love chocolate better than boyfriend

How many times have you found yourself down in the dumps over a guy and reaching for a block of Cadbury? Probably too many to count! And I bet you felt better afterwards, right? The truth is, chocolate holds joy-inducing powers that most men can’t rival. Whilst I’m not suggesting giving up on guys completely, […]

being friend-zoned

Film and literature have long manipulated us into believing that romance is the highest form of human connection that can be achieved, and in turn, that friendship is somehow second best. The stark truth is that friendship is often a lot easier to come by than a romantic connection. Too often we beat ourselves up

career or relationship

Most of us have likely heard the phrase “He/she is married to their job”. It is an allegory often used to describe someone who is completely engrossed in their work and rarely has time for anyone else, not least their spouse. In a constantly growing consumer based society, increased demands at the office are contributing