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You’re out on the dating scene. It’s going ok, but you could use some improvement in different areas of your game. Learning about different women types will help you to know what to expect out there. You will better understand what pleases them, what turns them off, which women to stay away from, and which woman will make an ideal girlfriend or wife for you moving forward.

Socrates once said that ‘The unexamined life isn’t worth living.’ So let’s examine the mysterious female creatures that tend to perplex us.

1. Prissy Girl

Prissy Girl is extremely gorgeous. She’s usually a model or a reality TV star. She accumulates zillions of followers on Instagram and Twitter, and she loves to share her selfies with various filters to accentuate her red lips, beautiful eyes, flowing hair, perky breasts, round booty, and voluptuously sexy body. She lives for likes and comments from a multitude of men. Prissy Girl doesn’t like to go camping or break a nail. She’s the opposite of a tomboy, and she loves being a woman. If she eats too much, she’ll post that she feels bloated after showing off her favourite dish for all to see on her Instagram. Prissy Girl has been complimented all of her life from guys, and she knows that she’s hot stuff.

The big problem with Prissy Girl is that she craves the attention and admiration, but she doesn’t ever return comments or direct messages from men. They adore her, but she can’t possibly pay any attention to them. If she does, it is an extremely rare occurrence, usually involving someone famous or some model that she replies to. Regular dudes usually don’t stand a chance with Prissy Girl. Keep commenting and messaging her though, she digs that! She loves fishing for compliments online.

Prissy Girl shows off her new makeup, hairstyle, dress, shiny shoes. She loves male attention, otherwise she wouldn’t bother doing it. Prissy Girl is on the top-shelf of women. She is the most attractive, most desirable, and she’s getting tired of thirsty men sending her heart emoji, and telling her that she’s beautiful. Prissy Girl can pick and choose from the litter of men on social media, and she often does.

The big problem with Prissy Girl is that she craves the attention and admiration, but she doesn't ever return comments or direct messages from men. Click To Tweet

2. Christian Girl

Christian Girl is a true ‘bible thumper’. She has those sultry eyes, and that powerful personality, however she will only date you if you’re Christian as well. She thinks that if you’re not baptised, you’re surely doomed and going to hell! Christian Girl is a joy and pleasure to be around, but she gets very judgmental of you. She hates adultery, she studied the New Testament, and she wants to convert you!

Nothing wrong with Christianity, but if you don’t listen to Christian music, go to church every Sunday (instead of watch NFL Football), or sing in the church choir with her (and if you sin a lot), you may want to throw in the towel with her. She went to a private school, has a Christian University education, and she is very passionate about her beliefs (rightly so). She is very conservative, lives on the right, believes in God’s Word, and has faith that you’ve been brought together by God out of destiny.

Unfortunately, most guys that aren’t Christian won’t last with her. She will leave you for a cute John the Baptist type, and go live in the mountains with him happily ever after. Unless you compromise with her, or bend under her expectations and control, you will be history, drinking beer and self-medicating yourself in a dingy, dark bar somewhere, trying to forget this righteous woman who you madly fell in love with, and she ended up breaking your precious heart. Poor you… Drink up.

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3. Relationship Girl

Relationship Girl loves her relationship so much, that she’s consistently posting her PDA to Facebook. She posts her family life for all to see, she loves showing off the colourful new bouquet of roses that she received from her loving hubby. Relationship Girl is a single person’s worst nightmare. She is always showing off her love life on social media, for everyone to envy in disgust.

Relationship Girl is actually a very kind woman, she loves her life, she loves her hubby, they appear to be so happy together on Facebook. She is that woman that you admire. She owns the big home with the happy and smiling kids, the big yard, and she has a happy and fulfilled life. Relationship Girl loves to post pictures of kissing her hubby in the sunset on their tropical vacation in Hawaii. Bleck!

She’s very down-to-earth, a superb planner, and she’s kind and respectful to her lady friends. She’ll have luxurious events at her house, she’s a wonderful host, and she’s overall a great woman who is either happily married or in a long-term relationship. You should know that by now by witnessing her happy family Facebook posts.

