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Every relationship can encounter a problem. It wouldn’t be a normal relationship if it didn’t. It could be something small – an argument over a forgotten dinner date, a tiff about a miscommunication over text, or a full-blown explosion about whose turn it is to wash the dishes. We’ve all been there and we all recognize that this is a part of any relationship that can occur. But what if it isn’t a small issue? What if the problem is that substantial it can’t be solved after a five-minute screaming match in the kitchen? What if you found out you were dating a married man?

Shocking, but it happens. No matter how much a married man cares for you, cheating is not acceptable, but it is more common than you’d think. Hands up who has ever encountered a cheat, whether it be from your own personal experiences or from a friend? I’m imagining everyone’s hands are raised high to the sky right now. If yours isn’t, you must be living in a relationship utopia and I envy you so much for this – can you give me the deets and I’ll pack my bags and move there immediately?

So how would you feel if you were the other woman? How could you handle it and move forward from it? Do you even move forward at all? Read on for advice on what to do when you find out that you’re dating a married man.

Confront him

No matter how you’ve found out that the guy you’re seeing is a cheating scumbag, you need to confront him about it. You can’t use guesswork or suspicions in this situation – you have to make sure what you think is happening is actually happening. There’s no point mentally torturing yourself about this. It may be scary but you need to confront this person, for the benefit of your own mental state as well as finding out the whole truth to begin your own journey to closure.

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Keep calm and carry on

A woman scorned is a woman angry beyond belief. Trust me, I know. But before you start dusting off the stink bombs you are planning to post through his letterbox, try and keep calm. Don’t make any rushed decisions that you could regret in the future – hacking into his Facebook and posting his dick pics for all his work buddies to see may seem like an awesome way to get back at him, but put your mature head-on and breathe. Take some time until you’re feeling a bit more rational and then you can move onto the next point.

Plan a little act of revenge

Taking on the calm and composed act of a saint would be the mature way to handle everything that’s going on. I would strongly recommend you take the pacifist approach and spread only light and love, but I’m guessing that a lot of you would rather lace his coffee with laxatives. Don’t say I told you, but sometimes an act of revenge can be just as sweet as you imagine it to be.

Turn the music up

Who is going to help get you through the realization of your man being a lying cheating SOB? Your friends, of course, but don’t forget about all those female artists who #GIRLPOWER Spotify playlists are all about. Stick on Destiny’s Child for some Independent Women vibes – no one can go wrong when Beyoncé is around to make everything better. If you are still feeling angry and upset, listen to some songs that will help you cry.

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Handle the inevitable Mrs. Situation

Personally, I’d find it hard not to immediately find my partner’s wife’s Facebook page and message her every dirty detail of her husband’s misdoings. However hard it may be to resist spilling the beans, analyze the situation first – are there children involved? Is it really your duty to tell her? Could you address this in a sensitive way? Handling the cheat is one thing, but handling the Mrs is another issue entirely. Tread carefully and make sure you know what you’re doing before you go in with your guns of truth blazing.

Slam the door on your way out

Boy, bye!  No, but seriously… bye. The sort of man who cheats on his wife is not the type of person you should be wasting your energy on. Flip your hair, put your deuces up, and don’t forget to slam the door on the way out.

Lauren works as a professional writer and freelances in her spare time. She has spent a lot of time working and living in Asia and she is always keen for an adventure.

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