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Do you ever wonder if you are an alpha male? Do you ask her for her phone number, or do you hand out your phone number with hopes that she’ll call you? Do you pay for the date, or do you ask her if she can chip in? Are you confident during the date while making strong eye contact, or are you unsure of yourself and what you’re doing on a date with her?

These are the questions that you will need to ask yourself. I want you to be an alpha male. She probably wants you to be an alpha male too, especially in the bedroom. There are many no-brainer decisions that you will need to strategically make, but maybe you are just uncertain with how to act, or you need a bit of coaching before that hot date. That’s where I come in.

Alpha male is not an inconsiderate prick

While you’re out with her on the date, you can’t act like a selfish and inconsiderate prick. That means that you don’t dominate the conversation because you’re so arrogant, cocky, and full of yourself. You will mainly listen to her. You will have a sense of humor. You will always offer to pay for the date. When you’re inconsiderate, you’re not fun to be with.

You probably think that you’re the ‘boss’ at work, but all of your co-workers hate you and don’t want to be around you. There’s a difference between dominating the date and being pushy, with being pleasant and fun. Let’s stay on the pleasant and fun side for your sake. You do want another date, don’t you? Be open to criticism and open to change and improve yourself as well.

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Alpha male isn’t egomaniac — so full of himself, that he’s stupidly ignorant of his behavior during his dates, and why he’s turning her off. In other words, be self-aware, be open, and be considerate and flexible with her.

There’s a reason why she smiles

While you’re an alpha male, you don’t need to seek anyone’s approval, or care what others think about you. However, you’re intelligent enough to know when to adjust your game if you’re not getting the results that you desire. You’re confident, witty, and funny. You know how to entertain her during your dates, and make the dates worthwhile, special, and memorable. You’re also a leader, and that means that you plan the date, and you’re instinctively intelligent and assertive with her. Is she having fun with you during the date, or is she rolling her eyes a lot and checking her watch frequently?

Women don’t want to date a wimpy guy with no game. During your date, it should feel like the NBA Playoffs. You’re going to bring your A game with you during your date, so that you can jump start your dating life with her. If she’s not having fun with you, you need to do some self examination, and figure out how you can spice things up with her or change your tactics so that she’s not so bored with you.

Alpha male is a gentlemen with an edge

Are you the type of guy that walks confidently in a room, and women tend to gravitate to you just to be around you? Do you just wake up and wear a black leather jacket just because you’re cool enough to pull it off? Do you go to the gym to lift weights, flex your biceps, and go out with your friends later to hit the town and get some numbers?

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Alpha male has that inner confidence to him. He is in the top 5 percent. He knows that, and doesn’t boast or brag about it. He is working on himself, and always understanding that there is more to improve upon to create a fulfilling lifestyle.

The alpha male can also dress up in a suit, and be successful at life, despite setbacks. Why? Because he’s resilient! This will also work for his dating life, because he realises that he’s not lucky to have her, but she’s lucky to have him! Too many guys out there settle and beg for validation with women, but you’re not going to be that way, because you’re alpha. Many women will come to you, and you pick them, not vice-versa.

Alpha male is not wimpy

Don’t get me wrong — you want to be kind with her and respect her, but do you have that air of mystery or challenge for her? Does she see you as her best catch, or just someone to fill her time and buy her free dinners? Wimpy guys will beg, bend over backwards for her, agree with her all of the time without challenging her just to feel validated, and they will be cheapskates. In other words, they’re a total bore.

Alpha male will tell her straight up — “Hey, I know that you want me to pick up doggie food for you later, but I can’t do that because I’m busy tonight with work. There’s a pet store down the road from you…” Then, maybe a week or so down the road, he’ll just show up with a bag of dog food at her doorstep, because he’s thinking about her, and wants to surprise her. In other words, he won’t drop what he’s doing to be at her beck and call, because what he’s doing is important — always important.

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Alpha male has a sense of style and taste

Alpha male knows where to shop. He has his favorite fashion stores, and he doesn’t wear dumb looking and dorky stuff. She knows that she’s dating an alpha male if he shows up to the date looking dapper and confident. Whether that’s casual or dress casual, he looks and smells good. He also has good taste in women, which is why he’s dating her!

‘Guys, ask yourself — are you being a desirable alpha male, or are you being a douche bag or a wimpy and underwhelming boring guy? Analyse yourself: How am I behaving? Am I assertive? Am I making her laugh and enjoy herself during the date? Do I dress like a dapper and confident gentleman? Do women like me, and want to be around me? If not, what are the reasons for that? After reading this article, you should have an idea what areas to improve. Good luck out there!

William is a graphic designer and creative writer. One of his favourite interests is reading books about relationships. He recommends ‘How to Succeed with Women’ and Doc Love’s ‘The System’. He has two adorable children that he enjoys spending time with. William is currently single and is preparing for his next relationship. You can follow him on Twitter.

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