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Online dating influences so much about how single people in our society approach relationships. Even though dating websites have existed since the year 1995, there are still skeptics who feel that dating doesn’t produce positive results. It really is possible to find love online, but you will only meet your online dating goals if you make full use of the dating website that you’re on, and if you practice and perfect your social habits. A dating website is a tool that you can use to promote yourself and seek like-minded mates.

The key to getting the most out of a dating site is to use it continually. Just like the saying “practice makes perfect” applies to playing an instrument, typing, cooking, and anything else, the same theory applies to mastering the art of online dating success. You need to develop your online dating skills and become a master at choosing the right mates for you as well as being chosen by the type of singles who you want to attract. Here are 5 tips that will increase your chances of finding love online.

1. Post an eye-catching photograph

Nothing irritates me more with regards to online dating than when I see member profiles with no photographs. We live in a world where capturing images and uploading them to websites is very easy to do. Dating website member profiles are tools that you should be using to promote yourself. You don’t have to be the most handsome or most beautiful person in the world to post a beautiful picture of yourself. You can work with lighting, camera angles, and wear clothing that flatters your skin tone and body shape to help you look appealing in your online profile photo.

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Only post photographs that feature you. That favourite picture of yours in which you’re posing with your children? Leave that one off of the dating site. Dating sites are for adults who are 18 years of age and older. If your children are minors, it’s best to leave their images off the dating site’s page. Besides, the site’s members want to see what YOU look like, not what your loved ones look like.

2. Join the group forums

Most dating sites have online forums for the members to participate in. These forums are great tools for sharing your points of view, learning new things, making new friends, and discussing dating issues. Although dating sites have thousands, and even millions of members, it’s still very possible to feel lonely and lost in the cyber crowd on a dating site.

Through the group forums, you can ask the other members for dating advice such as how to act on a date, what type of topics to discuss on a date, and whether or not you should split the bill on a date. Forums are especially good for people who are new to online dating and are anxious about using a dating site to find a mate. It can be very comforting to know that there are attractive and intelligent people who are willing to share their thoughts and fears with you as well as with multiple strangers in the safe environment of the site’s forum.

3. Hire a dating professional to review your profile

Did you know that there are matchmaking and online dating professionals who will review your online dating profile and offer you tips for a fee? I personally love to write and speak, but not everyone shares a love for communication. However, the only way to achieve success in online dating is to communicate who you are.

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You know what you want in a relationship and in a partner. However, the other members of the dating website don’t know what it is that you are seeking. It’s crucial that you express yourself in a way that will turn people on instead of turning them off when they read your profile information. Hiring a professional to proof-read the grammar on your profile or even to write the profile according to your specifications is a great idea because a dating professional is trained to know how to portray singles as savvy, approachable, and dateable individuals.

4. Reach out to an etiquette coach

Once you’ve wowed someone with your member profile, you’ll want to keep their attention. If you’re shy and don’t have a clue as to how to conduct yourself on a date, you might need some tips. This is where a matchmaker comes in. Matchmakers usually have their own network of single people who they match their clients with, but some matchmakers take on clients who simply need help with how to behave on a date once they’ve achieved a match on their own.

A matchmaking or etiquette coach will advise you on the appropriate conversation topics to discuss during the first date. Some matchmakers will also advise you on what to wear during your date, what not to wear, and the proper way to eat in public. An etiquette or matchmaking coach might be a pricey investment, but it’s money well-spent if you are anxious about making good dating impressions.

5. Be specific about what you want

Finding an appropriate mate is something that you should be very strategic about. In a way, finding a mate is like looking for a job. There are many jobs out there, but they might not all appeal to, or apply to you. There are some jobs that I admire and value, but I’m not particularly interested in working in those careers because I’m happy with the career fields that I’ve chosen to pursue.

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Dating is similar in that there are wonderful people on planet Earth, but not everyone is meant to be your mate. You should be pursuing someone who has the qualities and values that you seek. Send emails and “winks” to dating site members who have indicated on their profiles that their values match yours. Sending messages to people whose interests are widely different than yours is like applying for jobs in fields that you’re not qualified for; you’re unlikely to get hired for the jobs.

You can increase your chances of finding your ideal match if you follow these five tips. Remember that practice makes perfect, and if you practice strengthening your online dating techniques, you’ll achieve the results that you’re looking for. Never give up on your dreams. You can find the person who is the best match for you, but it’s important that you equip yourself and practice building opportunities for yourself. There is always something to celebrate when you take steps to be the best that you can be. If you are strategic and focused, your online dating journey can help to strengthen your skills, open your mind, and help you to make new connections.

Akua is a Canadian born and raised girl with Caribbean roots. She is a journalist, actress, music teacher, performer, owner and marketer of 3 worldwide dating websites, as well as an independent Pure Romance business owner selling passion products for singles and couples.

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