understanding your partner

It is a commonly yet bewitchingly odd belief that many of us seem to carry the assumption that our significant other has somehow acquired the superhero-esque quality of understanding their partner by using mind reading. Yes. We know this one don’t we?! This simple, yet oh so chaotic, telepathic tangle. That somehow, without any words […]

ready for commitment

When I was a little girl, a long time ago, hanging out with Barbie and Ken, the seeds of being a grown-up were beginning to be planted deep in my subconscious. Entering adolescence, whilst surfing the waves of the agony and ecstasy of hormonal riotous teenagerdom, an innate dream was projected out somewhere far far

Honest online dating

With the upsurge in online dating over the last decade, culminating into a normal and shame-free way of finding a love relationship, there has also been an increase in the disparity between truth and absolute bulls**t. The number of occasions whereupon our date bears not even the passing semblance to the tall, dark, handsome stranger

what is love

‘What’s love got to do with it?’ asked Tina Turner. It’s a bloody great question, and on our eternal, curious and apprehensive search for this thing called ‘love’, it’s worth bearing in mind what may fall delightfully into that category and make us feel all warm and expansive, excited, with our skin shining, a smile

perfect partner

It was one of those ‘find a perfect partner, clear out the past, call him in!’ relationship books, you know, with a photograph of airbrushed, glossy-haired, bright-white tooth, smiling woman beaming at you willingly, knowingly, on the back cover. Actually it was a great book, and I had worked through it diligently over the last