dating a married man

Every relationship can encounter a problem. It wouldn’t be a normal relationship if it didn’t. It could be something small – an argument over a forgotten dinner date, a tiff about a miscommunication over text, or a full-blown explosion about whose turn it is to wash the dishes. We’ve all been there and we all […]

sex buddy

Sometimes I’m not entirely sure which I prefer – being single or being in a relationship. I go through stages; I’m either single, to the point where even the mention of the word ‘relationship’ makes me want to throw up on myself, or I’m the other extreme.  I’m in a relationship or seeing someone, or

breakup songs

Want to help ease the pain of a recent breakup? Are Beyonce and Taylor Swift’s most empowering songs not helping out a whole lot? No fear – heal that broken heart and let it all out with an emotionally charged playlist of the best breakup songs that will definitely get those eye ducts filling up. Sometimes,

text message

Within the past year I’ve sent over 40,928,927 Whatsapp messages. Whilst I may have completely made that estimate up, I wouldn’t say it’s that far off the actual number. Messaging is how we tend to communicate. It’s how we speak to our friends, our parents, our bosses, our nail technicians or our hairdresser’s best friend’s sister’s