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If you are reading this article, then it may be that you might have also read a lot of ‘facts’ and rumors floating around the web regarding mature dating. It’s true that the majority of the senior daters are facing this kind of issue today, and what’s seriously annoying is the statement that “People don’t go for a relationship in midlife”.

According to a recent survey which consisted of around 2000 singles of which half of the subjects were from the age group of 21 to 49 and the other half consisting of subjects over the age group of 50, it was found out that nearly 72 percent of the people in the older group were found open to finding love in the coming future.

And what’s seriously amazing is that nearly 50 percent of the mature daters came forward to break the biggest misconception that stated them not being interested in sex.

Not only this myth is the one that’s spoiling the spirit of senior daters, but there are also a lot of them that need to be uncovered, and today we are going to ‘debunk’ the majority of them.

1. Divorced men and women have more baggage

Everyone can have baggage irrespective of their age. Even those who never married but have children and those who never married or ever had children may have their elderly parents who need special care and nourishment.

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In the majority of cases, it is found out that the mature men and women never left their responsibilities which are good too. This particular issue can shake any dating situation until and unless both of the concerned partners sit and talk about everything with transparency.

2. People over 50 are not interested in sex

Certain medical problems occur according to age like menopause and impotence. We hardly have any control over them even if we want to, but this doesn’t mean that due to this problem the urge to get the ultimate pleasure ends with the person.

According to a survey sponsored by the North American Menopause Society, it was found out that around 51 percent of postmenopausal women were reported to be the happiest and most fulfilled ones around the age of 50 and 65.

3. Men still love to do the dog and cat chase

Now, this one is seriously the worst and most senseless myth I come across. How can a man who has got a lot of responsibilities, is grown up, and is mature enough to understand the world would go after each and every woman in order to score more?

Even if they once were that kind of guy, when they grow up they no longer see any point in chasing women and the reason behind this is simple. Firstly, the man-to-woman ratio is now in their favor and they have no large groups to compete to in order to get their woman. Secondly, in a man’s midlife his hormones eventually mellow up and his thinking gradually broadens up leaving him with reduced need of racking up sexual conquests.

4. Senior daters seek someone of their age

It can be true sometimes as we can’t truly speculate a human’s actions even if we want to, but it was found out that a large chunk of the senior daters act like their 20s or 30s and look for someone younger than their age to have children with. When it comes to women, it was found out that the majority of them still look for someone older than them that can understand their value in a better way.

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5. Mature people look for a financially stable partner

According to some researchers, it was found out that when a person is in his midlife, what he looks for in his partner from the financial point of view is that he/she should be on a similar economic platform and should be looking for a similar level of lifestyle and extravagance in terms of travel and recreation so that less mental clashes occur and both of them can live the rest of their life peacefully.

6. Older women don’t have much of a choice

Some people think that older men want to date someone younger than them and hence, older women are at an utter disadvantage. In fact, there is an abundance of men who are looking for someone of their own age or someone who is older than them! The main deal-breaker is the spark, the charismatic mystique which attracts one to the other. The spark can be led by anything ranging from a good sense of humor to a great dressing sense. No one knows what could lead you to your destiny!

7. People in their midlife don’t need love

Human beings are termed as ‘Social Animals’ because we strive to love and to be loved back! In a recent study by AARP (American Association of Retired Persons), it was shown that 70% of the 50-64 year-olds and 63% of the people who were 65+ reported them being in love with someone. This clearly proves that we should never underestimate someone’s loving power just by looking at their age!

8. Seniors treat their date with respect

Some people never change! This statement fits right in with some daters and here we are also including senior ones. Some of the senior daters will still treat their partner disrespectfully and would catfish them and treat them like they’re just another one. Ego and self-esteem issues can be present in both the male and female counterparts which don’t allow their inner self to handle things the mature way.

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The ultimate truth here is that regardless of their age some people never look for relationships. All they want is easy hookups and we can’t do much about that!

9. Men over 50 mostly care about the looks

People, especially men when being in their midlife, care a lot less about your appearance and your shape. All they look for is someone who can walk hand in hand with them in their final years.

Many women feel like a waste when they lose the physique that they had in their 20s. They believe they have become undesirable but rather than feeling like garbage, all they have to do is look for someone who is ready to love their inner self, and then they’ll know their real value! The real value is seen from the heart and not by face.

10. Mature daters are looking for marriage

This is all upon choice. Many of the men and women in the age period of the 50s and above are divorced and are in the healing aura. They love to be alone in their own world, interacting with their adult children but still long for love and companionship. Many of the senior daters could be looking for marriage but it’s not the same with everyone.

With this, my guide on debunking the myths of mature dating ends, and there’s one thing I would love to state to my fellow readers. Never ever feel underestimated because of anything that you have, some people are dying to have even that much.

Bradley is an online dating expert who helps readers seek for better dates and partners. He enjoys interacting with people and solving their relationship problems.

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