together, and looking like they are a significant generation apart. Have you wondered how two people could be happy in an age gap relationship? If so, you are not alone. Many skeptics are not shy about voicing their (often negative) opinions of pairings between older

how to move on from bad dating experiences

Raise your hand if you have had a relationship that you wish you could press the delete button on and never have to think about it again. Aren’t you grateful that you don’t have to worry about people staring at you right now? Well, try not to feel too badly. I’ve certainly been in the same