approaching a woman

My online dating experience started with Tinder. Then I tried Whisper and Zoosk, Match and OKCupid, POF and even one dedicated to men and women looking for something a little… kinkier in the bedroom. You know what I learned? People are all the same when it comes to dating apps – they all behave the […]

dating etiquette

That first moment you meet someone you think worthy of your time, that someone that makes you smile and laugh and cringe and giggle. You’ve been there, right? The thing I learned about dating is that it’s a sprint, not a race. You’re going to have some excellent amazing dates, and you’ll have some truly awful

abusive relationship

I can attest that the first date you go on after being in an abusive relationship is going to suck! I know I’m supposed to sugar coat it and tell you that life goes on and it’s made of puppies and roses but I can’t because it’s not true. It’s scary and it’s awkward and