benefits of hugging

Hugging is one of the most important – and enjoyable – parts of any relationship. The simple act of wrapping your arms around your partner or having their arms around you is often the thing that binds us emotionally and physically! The benefits of hugging have been proven scientifically, and a hug from your partner […]

greek words for love

How do you define love? Is it something that makes you sing and dance from happiness, feel butterflies in your stomach, or make you care for the other person? What about those moments when all that you want is to rip your partner’s clothes off? Is it still love? What if you could figure out

how to start a text conversation with a girl

There is no easier way to get the girl’s attention than via text. However, the first message can make it or break it. You surely don’t want to get ignored, or even worse – blocked by her just because you sent a lame “Whassup?” These tips will take you through the steps to start a