leo man and aquarius woman

A Leo man is a proud creature. Who could possibly tame him?

An Aquarius woman sees right through the Leo man’s bluster with an intensity that intimidates him. The symbol of Aquarius is the water bearer, the only human among all the Zodiac signs, and human rationality indeed has that edge over the wild animals.

Can the Aquarius woman see the Leo man’s kind heart and open up hers? Are Leo man and Aquarius woman compatible?

Emotional connection

Leo man and Aquarius woman could be excellent co-workers, especially in a creative field. Both care about turning out a great product and taking pride in the result. They often have the talent and determination to make that happen. They could even crack each other up with playful behavior all day.

When it comes to opening up enough to carry on a romantic relationship or even marriage, the Leo man and Aquarius woman would struggle. They both like to portray an image of success. However, emotional connection requires a willingness to let go of it when necessary. There are situations in life where it doesn’t matter how intelligent or how qualified you are. Both Leo and Aquarius are out of their element in such cases.

True love compatibility requires vulnerability. Leo man is more willing to become vulnerable and reveal emotions than the Aquarius woman. He would get there sooner with a more open partner. However, Aquarius, an air sign, tends to be afraid of anything that doesn’t make logical sense. Sometimes feelings actually do make logical sense if you explore them in enough depth, but Aquarius is terrified to take the first step.

Leo man and Aquarius woman tend toward a standoff, waiting to see who will crack first. The Leo man generally gives up first, as it can be unavoidable with his passionate nature. He then perceives that the Aquarius woman has the upper hand somehow for the rest of the relationship, and he resents her for this.

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Communication and intellect

The Aquarius woman will approach communication with the Leo man as intellectual combat. She also has the mindset that she has already won. The Leo man likes a challenge, but he finds this cutthroat atmosphere too negative.

The Leo man has an ego, but he is aware of it because he gets caught having one. Leo and Aquarius are both fixed signs who stick to their opinions. Somehow the Aquarius woman is clever enough to get away with presenting her ideas as immutable facts.

The Leo man can be passionate about his views, but he doesn’t know what to do when he is shut down like that. The Aquarius woman often has an admirable habit of defending whoever she sees as the underdog, but she is so good at it that she doesn’t have to be kind.

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The Leo man, who is concerned with what others think of him, doesn’t want to look like the sort of monster who would step on whatever underdog the Aquarius woman is hiding behind. He will learn to retreat rather than get himself in trouble. This will hurt the relationship over time if the Leo man always feels like he needs to submit. Therefore, the Aquarius woman needs to get enough perspective to distinguish between scoring a point for entertainment and the hills that are truly worth dying on.

The Aquarius woman often has an admirable habit of defending whoever she sees as the underdog. Click To Tweet

Common values

What Leo men and Aquarius women have in common is that they value individuality and creativity. Both are independent and like to be able to do their own thing without anyone micromanaging them.

Leo and Aquarius compatibility in domestic life can actually be decent because they both know not to sweat the little stuff. They each may have strong preferences for particular things, but they are smart enough to set up their lives so each can have their own way without interfering with one another.

The downside of all this independence can be loneliness. Leo man ignoring Aquarius woman might be a problem, but the trouble could just as easily be her ignoring him. It would help if these two independent people could manage to have their needs for companionship on the same schedule.

One issue where Leo and Aquarius might have noticeable differences is the importance of fun. Leos are attracted to Aquarius because Aquarius often winds up in high-status positions, and Leo is drawn to status. Aquarius can be more willing than Leo to work hard for that status, though.

Leos may be talented and can work hard if needed, but the Leo man needs to sometimes kick back and relax. However, the Aquarius woman is so tightly wound and so serious that the Leo man may find himself doing a lot of his relaxing alone. He will survive this as long as he doesn’t get guilt-tripped about it, but, really, you’re going to make him relax alone?


Both the Leo man and Aquarius woman have a jealous streak. It comes from the fear that getting dumped would threaten their pride. They would each find getting dumped a massive blow to their sense of themselves as in control of their lives. Neither one wants to be the bad person who dumps someone else, either, as they are both concerned with portraying themselves as good.

