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When creating an online dating profile it can be difficult to sum up one’s personality in 100 words or less. The dating universe is undoubtedly competitive, and crafting a profile that will stand apart from the plethora of other bachelors attempting to make a splash in the same dating pool can prove to be a difficult task.

Fear not! Here are a few pointers of what women recommend you do, and more importantly, not do, with the 3 sections of your online dating profile to result in more positive feedback and female attention in no time.

1. Dating profile photos


A picture is worth a thousand words! Be sure to include several clear, close up, and recently taken photos of yourself so we can see what you’re working with. A full body online profile photo is always appreciated as well. Aside from viewing the physical attributes of a potential online suitor, incorporate some pictures that will tell us a little about your personality. Have an affinity for adrenaline rushes? Add a picture of that time you went paragliding off of a mountain. If there are special nieces and nephews in your life, upload that picture of you being a doting uncle with them on top of your shoulders. Love to play or watch sports? The picture of you looking absolutely adorable in your football jersey would be perfect!

Not only do we want to see what you look like, we also want to get a feel for who you are!

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There are plenty of mistakes guys make when selecting photos to put on their dating profiles. As a rule of thumb, stay away from photos of you chugging alcohol like an immature college kid. We are looking for a potential boyfriend material, and you being help up by your buddies doing a keg stand doesn’t quite give off a good impression. Another type of photo to avoid are photos of you with your arms around other attractive women. This could give us the feeling you may be a player and cause us to swipe right to avoid any possible competition. Always avoid pictures where there are so many people in it that it is difficult to pick out which one you are. Lastly, the gym selfies need to stop. Enough said!

2. ‘About me’ section


There are 5 simple things that should be included in the ‘about me’ section of your profile. Where you are from, what you do for a living, what you do for fun and how tall you are. This along with your pictures will give us a good enough idea as to whether or not we could be a potential match!


There are a few slip ups that men often fall victim to while trying to appear witty or appealing online that typically fall flat.

Avoid sappy inspirational quotes. This isn’t a Tony Robbins lecture. Also, steer clear of adding boastful lists about yourself such as, ‘adventurer, creator, entrepreneur, world traveler.’ Giving yourself these pretentious titles will just make you seem entirely too ostentatious for a right swipe. Finally, never lie about how tall you are! We’re going to meet you in person. We’re going to know if you added an inch or two. Same goes for your donger.

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3. ‘Looking for’ section


If you are looking to get into a serious relationship as a result of your online dating profile, be honest and simply let it be known! Women love to see a man who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to put it out there. Something along the lines of “Looking to meet a girl I am compatible with to date and eventually lead to a serious relationship.” This is the perfect balance of letting a girl know that you are serious about having a future with someone but not looking to rush into things. If you are not looking to get serious anytime soon, that is fine too. There is nothing wrong with saying something like, “Just moved to the city, looking to casually date and get to know some people.” Once again, it is all about the honesty!


Never mention the fact that you just got out of a relationship and are looking to meet women online and start fresh. This tells us you are clearly not over your ex if we haven’t even spoken and you are already mentioning her. Another common mishap is making negative comments about qualities you don’t want in a women i.e; ‘Please no one with cats,’ ‘Swipe left if you voted for Trump/Brexit,’ or ‘Not interested in anyone who just wants to play games,’ (I mean, who is?). Any of these will off as slightly opinionated and abrasive and could ultimately lead to a missed connection.

Nikki is a blogger living and working in advertising in New York City. She started The Single Society blog to archive the amusing interactions and cautionary tales of finding love in the Big Apple. She enjoys exotic world travel, live jazz music, and a good happy hour.

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