long distance relationship ideas

While your family and friends tell you that long-distance relationship will never work out, they probably try to protect you in case you get heart-broken.

Long distance makes everything more complicated, but one of the best things about being apart is that it helps you put your relationship into perspective and appreciate it more. Even the simplest things you normally take for granted become much more precious: being able to hold your partner’s hand, having dinner at the same table, walking together without caring where you are going or feeling their embrace.

Here are some long distance relationship ideas that will help you feel closer to your partner.

1. Have regular video calls

Video chat is a great way to talk with your loved one and it feels more intimate than a phone call. There are many different tools out there such as Skype, Facebook messenger of FaceTime that you can use and all of them are free. You only need Internet connection to be able to talk with your partner, so forget endless texting, turn on your computer and show your happy face to your darling.

2. Watch Netflix together

Who doesn’t love to watch a movie or a favourite TV show with a good company? Schedule a Netflix session with Skype turned on so you and your partner can both discuss what is going on on the screen. You might feel strange about watching something together while you both are far away, but trust me, it’s an amazing experience. You can either do screen sharing from your computer or count one-two-three before you both hit the “Play” button on your TV remotes.

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3. Play online games

Even if you are not the biggest online gaming enthusiast, I encourage you to try it with your partner. It is entertaining and relaxing, doing activities in a fictional world together when you are far away will give you more common topics to talk about and some experiences to share.

4. Send gifts

When sending a gift was a bad idea? Everyone loves gifts from their significant other, big or small, it doesn’t really matter. Getting gifts is really nice, but receiving them from someone who is far away is even better! You can order something online to be sent to your partner’s workplace or home, you choose!

5. Write a paper letter

Have you ever considered sending a handwritten letter to your partner? Some might find it old-fashioned, but that’s the best part! Spending some time writing on paper and sending a physical letter is so romantic! Some people might treat it as a treasure that they will hold dear.

6. Pay a surprise visit

If the long distance (or money) is not an issue, you can pay a surprise visit to your loved one that you haven’t seen for a while. Just make sure that you two are exclusive to each other so you don’t discover something unpleasant when you knock on their door if you know what I mean.

7. Arrange a date over a distance

Even if you are far away from each other, you can have a date day over a distance using a video chat. You can plan a cooking day at home, eat dinner at the same time, or have a date in the city. Just bring your phone and start a video chat while outside. Go to a park, visit some landmarks or any nice place that you would love to visit together and show your partner around.

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8. Send naughty or playful pictures

Sending sexy pictures or nudes will help you stay excited about each other while being far away. Be careful with this one though and make sure you trust the recipient well as you surely don’t want those intimate photos to be leaked after a breakup.

9. Have phone or webcam sex

Phone or webcam sex is an amazing way for intimacy and it can be really hot if you know how to seduce and flirt properly. Give commands to your partner, keep it fun and daring. If you end up having phone sex, don’t be silent so your partner knows that you are enjoying it.

I had a long-term relationship over a distance and we came up with many long distance relationship ideas and things we could do together. I still treasure those memories nowadays, even though our relationship came to an end. The experiences that I had and lessons that I learned during that period of my life was something invaluable. I wouldn’t change anything that happened, both the good and the bad. We discovered many new things about each other and kept our relationship interesting exploring the infinite possibilities even being far away from each other.

No matter the distance that separates you, the idea is always to be creative and willing to explore new ways of maintaining your relationship. Every effort you make means a lot when you are apart.

Liouma was born in Tokyo, Japan and raised by his grandparents. He went through some hard stages in his life and failed with friendships, relationships and personal goals. Liouma met people who supported him during the toughest times and now he wants to help those in need for support so they can get out of the prison of their own minds. Liouma writes a blog Dramatic Philosophy.

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