4. Sly Bitch Girl

Sly Bitch Girl is the woman that most guys desire, and want to have sexual intercourse with. She’s alarmingly hot and sexy, she gets a lot of male attention, but she’s a sly bitch. This woman is very dangerous and toxic to date. She’s been single for most of her life, and she knows how to get what she wants out of men. She’s not submissive. On the contrary, she’s dominant. (She’s almost like a male in this regard). If you cross her, YOU WILL PAY THE PRICE!

She’s a master of control, manipulation, and deception. She uses her attractiveness as a tool to use men. She’s a badass, flaming hot and sexy, wild with you in the bedroom, ‘vixen-like’ in appearance, confident, and she’ll use her big and bouncy round booty to mesmerise you and trap you. She’s a very rigid woman, a real spitfire. Sly Bitch Girl will mistreat you, insult you to gain control over you, and eventually will break your heart.

After your break-up, she will find a new man to control soon enough. When you witness them walking together, she will flash a sly, piercing stare and smug grin in your direction as if to say nonverbally, “I’ve stabbed your heart, and I’ve got you by the balls now, sucka!” She will ultimately demolish you and your loving memories that you shared while you were together in the relationship. She will blatantly disrespect you, blackmail you, and try to humiliate you if you choose to confront her over her bullshit disrespect, and if you choose to call her out on it. She’s a real Sly Bitch.

Sly Bitch Girl will mistreat you, insult you to gain control over you, and eventually will break your heart. Click To Tweet

5. Left-Brained Girl

Left-Brained Girl lives a very structured life. She’s flexible in some regard, but she likes to maintain her ‘nest’, and she likes plenty of rigid rules and structure. (Creative types bother her, because they don’t hold the same beliefs in a structured existence). She’s very caring and nurturing, but she likes to do things her way.

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She will nitpick you about everything. You need to learn how to compromise with her, so that she can be happy with you in the relationship. Left-Brained Girl is brainy, she has a good education, successful career, and she is financially independent. Budgeting is very important to her. She will be loyal (for the most part), she has goals and aspirations, and she plans months ahead for events.

Left-Brained Girl will analyse your behaviour, and grade you on it, so you need to be on your best behaviour with her. She may create an Excel chart with her pros and cons of you. If you ever cross Left-Brained Girl, she will throw you under the bus in a heartbeat, so try to make peace with her. After your break-up, she will blindside you with a guy that she’s been dating on the side.

6. Classy Girl

Classy Girl has a real eye for style and fashion. She dresses with class, she’s often an entrepreneur, and she’s also financially independent. She has vast goals for her life; the sky is the limit for her. Classy Girl is the type of woman that men really love to be around. She’s fun, kind, attractive, and she radiates with a bright presence.

Classy Girl likes to concentrate on her business dealings, she’s on her iPhone a lot, she is always working on her laptop. She is very career-driven, she has exquisite taste in things, and she’s in control of her life. She keeps up with the recent fashions, and she’s very style conscious. She loves shopping, she has a taste for the finer things in life, she loves the life of luxury. Classy Girl is often very wealthy. She is very cultured, and treats people very well. Other women envy Classy Girl, and she has a lot of friends for career networking.

This type of woman can easily have the confidence to be on TV, she has model looks, she knows what she wants out of life, and how to get it. She cares about the interior decorating, she keeps her home very clean and creative. Classy Girl is a rare find, but she’s a shiny and special diamond in the rough.

7. Creative Girl

Time to get creative with Creative Girl! She’s the musician or an artist that is highly desired on social networks. Creative Girl has guys at her feet worshipping her creativity and beauty. She creates the music that we all love or beautiful paintings, and she pulls at our heart strings.

Creative Girl does what she pleases. Men envy her because she is so talented and sexy. She’s ultra-gorgeous, she’s got it all! Not only that, but she’ll paint your face on canvas and when you break-up with her, she’ll write a song about it!

