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Are you feeling stuck when it comes to love? The journey starts with the way you spread appreciation for yourself and the people around you. Learning to use love affirmations can strengthen your connection with your own mind and heart and help you tap into your inner power.

Positive self-affirmations

It is good to reflect on our past relationships. However, sometimes you might think, “I am not good enough for anyone to love me.” That feeling of unworthiness can be so strong that you close yourself off from meeting new people and starting new relationships.

The love that you are looking for starts with yourself! Your thoughts dictate who you are and how others will see you and accept you. When you are too hard on yourself, you lose connection with your inner strength. Embracing your power to take control of your mind and the way you treat yourself leads to a true connection with your heart.

Practice these words of affirmation to uplift your energy:

  1. I feel awesome.
  2. I’m perfect the way I am.
  3. I have an amazing life and appreciate the people who are in it.
  4. I feel free.
  5. There is a lot that I can accomplish.
  6. I have a wonderful smile to share.
  7. I deserve a loving relationship.
  8. I enjoy sharing love with others.
  9. I’m thankful for …
  10. I’m so proud of myself.

Affirmations and love languages

Words of affirmation are a great tool to shake off negative feelings and allow love back into your life. The most powerful affirmations are in the present tense, are specific and brief. Affirmations can also be directed at others. Let’s take a closer look at all five love languages and how affirmations can bring love to your life.

1. Acts of service

When someone speaks this love language, they express their love via acts of kindness, like taking care of you. So, if you met such a person, appreciate their effort, their work, or the things they do for others. Recognizing their good deeds and doing something for them will bring you two closer.

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The best way to learn this love language is when you think about how you can make that person feel comfortable with things you will do for them. They want you to show how you love them. It doesn’t have to be a big gesture; doing little things to show you’re thinking about them can mean a lot. And when they speak this language back to you, never forget to recognize their love. These love affirmations will score you extra points and win their heart:

  1. I love it when you plan a date for us.
  2. The restaurant you recommended has delicious food.
  3. I will plan our next date.
  4. Can I pick you up at your house?
  5. Do you like to give or receive massages?
  6. Thank you for this wonderful time to get to know you.
  7. You have a great talent for …
  8. You put a lot of effort into …
  9. Tell me more about your work.
  10. Your support is very important to me.
Words of affirmation are a great tool to shake off negative feelings and allow love back into your life. Click To Tweet

2. Quality time

There is a big difference between being around and providing quality time to a person whose love language is quality time. For example, having your phone in your hands the whole time you’re with them won’t count as quality time and surely won’t express your love for them. Being present means that you interact with each other, find activities that you both enjoy or just sit and have a good conversation. Spend quality time with this person, and they will be forever yours. Here are some love affirmations that they would love to hear from you:

  1. You are so fun to be with.
  2. How about we plan a road trip?
  3. Would you like to go for a walk together?
  4. I made a reservation for us.
  5. I can’t wait to spend time with you.
  6. I love it when we laugh together.
  7. Time always flies when you are around.
  8. Thank you for always listening to me.
  9. It makes me smile when I think about our trip together.
  10. I feel loved whenever you are around.
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3. Touch

A person whose love language is related to touch loves being touched and touching you to express how much they care about you. You can expect holding hands, big hugs, and many kisses. You can stimulate this love language with words of affirmation about how they make you feel when they touch you.

It is an art to learn this love language because of the common misconception that physical touch always leads to sexual intimacy. In fact, people who speak this love language may not want to be touched all the time or everywhere. Balance is very important, and small touches can have stronger meanings. Start with small touches and observe what makes your partner feel good. A big smile will always show you that you are on the right track and if you would like to take it a step further, here are affirmations your date will love:

  1. You make me feel good.
  2. I love it when your arms wrap around me.
  3. It gives me butterflies, just thinking about the way you touch me.
  4. Guess who I want to hug right now?
  5. Can we try coconut oil for a massage?
  6. Your kisses are delicious.
  7. I would love to dance with you.
  8. You are the best cuddler.
  9. I want to cover you with kisses.
  10. Being in your arms makes me feel alive.


4. Gifts

Some people communicate love via gifts. It doesn’t have to be expensive gifts; it can be small reminders, such as shells on the beach, a magnet on the fridge, or a love letter. When a person speaks this love language with you and shows their love with a small gift, don’t forget to accept it and express your gratitude for their effort. Try these love affirmations:

  1. I’m so grateful for your love.
  2. I love those small reminders of your love.
  3. This one is from the bottom of my heart.
  4. I just want you to know how much I appreciate your thoughtfulness.
  5. I cherish all the little things that you give me.
  6. I have a surprise for you.
  7. This shell that you gave me reminds me of our fantastic holidays.
  8. I got tickets to a show for us.
  9. I love it that you always know what I want.
  10. I can see that you are thinking of me.
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By adding words of affirmation to your vocabulary, you can win their love and show that you pay attention to them. Click To Tweet

5. Words of affirmation

You can express love with words and say how much you appreciate and reciprocate the other person’s feelings. Touch their heart with verbal expressions. Acknowledge the good things about them and describe how you feel when they are around. By adding words of affirmation to your vocabulary, you can win their love and show them that you pay attention to them. Reveal your deep feelings and thoughts:

  1. You made a really good point.
  2. You make me happy when …
  3. You have this charming look.
  4. You are fun to be around.
  5. I love it when you smile at me.
  6. You really impressed me with …
  7. You inspired me to …
  8. You are so smart.
  9. I’m so proud of you.
  10. I miss you holding my hand.

Simple words of affirmations can attract love and help to make it last. Practice this daily to be closer to yourself and your partner.

Lucie is a dating coach and matchmaker based in the San Francisco Bay area. Her career blossomed when she realized that there were important tools most men and women were missing in the world of dating. Lucie has a long list of success stories that have resulted in lasting, meaningful connections. She has become an expert in getting to know the challenges that men and women face in romantic relationships. Lucie sees who people truly are, and what makes them tick. She will help you create a practical plan based on your own personality that will take your dating life to the next level.

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