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You’ve just taken a girl out for what you thought was the most perfect date. You went for dinner and drinks and even got a kiss on the cheek. However, she hasn’t texted back to you when you suggested to meet up again.

What could have possibly gone wrong? Well, obviously something was wrong otherwise you wouldn’t find yourself looking here in the hope you’ll be able to score the second date next time.

So here I am, coming to the rescue to try and help you figure out whereabouts you went wrong and what not to do on the first date. Here are 7 first date mistakes you should avoid making lads.

1. Talk about your ex

What makes you think we want to know all about how perfect your ex-girlfriend was? It’s purely just more competition for us and let’s be honest, if you really think we’re going to up our game on the first date you’ve got it all wrong. We are not going to fight for someone who can’t let go of their ex. And trust me, you are not making us jealous. We have ex-boyfriends too, we just think it is polite to not mention them on the first date.

2. Be rude or cocky

Rudeness is not cool. It doesn’t make you funny either. It makes you a jerk. So when the waiter comes over to take our meal a ‘please’ and a ‘thank you’ won’t kill you. It will most probably make women like you even more. I mean, who doesn’t love a gentleman?

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3. Judge her meal choice

Now I don’t know about you, but I love a good meal that is going to completely meet my appetite. So when you say ‘Do you really think you can eat all that?’, it sounds like a very inconsiderate question that would only bring a girl’s insecurities out. Judging her meal choice could be the end of the road for you right there before you’ve even got to know her.

4. Talk about yourself all the time

Don’t get me wrong, a date is an opportunity to learn about each other but it doesn’t mean you get to spend the whole 3 hours talking about yourself. Unless she asks you a question about yourself try to reframe from doing the ‘me me me’ game. Trust me, it’ll work out.

5. Agree with everything she says

Now a girl loves it when she’s right. But if she says ‘I really love dogs, I hope to get one in the future’ and you agree when you actually hate dogs. To a girl, this immediately means you’re getting a dog. So if you really don’t want that dog, best not agree with everything she says.

6. Invite her back to your place

Inviting her back to your place on the first date can make or break the deal. This is the question which decides whether you’re truly interested in her or just want some jiggy jiggy time. Now, unless the date has gone perfect, I wouldn’t suggest inviting her back on the first date. You don’t want to come across as pushy or that ‘it’ is all you’re interested in. Give her time to digest the date and for you both to see whether you want to continue. There’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning naked in bed with a girl you don’t want anything to do with. It is simply embarrassing.

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7. Be late

Never ever be late for a date! This girl has just spent hours getting ready to meet you at 7:30 pm and you have the cheek to turn up at 8 pm! Who does that? A girl should never turn up before her date, that’s the rules. Being late can be a big deal for a girl, so unless you’ve got some awesome excuse like you went to buy her 10 white roses and had to wait for them to be delivered, you can kiss goodbye to the next date. She did not spend hours of her life for that.

If you are planning a date with a super hot chick any time soon, keep these first date mistakes in mind, try to avoid making them and you will have the most perfect date ever.

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Rebecca lives in a small town in England with her partner and her extremely cute puppy. Blogging helps her to express herself and to explore her love of writing. Check out her blog Twinkle Star.

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