The only problem with Creative Girl is that she hops from man to man, breaking their hearts as she moves along her creative life pathway. Creative Girl will make you fall in love with her and adore her, yet she can get any guy that she pleases, because she’s so creative, beautiful, and sexy. Beware of Creative Girl, because you will love her very deeply and passionately, but she will also tear your heart out if things don’t work out for her.

8. Nice Girl

Nice Girl would make the perfect girlfriend, but there’s only one problem — you’re not attracted to her. Maybe she’s perfect in every other regard: she’s supportive and loyal, she’s fun to spend time with, however you don’t see yourself wanting to have sex with her.

She doesn’t have the sex appeal of Sly Bitch, Creative Girl, or Classy Girl. She’s a Nice Girl. She’s always nice to you, and you need to be very careful not to break her heart. She doesn’t deserve that after being so kind listening to all of your love crap with Sly Bitch. Always treat Nice Girl with respect. It’s best to let her know that you’re not attracted to her (if she’s interested in you), so that you don’t lead her on.

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Nice Girl is perfect for conversation, confiding in, getting a female perspective on life problems and issues. She’s a conversationalist, and she would make the perfect girlfriend to you, but you’re too busy thinking about Sly Bitch’s booty, why she’s so mean to you, and why she treats you so badly. You’ll never figure Sly Bitch out, but Nice Girl is there for you to support you with your confusion.

Nice Girl would make the perfect girlfriend, but there's only one problem — you're not attracted to her. Click To Tweet

9. Feminazi Girl

Feminazi Girl hates men with a passion, so it’s best to stay away from her. Feminazi’s favourite literature is the SCUM Manifesto by Valerie Solanas (Society for Cutting Up Men). She was likely hurt in the past really badly by one man or many or she survived an abusive relationship. Now she wants her revenge on men!

She will tell you everything that is wrong with men. She thinks that men are the scum of the earth. She’s dangerous, mean-spirited towards men, emotionally unstable, and bitter. She will tell you that men only want to have sex, and have no feelings for the female sex. Most of the time, Feminazi will switch her sexuality from straight to lesbian, so that she doesn’t have to deal with any guy with a penis.

It’s best practice to avoid Feminazi Girl like the plague. After all, she’s overly judgmental, and she hates men. If you see Feminazi on the street, either hide, cross the street, or run away! You’ll thank me for it.

10. Worldly Girl

Worldly Girl travels the globe, she posts her adventures on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Worldly Girl is highly-cultured, educated, and can speak multiple languages from her experience traveling to exotic destinations. Worldly Girl is an explorer, she’s highly adventurous, she can’t stay still. For she’s passionate about life. She loves the rewards of experiencing new destinations, enjoying new cultures, and expanding her mind and horizons.

She’s a foodie, she appreciates fine dining, new restaurants, luxurious hotels and culture. She tries out different outfits, she’s either on a boat, train, or plane, or simply driving off of an island into the sunset to her next destination. Men love Worldly Girl, because she takes them on her luxurious vacations with her. She’s a wonderful company.

Worldly Girl keeps an itinerary, she’s always making the most fun with her limited time and maximises pleasure whenever possible. She’ll take breaks, get a tan on the beach, a facial in a new salon, or a relaxing massage somewhere new. Worldly Girl knows how to live, and men adore her for it.

Women are beautiful, desirable, complex lifeforms. Sometimes men try too hard, other times we’re simply confused, baffled, or mesmerised with their scent, beauty, or attractive legs. Now I’ve given you the list. Have you found yourself dating one of these women types?

The next time that you’re in love with a ‘hot mess’, she’s probably Sly Bitch. Creative Girl will keep you dreaming with her pop songs on the radio, or perhaps you enjoy following Worldly Girl with her luxurious travels across the world. But hey, enough of analysing. It’s time for you to check Prissy Girl’s pics on Instagram!

William is a graphic designer and creative writer. One of his favourite interests is reading books about relationships. He recommends ‘How to Succeed with Women’ and Doc Love’s ‘The System’. He has two adorable children that he enjoys spending time with. William is currently single and is preparing for his next relationship. You can follow him on Twitter.

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