pensive woman in a situationship

You are probably familiar with such concepts as friends with benefits, casual, or no strings attached relationships. While all of these phrases revolve around sex with no emotional bond, there is another term that pertains to a particular type of romantic connection that has more than just a physical aspect. It’s called situationship. What is a […]

female led relationship

Are you an independent millennial woman who enjoys dominating in a relationship? Are you worried about how society perceives relationships where women are in charge? Or maybe you are concerned that you’ll never find a man who is into a female-led relationship? You’re not alone! Relationship dynamics have been radically changing. Fortunately, people don’t have

signs of a controlling boyfriend

Possessiveness and jealousy are not cute qualities. Sure, when you’re in a relationship, getting a little jealous once in a while is normal, but having a controlling boyfriend who is always possessive is a big red flag that you shouldn’t ignore. As a relationship advisor, I’ve heard from far too many women how controlling and possessive