how to make a guy miss you

Cliché as it may sound, it’s brutally true that you only realize how important a person is after they’re gone. Their absence leaves a hollow feeling inside you that you just can’t quite figure out. And no matter how much you try to deny it, there is always that one day where you suddenly jolt from your bed and realize one thing: the break up was a bad decision.

Now that you have acknowledged this inevitable truth, it makes you wonder if you’ll ever get back together. Did he also realize what you did? Does he miss you too? Will he come back to you? There may be a lot of questions ringing inside your head right now and you may be fighting the urge to call him to ask these things. Is it even possible to make your ex miss you? How to make him want you again?

Good. Fight that urge. If you’re itching to dial his number and bombard him with your questions, don’t do it. It will only make things worse. Let him come to you after a break up.

Now you might ask, what am I going to do? Do I just sit around and wait for a miracle to happen? Will he come back if I leave him alone?

Here are some powerful tips on how to make a guy miss you. After doing these things, I’m sure that you’ll get back together in no time.

The cool down game

The first thing that you need to do is to create distance. Yes, I know it could be hard but this is a very crucial step. You don’t want to overwhelm him with your “I miss you” texts or your missed calls. You clinging to him right after the breakup is nothing but straight up annoying. Show him that you’re doing great despite not having him around 24/7. Nothing irks a man more than knowing that you are perfectly fine without him. This will create that initial spark of curiosity and interest.

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He will slowly begin to wonder how you’re doing. He might visit your social media accounts, drop a message or two, and even call to personally ask how you are. This is a perfect opportunity to show him you’re doing good. You can reel him in by saying you’re still recovering, but make sure you make an impression that you’re not desperate to get back together. Let him miss you. Let him wonder what’s going on in your mind.

What you can do:

  • If your ex texts you, wait for some time before replying. It can be hours or even a day after. Make your answers short but interesting. Always leave him curious.
  • Utilize your social networks! Post a photo of you having a good time with your friends. Like a picture or a tweet of him but remember to keep it to a minimum.
  • If he calls you or you see him by chance, don’t sound too excited or look too flustered. Act normal and talk casually.

The jealousy game

We’ve all done this before. Admit it, nothing beats that feeling of knowing your guy is jealous. That only means he is afraid to lose you.

This phase, however, is a rather tricky one. Overdoing it can instantly crush your chances of getting back together. Making him jealous requires a lot of planning and a lot of subtlety when executing. The key here is to not be obvious with your little ministrations.

What you can do:

  • If he has someone who he’s always been jealous of, now is the time to get a little bit closer to that person. Hang out with him and friends, but make sure to post a picture of you seated together. A group photo with you seated together is harmless but can be perfectly suspicious.
  • If you and your ex have been talking from time to time, drop hints of you going out with a guy friend. It can be a workout session or just coffee, but never say that it is a date. It’s better if it’s someone he also knows.
  • Do you have a guy best friend? Now is the time to publicly appreciate your friend! Tweet him or take a snap of him with captions of “The best friend in the world” or “Thanks for being with me through these hard times”.
  • This may sound silly, but you know, celebrity crushes and ideal men can also work their way to irritate your guy. Time to unleash the fangirl in you.
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The best of me game

Now that you have done all of the things above, it’s time to focus on the most important thing: self-improvement. Everything boils down to you and how you present yourself after the breakup. Are you sulking? Are you locked up in your room with Netflix and chips? Are you neglecting yourself?

Post-breakup is a very important time for you to do a little makeover − inside out. Date yourself and focus on self-improvement. Think of this as an early preparation for when he comes back. You’re better, stronger and more radiant than ever.

What you can do:

  • Exercise. Not only does exercising clear your mind, it can give you a whole lot of benefits physically. From toner muscles to clearer skin, you name it!
  • Invest in some new clothes and makeup. It doesn’t hurt to up your game when it comes to style and fashion. You can rock a new hairstyle too.
  • Lastly, use this time to reflect on your personality. Try to work on the things that he complained about before. Whether it be always being late or being extremely moody, you can always work on changing these things.

Making your ex miss you can be a very tough job. You’ll never know what’s going on inside his head and if he’s still interested in you. But as long as you continuously do things that will make him see you as the one, you will not be apart for too long! If you make him realize all the great things he’s lost when you broke up, he will surely come running back to you. Good luck!

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