15 Traits of a Sigma Male That Make Him Attractive to Women

sigma male

He is the rare type, with peculiar and quirky habits. Alpha male considers him “challenging” because he has no regard for rules. He is independent and self-sufficient but highly seductive and sexually arousing when gaming women. He is a Sigma male.

What is a Sigma personality?

A wildlife biologist David Mech studied how wolves behave in a pack. Based on the hierarchical nature of the pack, the male wolves take up different roles, such as Alpha, Beta, or Gamma. Psychologists have observed similar patterns in human behavior.

Sigma personality, on the other hand, disregards the hierarchical norms. Their life is characterized by rebellion and redefinition. They can be innovators, entrepreneurs, freelancers or digital nomads – the types that go against the mainstream. They choose to live on the fringes rather than in the slave camp of Alpha.

Different male types: what makes the Sigma male stand out

Sigma male has sparked more interest when studied from the perspective of coupling and dating because of his behavior.

While the Alpha male seems desirable due to his ability to stand out, it is the lone wolf, the introvert, and the rebel Sigma male who became attractive to women.

Alpha male shares the qualities of leadership, charisma, and dominance with Sigma male. A stereotypical Alpha male works hard to maintain his social standing and requires Beta males around him that he can dominate. Meanwhile, Sigma male doesn’t care about his social presence. He can be popular and likable, but he can’t be tied down to any of the social structures for long.

Unlike Beta male, who hardly gets into the spotlight, the charismatic Sigma male can be in the center of attention, but only if he chooses to. If he thinks that the company he is in is boring, he would happily stay on the sidelines and would not waste his energy. He creates his own rules of the game, and he’s not worried if the others want to play along or not.

While the Alpha male seems desirable due to his ability to stand out, it is the lone wolf, the introvert, and the rebel Sigma male who became attractive to women. Click To Tweet

Famous Sigma males

Have you met a Sigma male before? Here are some of the famous Sigma males that you may know.

Giacomo Casanova, an Italian writer, and adventurer is perhaps one of the best examples of Sigma male. He grew up in poverty but managed to graduate from the University of Padua at the age of 17. During his service as a scribe to Cardinal Acquaviva, he asked for the Pope’s permission to read the “forbidden books,” eat fish and compose love letters for another cardinal. Quite expectedly, it ended his church career. He switched four professions in his life and challenged the authoritative people. Besides the contempt that he received, his autobiography is considered the most authentic source of European customs and traditions in the 18th Century.

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Leonardo DaVinci is another example of Sigma male. He made some of the greatest discoveries in sculpture, science, music, mathematics, engineering, literature, anatomy, geology, astronomy, botany, paleontology, and cartography. All his ideas, theories, and inventions were in contrast with or ahead of the knowledge of the time. Take a look at his drawings of flying machines and helicopter screw! What he attempted to create was almost unimaginable in his age.

Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple Inc., is also an example of Sigma male. Famous for launching some of the most innovative products like iMac, iPod, and iPhone, Jobs was known not only for his innovation and visionary leadership but also for his determination and free spirit.

Sigma male traits

Sigma males are not easy to spot. They wouldn’t show off, nor they would pretend not to exist. They are happy being themselves, doing their own thing.

If we tend to place different types of males on a personality scale, loud, extrovert, and dominant Alpha males are on one end of the spectrum, with silent, submissive and docile Beta males on the other end.

Sigma male does not fit into that scale. So what are the traits that define the Sigma male?

1. A true leader

Sigma male has all the qualities to acquire Alpha dominance, but he prefers his freedom rather than being tied to the leadership position. He would rather work independently, but even if he ends up being a leader, he doesn’t continue for long because he doesn’t enjoy being bound to any social structure. His main strengths are that doesn’t have to prove a point and he doesn’t create a drama unnecessarily.

2. Freedom lover

Sigma male cannot follow the norms that Alpha male loves, and he is not trying to conform to them. It is not because he has anything against the leadership of Alpha male; it’s because Sigma male values his freedom more than anything.

3. Mysterious type

Sigma male is completely mysterious, and he doesn’t talk much. He has a strong personality that he demonstrates occasionally, and then he retreats into his world. This behavior piques the curiosity of the opposite sex, and women want him bad.

