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Its that time of year again, the trees are turning from green to red to brown. The nights are getting darker and pumpkin spice lattes are a part of our lives once again. Cutting through this autumnal awesomeness are the desperate thoughts that haunt every girl’s dreams. ‘What will I wear for Halloween? Sexy Halloween costume or scary costume?’ is the question of the season and whatever you decide will make or break your night.

We all remember the Mean Girls idea that lingerie and some form of animal ears is all you need for Halloween but that’s not the only way to get a guys attention. I am going to look into the pros and cons of the sexy Halloween costumes and scary ones so we are all clear on what to do during this spooktacular season.

Sexy Halloween costume


  • Be it sexy animal, sexy witch, sexy pirate there are so many options out there for your perusal. If the many, many options on the internet do not tickle your fancy, then all you have to do is think of your favorite character and make it sexy yourself. Fishnets and heels go with all options.
  • The sexy option is not only an infinite pool of costumes but they are so easy to put together. If we take Mean Girls literally then all you need is Ann Summers and an animal headband. The busy girl doesn’t have to spend days elbow deep in papier mache to get in the Halloween spirit.
  • One thing we can definitely be sure of is that all eyes will be on you as you walk into the party. Work it girl!
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  • I wish it wasn’t the case, but certain types of guys see a lady dressed all sexy and their minds only think of one thing. Girls, if thats what you are after, then all power to you, go forth and conquer. However if you are looking for something more serious, then the nicer guys might not be able to fight through the swarm of creeps.
  • With the ‘barely there’ look the risk of a major wardrobe malfunction increases exponentially. Obviously if you channel the old school toilet roll mummy look, you have the potential to unravel but the sexy versions of Halloween favourites and have more of those ‘Omg, my boob fell out!’ moments.
  • Buying the must-have sexy costume will definitely mean that you will have the same costume as someone else. You don’t want to rock up at the party to see there are 7 other sexy cats there and you will spend the rest of the night wondering if your whiskers are better than hers.

Scary Halloween costume


  • Walking into the club with your special effect contacts, fake wounds dripping with homemade blood (I hear peanut butter with food colouring makes for excellent gore) you will have all eyes on you. You will receive much kudos for keeping the Halloween theme and  your costume will be a conversation starter for sure.
  • The effort you put into your costume will definitely be an indicator of your personality and will attract the right kind of guys that match your sense of fun. Guts and gore shows you’re up for a laugh.
  • With one costume you are able to show off your creativity and personality (get that liquid latex out). If you want to spend weeks stitching and dying and creating the perfect home made ensemble then go ahead. Your efforts will be appreciated once you can proudly say ‘Yup I made this!’.
  • You can go as extreme as you like. Some cuts and bruises versus your whole jaw being ripped off or your chest burst open. Play to your strengths and time limitations. There is a lot you can do with a little.
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  • With the scary look it all depends on how good your costume skills are but you might seem too scary. Some of the amazing looks on Instagram give me the creeps looking at them in the safety of my house with all the lights on, never mind out and about on all Hallows Eve. You might actually scare all the potential dates from approaching you.
  • With all the tutorials online you can see these amazing creations come to life, making them yourself is a different matter. What if your skills aren’t up to it? You don’t want to end up on the Pinterest fails page.

Alternatives for Halloween costume

If you don’t want to go down the sexy Halloween costume route or the scary costume route then there are plenty of other options for you to make your own costume this Halloween. You can easily mix it up adding a bit of both. For example a friend of mine had much success with some creative face make up and a stripy onesie and made a splash as the Cheshire cat. She looked amazing and without being overly sexy she still showed off her figure and had fun with her Halloween escapades.

Whatever you amazing ladies decide to do this Halloween, you will all look awesome. Sexy or scary you will rock it and make sure its all treats and no tricks!

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