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People meet each other, build relationships, interact, and evolve. And then they break up. Individual habits, attitudes, expectations, or past psychological traumas unavoidably influence relationships.

Bad relationship experiences can either lead to a desire for loneliness or, on the contrary, make you rush into the arms of somebody you have just met, putting you at risk to end up with the wrong person again.

You surely don’t want to repeat your past relationship mistakes. That’s why before starting a new relationship, it is important to determine if you are ready for it so you can create a new union with the right expectations, a clear awareness of yourself and the other person.

So, how can you tell if you are ready for a new relationship?

1. Your ex-girlfriend is not on your mind every day

She had been on your mind for a long time. You listened to the songs that you used to listen to together, you looked for your ex in every stranger, and you wanted to text her just to ask how she was doing. It is normal after a breakup with a person that meant a lot to you. If you feel like your ex is not on your mind every single day and you don’t startle when you hear her name, you can start dating single women again.

2. You can ignore the little things

When you are with somebody, the other person will unavoidably make corrections in your lifestyle. Just think about simple things: a hairbrush left on the dressing table, unwashed teacups in the kitchen, or food that you don’t usually eat in your fridge. Can you tolerate that? If those small details drive you crazy, and you don’t want to adapt to the other person, you may need to think twice if you are ready for a relationship.

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3. You can sacrifice your interests

Relationships often require making compromises, and sometimes even sacrificing your interests. It often applies in daily situations: choosing a movie to watch, going shopping, ordering food. But in some cases, you may need to make bigger sacrifices, for example, to move to another city or even another country. In healthy relationships, the happiness of your partner is as important as yours.

In healthy relationships, the happiness of your partner is as important as yours. Click To Tweet

4. You want to go out more often

Finally, you are happy to attend parties and go to the movies with friends. And to feel good, you don’t need a girlfriend. But you want to flirt and catch admiring glances, and you start missing female attention. If you feel the energy inside and you want to meet new people, then the desire to have a relationship will gradually appear.

5. You show interest in the person you are with

Communication is the foundation of happy and harmonious relationships. If you are not interested in getting to know the woman you are spending your time with, don’t expect her to hang around you for too long. When your mind is somewhere far away, and you are not acknowledging the other person’s presence, you can hardly call it a relationship.

6. You let go of your ex

Letting go of your ex-girlfriend is more than just breaking up formally. Have you really let her go and forgive her? If negative feelings and resentment from the past are still haunting you, don’t rush. Otherwise, they will get in the way of a new relationship.

7. You get along with people

Do you get frustrated easily and don’t get along with your colleagues and other people around you? Do people avoid you and call you difficult behind your back? Unresolved personal and communication problems will influence your romantic relationship. With the help of your friends or a therapist, try to identify your flaws and work on improving them.

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8. Happy couples don’t make you angry

Often after a breakup, any reminders of your past relationship hurt you. You feel resentful when you see happy couples walking down the street holding their hands or kissing in public. If public displays of affection don’t bother you anymore, and you watch romantic movies calmly, congratulations! It is a sign that you might be ready for new feelings.

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9. You can accept your partner as they are

Ultimatums and attempts to change your girlfriend is not a good foundation for a healthy relationship. Of course, little changes and adjustments are unavoidable in the presence of a loved one, but this shouldn’t happen under pressure. You have to be prepared to accept your partner as they are.

10. You prefer company over loneliness

The worst days have already passed, and you started realizing that you long for human closeness. When you come to your empty apartment, you no longer experience the euphoria of freedom. Instead, you want to share your thoughts and joys with someone. While living on your own, you had a lot of time to contemplate your life and sort out your priorities. If a lasting relationship is on the top of your list, it’s time to make a move.

11. You acknowledge your mistakes

You made conclusions about your past relationship without blaming your ex or yourself. Now you know better what kind of person you need by your side. You discovered and corrected those things in yourself that prevented you from being happy in your previous relationships. You should be grateful to your ex-girlfriend for helping you to become a better version of yourself.

12. Things are looking up

No matter how complicated your previous relationship was, you shouldn’t dwell on the past. If you finally started feeling hopeful and things are looking up to you, it’s a great sign! You are certainly on your way to making space for a special someone in your life.

13. You have time for a relationship

Relationships are time-consuming, especially at the initial stage, when people try to get to know each other. Are you ready to prioritize the other person over your pub nights or your constant overtime at work? If you are so busy that you don’t have any free time and you can’t see yourself shuffling your schedule, you shouldn’t start a relationship. After all, any unwatered plant dies, and so would a relationship with a lack of attention.

14. You don’t have hidden depression

Sometimes people try to convince themselves and others that they don’t feel bad; they are not upset after a breakup, while they’ve been feeling depressed for a long time. If you are in denial of your emotions and you start building a new relationship in this state, it can seriously backfire in the long run. No matter how painful your breakup was, you need to acknowledge your emotions and deal with the pain. Take your time to think, talk about it with your friends or relatives, or seek help from a psychologist.

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No matter how painful your breakup was, you need to acknowledge your emotions and deal with the pain. Click To Tweet

15. Trust issues don’t get in the way

Lack of trust is something that can ruin any relationship and turn your life into hell. Just imagine that doubts about your partner and their loyalty to you are swarming in your head 24/7. You are afraid to leave your woman alone; you spy on her, you check her phone, and are paranoid that she is texting her ex. Trust issues will affect your daily life and suffocate your relationship.

16. Your past traumas are left behind

Some relationships end calmly, after having a conversation with your partner and agreeing to part your ways, while others end up in agony, with nervous breakdowns and stress. Psychological traumas caused by past relationships can get in the way of building a new relationship based on respect and love. Try to leave your past relationship traumas behind, and don’t forget that you are turning a new chapter of your life. It does not have to be the same as the previous one.

17. You learned from your mistakes

Did all of your relationships have a very similar scenario and ended for the same reason? You may need to take a break for a while and assess what exactly went wrong. You can’t expect different results from repeating the same actions over and over again. Don’t start a new relationship until you make conclusions from past events.

18. You are comfortable with yourself

You feel accomplished, and you are comfortable with yourself. You don’t expect that your new partner will make you happy because you have learned to be happy on your own. There is no feeling of emptiness, and you have something to share. You are ready to let another person into your life, so it becomes even brighter.

19. You feel butterflies in your stomach

Although you swore never to get involved in this again, you met this person who attracts you and makes your heart flutter. And you understand that attraction is mutual, but you are terrified of making mistakes again. Perhaps it’s time to relax, forget about the past, and go with a flow.

If you said ‘yes’ to most of the points outlined above, you are probably ready to let a new person into your life. Open your heart for a new relationship and enjoy the ride!

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