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Before anything else, let’s start first with what international dating really is. Well, for starters, international dating can be two things. But let me ask you, are you already in a committed long distance relationship with someone abroad? If yes, then you my friend, are already a part of the international dating scene. Though, it would depend on how you met or where the relationship started. But technically, it’s still international dating. Second is if you’re looking for dating a foreigner, then that’s also considered as international dating.

But for now, this article will focus on the latter. Is dating a foreigner really right for you? What made you interested in dating locals from abroad? And what made them interesting enough for you to date them, especially if you’re on a niche dating site? Here are some of things that you might have thought about in the past before you made the decision to step into international dating scene.

Are you sick of the dating scene in your country?

Did not mean to be harsh, but this is the sad truth – some people are sick of dating scene in their own country. Is it too serious? Too casual? Or maybe a little bit of both?

Each country’s dating scene could be unique or be closely related to the other. Whatever it is, if you’re looking for other dating opportunities, then it’s better to go with dating a foreigner and the easiest way to do that without actually going crazy over plane ticket prices are through online dating sites.

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Be sure to only sign up on a reliable dating site and build your profile. You’d be amazed at the number of people that you could meet online from different countries who grew up in different cultures. The key is to just enjoy making new friends. Never hesitate to send a simple “Hi, how are you?” and lastly, be open minded.

Are you open to meeting people from around the world?

Meeting new people can be exciting and scary at the same time. If you’re a very curious person like myself, who is always ready to try and experience new things, then you’re up for a rollercoaster ride (but in a good way).

By meeting and getting to know people from other countries can give you the chance to socialize with people that you don’t normally see on the street in a random day. It will provide you some insights on what normal people actually do there and how they live their normal lives. You’ll also have the chance to appreciate the beauty of different cultures and see how unique they are from one another.

Many people find it culturally exciting when they meet or date people from another culture. According to a study conducted by Anastasia Date, 72% of online daters think that international dating is an awesome way to be introduced to new cultures. People are ready to give it a chance to experience and learn new things from dating a foreigner.

When all goes well between that someone who you liked abroad, then you’ll have the reason to travel. Both of you can even alternate who would fly out just to be with each other. It’s a win-win situation for you both.

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Do you simply like the particular person?

If you happened to meet somebody in another country and you simply like that particular person, no further explanation is needed for this one. Wherever they live on the planet or whatever their nationality is, if you like the person, then go for it. No one should stop you.

Don’t let distance stop you from falling in love and building a special relationship with someone from abroad. Long distance relationships might be a little bit of a challenge compared to the regular relationship where you can easily meet up and hang out all the time, but constant communication and understanding is the key to making any relationship work, especially if it’s long distance.

Are you ready to roll?

There are two ways to actually try out dating a foreigner: either you travel to a certain country that you’ve been wanting to go to and date locals or through online dating sites where you can have the luxury at just staying in your home and meet people though clicking or swiping left and right. I can sense that most of us would rather go for the latter, which is way waaay cheaper and easier than traveling.

Online dating has many perks though there are also setbacks that comes with it so don’t forget that your safety is your first priority. Sure, you can easily meet people practically anywhere on Earth (or wherever there’s Internet connection) right at the comfort of your home, but you should ask yourself “Is this really safe?”, “Does it really protect my identity?” and “Would I really meet genuine people?” Honestly, you can’t answer those questions unless you try it yourself. But out of experience, you just have to be smart. There would be hints if they’re telling the truth or not. Just keep your eyes peeled for these red flags, no matter how subtle they are.

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The main point of dating a foreigner is to have fun and meeting your perfect match is just the cherry on top of the experience. So open your mind to the new experiences and opportunities and have fun!

Portia is a content writer and a sketching enthusiast that works for the Asian dating site TrulyAsian. One of her hobbies are reading books and writing stuff about love and relationships. She hopes to inspire and help people who are in search for love. She believes that love should be something that must be constantly felt even through writing.

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