find love

It’s a fantasy, a goal, a need, a desire, an achievement, a security blanket, a necessity. Love can be all of these things and more, you name it. We are told we can find love, but how? That’s where the confusion sets in. Let’s stop for a moment and study that question. Its phrasing implies […]

looking for partner

I was 14-years-old when, like a bolt of lightning, I was struck with a startling realisation. Attractive people are often revered based solely on their appearance. On my first day of high school, I stood frozen for several minutes in the hall as this realisation sank in. I had just found my locker as I


Creeper, ogler, girl-watcher, wandering eyes, perv, leerer, and one day, dirty old man. We’ve heard the terms, but do we know the telltale signs that will help us recognise them? These guys can be masters of concealment and blame-deflecting. I know this because a friend of a friend, Lala, is married to one. She dated