4. Solo player

Sigma male is not a team player. Instead, he sets his standards and walks his path. He chooses his own game and picks his own rules to play. That’s how he stands apart from the rest of the crowd.

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5. Observer

He is a smart observer. His careful observation usually leads to thorough analysis, which makes him a better judge of situations and people. It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t make mistakes. But when he does, he is quick to learn from them.

6. Rebel

Sigma male is a rule-breaker who goes against the grain. While Alpha male tends to exercise power by establishing norms, Sigma male exercises power by going against them. It’s not because they have anything against Alpha male, it’s because they have a complete disregard of the norms of hierarchy.

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7. Dominant introvert

Sigma male does not attract the attention of everyone by talking all the time. On the contrary, sometimes he likes to retreat and observe everything in silence. He does not get involved in meaningless conversations, but rather spends his energy on introspection and reflection which gives him a competitive edge. He is an introverted Alpha male who dominates using his intelligence.

8. Self-sufficient and independent

He is self-sufficient and independent. He is not relying on other people to empower him. While Alpha male needs a herd on which he could exercise his power, Sigma male is comfortable on his own, and his confidence stems from within.

9. Curious mind

Sigma male has a very curious mind. He is always on the lookout of new experiences and information. His curiosity always keeps him on his toes, and his mind is eager for new perspectives and knowledge. It may seem like a very attractive trait to his admirers.

Sigma male has a very curious mind. He is always on the lookout of new experiences and information. Click To Tweet

10. Easily adaptable

One of the most desirable qualities of Sigma male is that he can adjust anywhere and to anything. He can move in and out of the groups within different interests, cultures, and beliefs. He wouldn’t tie himself for long to one social group. He is flexible and adaptable.

11. Respectful

Not only Sigma male is an independence lover, but he also values the independence of other people. He doesn’t want to impose certain norms and restrictions. Instead, he respects the freedom of his friends and partners.

12. Charismatic

His charisma shines through even if he is not putting any special effort into demonstrating it. His inner charm doubled with determination helps him to achieve business goals and be successful in everyday life.

13. He knows what he wants

Due to his self-confidence and inner strength, he gets a lot of attention from women. He can seduce any woman he wants, but he is not the kind of guy who would jump from one woman to another. Instead, he tries to find a woman who is equally self-sufficient and independent.

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14. Explorer

He is a nomad and explorer who likes to experience new things. Instead of staying in his comfort zone, Sigma male likes to go and experience new cultures, foods, and interact with new people. He tries his limits and explores new horizons.

15. Protector of his personal space

He knows his personal boundaries and sets them straight. His psychological and emotional space is sacred to him. If someone tries to cross his boundaries, he acts assertively and defends his space.

How to date a Sigma male?

So you are considering dating this cool lone wolf that takes your breath away by merely smiling at you? You are not alone, girl. Many women are after him because he has a veil of mystery around him and mystery always seems intriguing.

The personality of Sigma male is highly attractive to women. He is like a closed door, that challenges a woman to knock. In addition to that, his strength, intelligence, and independence are hard to ignore.

The personality of Sigma male is highly attractive to women. He is like a closed door, that challenges a woman to knock. Click To Tweet

The first thing to remember is that he is a free-spirited guy. Never, ever try to tie him down to the ground. That will put him off instantly. A jealous and intimidating woman won’t get along with him either.

Secondly, respect his boundaries and give him his personal space and time. He is not going to be very verbal about anything, but if he values his relationship with you, you will know it.

Even though he may admire hot girls, this is not all that he wants. He prefers a girl who is equally free-spirited, self-sufficient, and independent. Unlike Alpha male, he won’t tolerate docility and dullness in a woman. The least he cares about are superficial things, such as make-up or branded clothes, so don’t try to impress him with those.

Blessed with qualities to acquire dominance, he chooses to inspire rather than intimidate. He is brave, a careful observer, and a knowledge-seeker. If you can keep up with a Sigma male and respect his freedom and independence, you can expect a meaningful and lasting relationship.

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