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Not every relationship is meant to last, but even if you broke up a while ago, you might still be thinking about your ex and wondering if you have a place in his heart. You feel confused because you want to know how he feels, but he is not with you anymore, and you can’t read him that easily. Here are seven surefire signs that your ex is over you and it’s time to forget him.

1. He does not call or text you

The first thing you used to do when you woke up in the morning was reach for your cell phone and read the text that your ex sent you while you slept. You used to text and call each other around the clock; now, there is radio silence. You are even getting to the point where you forget his phone number. He does not call or text you like he did when the two of you were talking to each other.

What happened? Well, your ex is taking time to find himself and finding himself away from you. He is not interested in staying in touch anymore. Know and understand that if your ex wants you to think of him and be with him, he will call you regularly to make sure you remember him. If he is not calling you anymore, he wants you to forget about him because he is slowly pushing you out of his mind.

2. Your pics are gone from his Facebook

Your pictures used to be found everywhere on your boyfriend’s Facebook. However, now that you are no longer together, no traces of your past relationship can be found on his social media. You will know for sure that your ex is over you when you see that he is changing everything that the outside world can see; his appearance, mannerisms, and especially his social media profiles.

I used to date someone who kept a photograph that I had taken of him as his social media profile picture for years after we broke up. I had wondered for a long time why he would continue to use a picture I had taken of him as his profile photo when we do not even speak anymore. After all, even though it was a picture of him, I was the person who took the photo, which means that I am part of that photo as well. I realize now that he kept that picture as his profile photo because he still held onto a good moment we once shared. When a relationship is truly over for someone, they will make every effort to eliminate the reminders of the past, and that includes photos and social media posts.

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When a relationship is truly over for someone, they will make every effort to eliminate the reminders of the past. Click To Tweet

3. He encourages you to find someone new

When your former partner lets you know that he would be happy for you if you find someone new to share your life with, it is a clear sign that the door to what you both once shared is closed shut. No man who truly wants to be with you would set you up for dates with his guy friends, and he certainly would not be telling you to spend time with another man. He would want to be with you, and he would want to know that you want to be with him.

It may feel hurtful at first when your ex tells you he wants to see you happy with someone else because you’ve probably secretly wanted to get your ex back. However, you might eventually realize that he is doing you a favor. Do you want to be chasing after someone who does not see you as a prize anymore? One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. You can find someone who will want to keep you close in his life instead of giving you away to someone else.  Your ex might feel that the two of you are not suitable and that he would rather see you in a better situation than to see you alone and uncertain what steps to take next.

4. He expresses no remorse for moving on

Maybe your ex-boyfriend apologized for your break-up at first. But he did not seem concerned about how you felt when you saw each other out and about the other day. He now treats you more like you are a distant acquaintance than someone he used to call the love of his life. Yes, it is tough when your ex does not seem sorry at all for what he said and did that upset you, and his lack of remorse does not make you feel better.

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Are you expecting your former boyfriend to apologize that he found a lover so quickly after the two of you parted ways? When you do not hear the words “I am sorry” come out of his mouth after breakup that, that could be because he sees nothing to feel sorry about. A friend told me about this guy who was engaged to a woman for years until he met a new woman. That man married the new woman within one week of meeting her. That is a tough blow! Imagine if you were engaged to your partner for years, and he suddenly dumps you one day with no regrets or sentiments. Hopefully, you parted ways with your ex in a less heart-breaking way, but if he moved on and doesn’t care about your feelings anymore, it is time to turn the page and start a new chapter of your life.

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5. His new girlfriend is nothing like you

Were you shocked when you saw the new lady in your ex-boyfriend’s life? Is she the opposite of you concerning appearance, education, and tastes? It could be that your ex needed a fresh start. Don’t feel bad about it. You are a unique individual, and there will be someone who will be thrilled with you just the way you are.

You could always get a fresh start for yourself and try dating different types of men. A friend of mine likes saying that when one person chooses to date someone so similar to their ex, it is a sign that they want to continue a story that they did not get a chance to complete. Be careful to choose someone as your partner based on your genuine feelings for that person and not because you are trying to reconnect with someone who reminds you of your ex.

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6. His way of living has changed

Do you feel you don’t recognize who your ex is anymore? Do things that used to be important no longer interest him now? Breakups can change a person’s outlook and affect their behavior, mood, and appearance.

Parting ways with someone can be liberating. That is not to say that you were a burden to your ex, but now that the relationship is over, your ex can explore other things. He probably sees it as an opportunity to live his life differently and explore other aspects. Maybe losing your relationship has helped your ex to gain perspective and realize that he needs to make the most of every moment. Your ex is carving out his path and trying to build a new life by doing things he never did with you.

Breakups can change a person’s outlook, affect their behavior, mood, and appearance. Click To Tweet

7. He doesn’t share his plans with you

That sports car your ex wanted to buy when you were dating is no longer what he cares to have. He used to have goals that included you, but for obvious reasons, he no longer shows his interest in them. Your ex is quite tight-lipped whenever you ask about his current goals.

When your ex-boyfriend does not open up to you, it is his way of making it clear that your relationship is over as far as he is concerned. If he wanted you to know about his current goals and plans, your ex would tell you. The plans that the two of you once shared are history, just like your relationship is finished and part of your past.

Depending on how your relationship ended, it might be hard for you to accept that your boyfriend does not want to keep in touch with you after a break-up. You need to allow yourself to acknowledge your feelings, and then, you need to create an action plan. Why should you mope and cry while your ex-boyfriend has moved on with his life? He has made it clear that he is moving forward without you, and you can either choose to count your blessings that you can have a new start too, or you can choose to live in the past emotionally. Make your choice wisely.

Akua is a Canadian born and raised girl with Caribbean roots. She is a journalist, actress, music teacher, performer, owner and marketer of 3 worldwide dating websites, as well as an independent Pure Romance business owner selling passion products for singles and couples.

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