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Leo man and Aquarius woman can stay together out of fear of this mutual destruction, no matter how miserable they might be together.

Leos are loyal, and part of this comes from their generous hearts. Another part comes from laziness. Finding a new partner is more work than putting up with an existing one, even if the relationship is not a hundred percent fulfilling.

Aquarius women can also be loyal, but they are committed to their personal idea of what loyalty looks like rather than what society decrees. Suppose the Aquarius woman wanted to try a polyamorous relationship. In that case, she could convince the Leo man to go along by assuring him that he was not in danger of getting dumped or losing his status. He still might not be interested, though, and she needs to be willing to accept that.

A saving grace between these two is that they have a mutual understanding of the importance of freedom, so they are not always in each other’s business on a day-to-day level.

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Sex and intimacy

Aquarius women struggle with being grounded in their physical bodies. The world of the intellect is so much easier to deal with than messy, unpredictable bodies. Any health concerns they have tend to get magnified as threats to their ideal of perfection.

Sexual connection for the Aquarius woman has to have a strong intellectual component. If it were merely about her physical body, it would remind her that she is human, and she hates that.

On his own, the Leo man is somewhat innocent. He is generally comfortable in his body and not compelled to come up with something kinky just for the sake of it. He is proud of what he has to offer himself.

If the Aquarius woman cooks up some cool fantasy, though, the Leo man will generally be willing to follow along. He wants to please his woman, and frankly, too often, he feels like he can’t satisfy her in other areas of their life together.

The Leo man should not take his inability to please the Aquarius woman so personally. She isn’t any more pleased by herself — or anyone else — than she is by him.

If the Aquarius can make an effort to be appreciative of what Leo has to offer in bed, though, this will significantly improve the overall Leo man and Aquarius woman relationship.

What the Leo man has to offer is childlike playfulness. Leo’s symbol is the lion, but he’s really just a big kitty cat rolling around. This simplicity may be what the Aquarius woman actually needs.

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Relationship challenges

One of the most difficult challenges for the Leo man with Aquarius woman couple is pride. With different partners, each might be more likely to relax over time, but Leo and Aquarius just bring out the worst in each other. Neither wants to be the first to show that they are vulnerable or admit their fault because they feel the other would lord it over them until the end of time.

Another challenge for Leo and Aquarius couple is that Leo tends to be less willing to rock the boat. He can be conservative in maintaining the status quo because he likes it.

Aquarius women care about status, but they are not fixated on it. The sign of Aquarius is ruled by two planets: Saturn, the planet of structure, and Uranus, the planet of breaking down old structures. Aquarius women, therefore, come by their inconsistency.

Whether the Aquarius woman is living out her traditional Saturn side or her rebellious Uranus side, it’s always on her terms, and she is always right.

The Leo man is more consistent, and he appreciates intellectual consistency in others too. He tends to see some of the paradoxes the Aquarius woman is willing to hold in tension for whatever her reasons might be.

Leo and Aquarius just bring out the worst in each other. Neither wants to be the first to show that they are vulnerable or admit their fault. Click To Tweet

Are Leo and Aquarius a good match?

Leo and Aquarius love compatibility is not excellent because they have too many of the same flaws. Both are proud and idealistic. Without a calmer partner to bring some perspective to the drama, the Leo man and Aquarius woman both dig in their heels, neither wanting to be the first to back down.

Leo and Aquarius sexually have some potential. If they can make this part of their relationship work, that may help them overcome some other relationship challenges. They both are imaginative and creative people, and if they brought that into the bedroom, they could have fun.

How can two people who have more than their share of intelligence and creative talents have so little fun together? The problem is that they tend to let the perfect be the enemy of the good. They see their brilliant vision of how wonderful the world could be if only everyone would just agree with them. They get so caught up in it that they can’t see the blessings they already have.

If the Leo man Aquarius woman couple is committed to making their relationship work, they would be helped by spending some time on neutral turf. The physical world can be a second language for both of them, so engaging in outdoor activities together could help them get grounded.

Valerie trained in journalism and spent a decade as an administrative assistant in an accounting firm. Astrology has always been her passion, and her career goal is to work in financial astrology.

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