love chocolate better than boyfriend

How many times have you found yourself down in the dumps over a guy and reaching for a block of Cadbury? Probably too many to count! And I bet you felt better afterwards, right?

The truth is, chocolate holds joy-inducing powers that most men can’t rival. Whilst I’m not suggesting giving up on guys completely, there will surely be moments when this velvety hero will appeal to your heartstrings (and taste buds!) more than any boyfriend could and here are seven reasons to prove it.

1. It is always sweet

The early stage of a relationship is generally the most harmonious. This is the point when men will go out of their way to agree with everything you say in order to keep in your good books (even if that means sitting through all six seasons of Gossip Girl).

Sadly unless you happen to have found Prince Charming himself, this state of tranquillity rarely lasts, and before you know it, Serena and co. have been tossed aside for Soccer AM.

Chocolate on the other hand, has no nasty surprises. If you want a Galaxy Caramel, by god you will get a Galaxy Caramel. And if it doesn’t live up to your expectations, you can always get your money back!

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2. It doesn’t judge you

Chocolate likes to keep an open mind, and will never scrutinize your decisions (or wardrobe choices). It won’t question whether it’s really necessary for you to consume an entire sharing bag of M&Ms all to yourself; in fact, it will practically encourage this decision!

Likewise, chocolate doesn’t expect you to share it with anyone else; it gives all of itself to you entirely.

3. Your friends approve it

What is there not to like about this sugary-sweet, dark and handsome stranger? Your friend’s will understand the obvious attraction, and most of them will have likely sampled one like it before.

Make sure you keep a firm grasp on your chocolate however, as the girl code goes out of the window when it comes to eating the last Rolo.

4. It comes in many varieties

Things will never get boring between you and chocolate.

With so much variety to choose from, the only dilemma you will find yourself in is whether to go for a Kit Kat chunky or the slim-line version.

5. You can mould it into something new

Getting bored of your Dairy Milk bar? Melt it down and make a cake! Chocolate is the King of reinvention and is used in a wide spectrum of dishes.

Be warned – cooking with chocolate is not without it’s challenges, but the end result can be extraordinary. Well they do say that the best relationships are the ones you need to work for!

6. It’s good for your health (kind of)

Calories aside, chocolate isn’t all bad. In fact, numerous studies have shown that dark chocolate has many health benefiting qualities. It has been known to reduce stress, protect the heart and even boost brain activity!

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Furthermore, eating chocolate helps to produce endorphins, otherwise known as “feel-good” chemicals, to make us happy! A Mars bar a day it is then!

7. It is available when you need it

Chocolate would never fob you off for the football. It’s plans revolve around you and your eating habits.

Through the highs and the lows, chocolate will remain your faithfully companion and comforter. We’ve bagged ourselves a good one here girls!

Heather is a fun-loving Scots girl with a passion for writing. She’s been in a relationship for almost eight years, so she knows what works and offers her advice to other romance seekers.

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