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It’s obvious that human beings are wired to seek companionship from others. After all, without relationships, there would be no babies. Without babies, there wouldn’t be people to work and advance our society.

With the abundance of singles events and dating websites, one would think that everyone on the planet feels desperate to be partnered. However, there are people who stay single and they have no plans to make apologies for their status, nor do they want to start a romance anytime soon. People who are happily matched might have a hard time understanding why some people are perfectly happy being unmatched with someone, but here are some key reasons why some men and women choose to be single.

1. Managing the priorities

Being in a relationship means that you must make your partner a priority if you want the relationship to be successful. Some people don’t have the desire to divert their time away from their career or interests and towards building a partnership. For example, if you are fascinated with horseback riding and you have set a goal to become the best equestrian you can be, you will need to invest your energy into developing your skill. This may mean that your spare time should be spent horseback riding, attending events for equestrians, and getting coached by trainers in order for you to achieve your goal. Doing those things will leave you with limited time to invest in a relationship, and that might not make your partner happy.

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It’s fine to have goals that are more important than being in a relationship at the moment. American actress Chrissy Metz stayed true to her goal to continue working as an actress, even though she had less than 1 dollar (81 cents) in her bank account when she landed the role of “Kate” on the hit television show “This Is Us.” Metz recently revealed via the media that she had continued to audition for jobs even though she had credit card debt and no savings. Since working on the show, Metz has been dating one of the show’s camera men. Metz is proof that focusing on certain priorities can transform your life, and those transformations can lead to finding love.

2. Life without constraints

Some people view committed relationships with fear because they don’t want to lose their options. We all know someone who relocated or put their dreams on hold to support their life mate’s plans. Unfortunately, not everyone benefits from the sacrifices that they made for the sake of their relationships. Relationships can still end despite the investments made. It’s understandable that some people don’t want to risk investing their time and energy into a situation that is not guaranteed to last forever.

The freedom to live, work, and travel whenever the urge strikes is a freedom that not everyone wants to turn down. As wonderful as healthy relationships can be, relationships can also be very demanding, so the freedom to do anything at any time of any day might seem absolutely awesome and a legitimate reason to stay single. Suddenly, that dream vacation to Bali that you’ve been saving towards and planning for becomes unrealistic the moment that a partner and children are involved.

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3. Protecting your future

If you have ever experienced a painful breakup, you would know how important it is to wisely choose an appropriate mate. Having some solo time is wise for people who need time to heal from their past unions and plan towards the future. Rebound relationships typically fail, and for good reason. A person who is still holding onto their past situation while leaping into a new situation is someone who is setting themselves up for relationship failure. How can you focus on building something new with someone when your heart still wishes that you and your ex were together? If you do that, you’ll be too distracted to give new relationships a genuine chance, and you’ll damage your future prospects.

Living a single life can be fantastic for you because the time you spend out of a relationship can be used to plan for your future relationship. Getting involved with someone who is not a good match for you can negatively affect your future and how you spend your time. Instead of working on your personal growth and preparing for the relationship that you want, you could be delaying your progress if you allow yourself to get distracted by a relationship that you shouldn’t be in.

Relationships are important, but you are better off being alone than building your life with the wrong person. The wrong person is someone who mistreats you, ignores you, attacks you, and doesn’t add much positive value to your life. Staying in a relationship out of a sense of obligation is a bad idea. Even if you have children, it’s better to remove your children from living in a dysfunctional situation than to stay in a relationship that’s not working. Being single is a choice that some people make because they realize that being in certain types of relationships would be harmful to them achieving their goals and preparing for their futures.

Akua is a Canadian born and raised girl with Caribbean roots. She is a journalist, actress, music teacher, performer, owner and marketer of 3 worldwide dating websites, as well as an independent Pure Romance business owner selling passion products for singles and couples.

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