how to be confident

Dates don’t always go smoothly. And it’s easy to understand why. You’re distracted by your nerves, you’re stumbling through small talk and you’re constantly trying to figure things out. “Does that mean she likes me?”, “Am I making her nervous?”, “When am I supposed to kiss her?”. Yes, it can all get a bit overwhelming at […]

first date

In the age of dating by personal convenience, it’s easy to forget that love needs the right atmosphere to grow. Because we’re so busy cramming first date into coffee shops and lunch hours, it’s too easy to blame our lack of dating success on not finding the right person, instead of not being in the right

dating tips for men

Have you ever been stuck in a rut of awkward or boring small talk on a first date? Have you felt unable to turn the conversation around and into something more deep and meaningful? Has conversation ever dried up to the point that neither of you know what to say next to break the silence? If so,