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The world of dating and relationships can be tough to navigate if you have been out of practice. Everything in life requires practice in order to get good at doing it. You may need to sharpen your dating skills if you want to achieve specific results. For instance, if you want to attract someone who works in a professional field, then you will need to learn how to establish the proper conversation skills as well as the proper grooming skills to attract a working professional. This is when you should consider the benefits of hiring a matchmaking service to help you to effectively meet your relationship goals. Matchmaking services cost more than dating site memberships, but there are some key reasons why matchmaking services would suit your needs.

Coaching and guidance

When you hire a matchmaker, you are getting the best type of coaching that you need to help you get what you want. Dating is a process that few people take time to educate themselves about. And while you don’t need to be a psychologist to figure out the right way to treat others, it is very likely that you have become so accustomed to your own company that you have forgotten how to make friends and influence people. A matchmaker will teach you how to dress to impress a date, safe conversation topics to bring up on the first date, and table manners. Matchmakers will also give you the thumbs up about whether or not they think you are ready to approach other singles.
A friend of mine works as a matchmaker, and she invites her clients to social functions so that she can see for herself how they behave in public. When my matchmaking friend notices her clients behaving in a way that turns off other people, she makes a note of their behaviour and discusses it in one on one coaching sessions. That’s one of the big benefits of having a matchmaker; you will have someone to coach and guide you through the process of effectively building relationships. Consider what it would be like to learn a new skill without a coach directing you in the right way of how to master it.  How successful do you think you would be? If you were learning how to play the violin for the first time, wouldn’t you hire an instructor to show you how to master the art of playing the violin? A matchmaker is your teacher and coach who will guide you in a practical and theoretical way on how to solidify a match. 

Client background check

You can breathe a huge sigh of relief knowing that your matchmaker is working behind the scenes of your dating life, taking care of all of the things that you’re not interested in doing. A matchmaker will run background checks on all of their clients who you are considering dating.  Your background will be checked as well, and other members of the matchmaking service will feel more confident about spending time with you because they know that you have been vetted and are safe to approach. You might also feel more confident if you know that not just anyone can become a client. Some matchmakers refuse to take on clients that are married or have criminal records because they don’t want to risk losing the trust of their organization’s members.
Matchmakers will do the background work that dating site owners don’t typically do. Online dating has been successful for many people, but dating site members have to do their own investigations into uncovering the backgrounds of the people that they meet and ensure they are genuine. A matchmaker’s personal reputation is heavily impacted if they produce improper matches for people. For that reason, many matchmakers will go the extra mile to ensure that they are recruiting members who genuinely want to build healthy relationships.  It’s highly unlikely that a matchmaker would set you up with someone who is jobless and who supports organized crime. Your matchmaker will want the best for you because your success reflects his/her success as a connector.

Opportunity to role-play

A matchmaking service is especially beneficial if you are a shy individual who lacks a lot of ideas about how to establish a fun and flirty rapport with someone who you’re interested in. A matchmaker will have loads of ideas that you can put into action when you are making a connection with someone. Matchmakers can role-play dating scenarios with you too. If you’re out of practice with regards to having date conversations, a matchmaker’s guidance can help you to develop into the type of partner that you want to have, and attract the person who you want to attract. 
If you need reminders about how to tell the difference between a salad fork and a dinner fork, your matchmaker will be happy to tutor you in what you need to know about dating etiquette. Some matchmakers have specialized skills. For instance, one of my friends who is a professional matchmaker is also a certified image consultant. My friend gives her matchmaking clients wardrobe makeovers and image coaching if she feels that updating their look will help to improve their confidence. 
Don’t expect your matchmaker to have a perfect relationship record for themselves. Some matchmakers are single, some are divorced, some are dating, and others are happily married. What is most important is that your matchmaker listens attentively to you when you describe your needs and wants in a partner. Your matchmaker’s job is to equip you with the best tools and opportunities to (hopefully) no longer need their services one day. With most things in life, we need to be taught how to acquire the skills. Finding a partner is very similar to that; we need to learn how to interact with people and achieve our life goals. Matchmakers can help single people to prepare themselves for making great connections.

Akua is a Canadian born and raised girl with Caribbean roots. She is a journalist, actress, music teacher, performer, owner and marketer of 3 worldwide dating websites, as well as an independent Pure Romance business owner selling passion products for singles and couples.

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