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Have you ever heard of the expression “handsome is as handsome does?” It means that behaviour is more important than appearance. Have you ever thought about how your positive thoughts affect your love life? How you behave can either close or open doors for you. Many people believe that falling in love is something that just “happens” to someone and that finding the right person depends upon luck, prayer, and circumstance. However, few things in life happen just because of chance.

A daisy does not just happen to blossom into a beautiful flower on its own. In order for the daisy to grow, it needed to be in the right environment; the best soil, nourishment, rain water, and sunlight are necessary for flowers to grow healthy and strong. Relationships also need to be nurtured in the right way in order to thrive, and the first place to build the proper environment for healthy relationship is in your mind. Here are reasons why positive thoughts help you to attract love.

What you think about, you bring about

Your perception can quickly become your reality before you even realise what is happening. If you want to be with the perfect man living in the home of your dreams, then you need to focus your mind on activities that will help you to quickly achieve your goal. Thinking about how much your life sucks and complaining to your friends and family about your disappointments will not help you to get an action plan going. You know that you have a problem, but you need to fix the problem in order for things to change.

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Always remember that complaining about a problem does not actually solve the problem. And, in order to resolve things, you first need to accept the situation for what it is. So your love life is not exactly what you hoped it would be. Whose is? It is your task and challenge to do whatever you can do to make things better.

You get to write the narrative in your love story

Only you can decide if you deserve to be part of a beautiful love story. If you are dating a man who does not show you the love that you deserve, it might be tempting to believe that there is something wrong with you and that is why your guy is not showing you appreciation.  However, it is possible that your guy just does not appreciate you because he does not know how to. Or, it could be that the two of you are not compatible.

Regardless of what the situation is, you get to rewrite your history. You can choose to either focus on the negative aspects of your partnership, or you can remind yourself that you have many choices to choose from, and you can choose to leave the situation and search for a more suitable companion. When you accept the truth that you are not powerless in your romantic journey and that you can redirect your steps, you will feel cheery and motivated. You might even feel like a total boss babe!

Your thoughts will lead you where you want to go

Most great things in life start out as an idea. Pretty much all of the inventors on earth created their inventions after thoughts and ideas appeared in their minds. What ideas have you got to improve and enhance your love life?  If nothing comes to mind at the moment, start thinking about some possibilities. Your romantic life will take shape only once you have committed to taking the appropriate steps to make necessary changes.

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Perhaps you need to join a dating site to open new lines of communication between you and other single people who you have not met yet.  Or, maybe you need to attend some singles events in order to increase your chances of finding that ideal mate. Your thoughts need to be solid first before you act. Consider when you want to get to a certain street; you are not going to think about the street and purposely take the wrong route to get there. You want to arrive at your destination, and in order to do so, you need to focus your mind on doing whatever is necessary to arrive at your goal.

Praise and encouragement works wonders

Are you cheering on sports teams, celebrities, friends, and even fictitious characters in storylines more than you are cheering on yourself? Perhaps you have not even stopped to consider it before, but you need and deserve support and praise, especially if you are eager to attract love in your life. Looking for love is like seeking a new job; you need to promote yourself and convince prospective mates why you deserve to be given a chance.

You need to become your number one cheerleader. Being your biggest fan does not have to mean that you are devoid of humbleness. Rather, when you support yourself and are good to yourself, you will motivate other people to do the same in their own lives. When you get into the practice of praising yourself to success, you will also have the skills needed to encourage other people to be the best that they can be, including your mate.

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When you feel tempted to whine and complain about how terrible your love life is, ask yourself whether or not you want to be the problem or the solution in your love life. I certainly hope that you choose positive thoughts and take proactive steps to turn things around for yourself. In life, when you are down, the only place to go is up if you want to survive. And, it is even better (especially in love) when you are thriving instead of just surviving!  Do yourself a favour and approach your love life with an attitude of positivity instead of negativity. You will never regret making the right choices.

Akua is a Canadian born and raised girl with Caribbean roots. She is a journalist, actress, music teacher, performer, owner and marketer of 3 worldwide dating websites, as well as an independent Pure Romance business owner selling passion products for singles and couples.

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